7 day tweet volume :
i’d rather be tired from work then bored and broke
the animators of spongebob are so sick for this honestly 😭 pic.twitter.com/xVozAoLfO3
None of this effort was used when the literal capitol was attacked
1 out of every 12 public school students in NYC is homeless
Nah they really got these robot police dogs in NYC. This is wild pic.twitter.com/iG7CTPFevH
  • the animators of spongebob are so sick for this honestly 😭
  • She may mean nothing to you, but she means everything to us. You may be able to sleep at night, may be able to eat, but we can’t. Please keep sharing so we can bring our Mo home.#FindKoriGauthier #BringKoriHome #KoriGauthier #kori #LSU #lsu24 #cnn #lsutigers
  • I said what I said:
  • @BerniceKing
  • But I’m sensitive
  • The way I screamed after watching the end of this video! 😩😩😩😂
  • Me after paying off my students loans with Ushbucks
  • my mom: who sold the house? me at the bad bunny concert:
  • goodnight
  • i want what they have
  • mom: who sold our house? me at Bad Bunny’s concert:
  • How people be using knives on call of duty #HaHaDavis #Comedy
  • Please rt.
  • In 2018 when the guy I was seeing texted me “Monday night raw?👀” So I planned for a night of intense pleasure but instead I ended up here.. twitter.com/nateisback2/st…
  • “Wtf I look like giving up when tomorrow might be the day I win”
  • 75 y’all
  • "Imma keep it 1 Usher witcha"