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It’s cool how cops are dead bent on proving everybody 100% correct about them
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MINNEAPOLIS: Several MPD police cruisers drive by peaceful demonstrators and pepper spray them from moving vehicles for no reason. #BLUEFALL pic.twitter.com/aQQMbyYD17
Defunding the police sounds radical until you realize realize we’ve been defunding education for years.
cops caught this kid listening and dancing to music in headphones...then beat him to death for 15 minutes
Just reminding everyone of a black life that DEFINITELY mattered, murdered by Aurora PD. See his smile, hear his laugh, know his soul. No arrests, all 3 cops still on the squad with no repercussions. #ElijahMcClain #BlackLivesMatter #sayhisname #alwayswithgratitude pic.twitter.com/nUTygFLHx6
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  • Steve Austin thoughts on the confederate flag:
  • hey guys the hand signal she did signifies domestics abuse. you may not need this, but someone might so please share
  • This is when I started lying
  • Hold up
  • Posting this bc obviously yall thought this shit was gonna be sweet
  • My neighbor’s kid lone BLM protest.
  • Man being arrested for “Mad Dogging” an officer! This needs to STOP ✋
  • President Trump joins former President Obama in calling looters “thugs and criminals”
  • Standing for the protest at the corner of Roosevelt and Washington, and this Auschwitz survivor drove by to show her support for Black Lives. She wanted me to see the number tattooed on her arm. “There all sons of bitches”, she said. “You should see what they did to my brother.”
  • This 200lb white cop topped and choked out a black woman over a title transfer. THE COP WORKS FOR BELLVUE POLICE DEPARTMENT IN WASHINGTON STATE! WHO IS HE? BLACK LIVES MATTER
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  • THIS is how you use your privilege!!!!!
  • While we’re talking about abolishing police....