*me enjoying a nice dream*

my 7 am alarm: pic.twitter.com/3nhmIgUM1C
If I saw this in person I'd just assume I'm about to die
rt’ing this for goodluck bc wtf
Extremely wobbly teeth !! Dentist call this parodontopathy . it destroys all the supporting tissues of the tooth. pic.twitter.com/QQ0o7kE23F
Wake up. Bake up. Boss up.
  • *me enjoying a nice dream* my 7 am alarm:
  • Listening to your girl tea like:
  • Man: You the only girl I talk to Woman: Swear? Man: I Swear To Go- God:
  • i win k ?
  • Whatever it takes. 4.25.19. #FortniteXAvengers
  • My sister’s dog saw her using a string to play with the kittens so now he uses it to play with them 😭😭
  • tame impala and asap rocky last night. these damn crossovers are getting braver by the day
  • This nigga flipped on beat like Chris Brown 🤯
  • Me: Bring a jacket it’s gonna be cold Her: no I don’t wanna mess up my outfit Also her:
  • #GameOfThrones Jon: my real name is Aegon Targaryen Daenerys:
  • chris paul got caught flirting with a fan last night..
  • Fuck them kids
  • Season 8 episode 2 spoilers without content!! #GameOfThrones
  • if he doesn’t sing his heart out to you, then he ain’t the one 😭
  • The most WHOLESOME TikTok you'll ever see
  • 재미땨...😆
  • me on FaceTime not listening to anything the other person is saying and looking at myself