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These teens on TikTok are out here doing the lord’s work. pic.twitter.com/KzGKGqR0w2
Sen. Cruz, while I understand you judge people’s intelligence by the lowest income they’ve had, I hold awards from MIT Lincoln Lab &others for accomplishments in microbiology.

Secondly, I’m surprised you’re asking about chromosomes given that you don’t even believe in evolution.
As you are speaking as the oracle of science, tell us, what exactly is a Y chromosome?
work ever kick your ass so bad you drive the speed limit home w/ no music playing?
NEWS: A new Bernie 2020 campaign memo reviews the wave of recent data showing that @BernieSanders is now the candidate who is best positioned to defeat Trump and win swing voters in battleground areas up and down the ballot.

Memo here: bernie.substack.com/p/memo-bernie-…
  • These teens on TikTok are out here doing the lord’s work.
  • Frat Guys @ Pool Parties 😂😂😭
  • As quoted by Daniel G. Aldrich III, son of UCI founding Chancellor, about Grad Slam, “this is what my father always envisioned for Graduate Education.” What an honor! #UCIGradLife | @UCGradSlam
  • Rosa and Marlene meet for the first time during 3rd period.
  • It’s the calm before the #GradSlam storm...if you’re not @UCICove, you’re missing out! Learn more about our 10 finalists here: grad.uci.edu/gradslam/Grads… #UCIGradLife | @UCGradSlam
  • was just trying to help
  • i will be recreating this
  • animal crossing is canceled
  • After 4 months of Beta testing and improvements, we are confident to finally release our product to the public. With tons of success on every release, it's time for us to begin a new stage. ✨ Orbit is going public next week, stay tuned. RT+Like for a free renewal!
  • Toby Young doesn't like this picture - please don't share it...
  • going to the store do y’all want anything
  • Bernie is the frontrunner, and no amount of "stop Bernie" nonsense is going to contravene the will of this beautiful multiracial, working class coalition. Hear more on this week's #HearTheBern -- now available to watch in full on YouTube! youtube.com/watch?v=xhNDes… @DrDooleyMD
  • 文贵先生:爆料,有没有料,咱先不说,就有料的人,你有胆爆吗?你有料,你有这智商敢爆?你有这口才?你有这逻辑?你有这思维逻辑能了解中南坑吗?你知道他们怕什么?你能抵挡他们金钱美女巨额利益权利荣誉所谓名誉诱惑?不是你有没有料,是你有没有种,文贵爆料本质-信仰!
  • 增长是0⃣️,为嘛还要封小区@ding_gang @DTinLAC
  • 一切都是刚刚开始!7哥今天来作战室!👊👊🦅🦅
  • The IIDX dakimakura is now live at moldypie.com It's double sided and both sides are fully customizable
  • 沈阳火车站,乌鸦嗅探到了和武汉一样的气味?
  • 幫手推🙏 呢個手足叫李廣友 Matt Li, 懷疑被自殺,佢樂天,愛行山跑步,喺民安隊幫手做武漢肺炎隔離營,証實已遇害。有無街坊於昨日喺沙田禾輋村見過佢,麻煩沙田街坊睇下有無見到事發前經過並提供資料,叩拜😭 轉于沙田谷
  • @soIiIoqueef “this is a CHRISTIAN country”
  • "I have used this diagram many times in my presentations as a reason why esports is such a powerful vehicle to provide educational opportunities for our students..." We always love to share the NASEF esports ecosystem chart ✨ @TAOesports article: taoesports.com/2020/02/06/the…
  • 十堰很多小区自来水停供,是不是如很多大V担心的那样,水源已经被病毒污染?
  • I made a cheeseboard for an office event today and I’m so proud of it I have to share. Also made two additional boards for the excess cheese and fruit. 🧀🍇
  • birfday 2day
  • How to confuse him
  • No one: Warlock melee:
  • 一个呼吸科临床医生,本职工作是治疗呼吸系统疾病的具体病人,却既要不停做流行病学预测,还要指导全国人民防疫,现在又要指导怎么验证药物的有效性,俨然各个领域的权威。这种医生如果在美国,会被当成Dr. Oz之类的江湖医生。所以说,中国还是中世纪,没有专业分工的概念。
  • 以前總說新聞再怎麼假,但日期是真的。但從今天開始,也不一定了。
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