7 day tweet volume :
  • J Cole is really the 🐐
  • My sister accidentally locked me out of the house so I went to check if the back door was unlocked and this happened
  • Proper etiquette to greeting ya partna’s girls
  • The @Royals had their full squad hit spring training today. Coincidentally, we've got a full squad of these ready to hit the canning line later this week. ⚾️🍻
  • We 🔙 #RoyalsST
  • Full squad workouts began today for @Royals at Surprise, Arizona. @KCStar photo gallery: kansascity.com/sports/mlb/kan…
  • 2.22
  • “SHes nOT HerE FoR tHe RIghT REaSoNs” #TheBachelor
  • Pierre almost got destroyed by an errant puck
  • This is utterly amazing, puck missed Pierre by inches (h/t @bruce_arthur)
  • ⚠️🚗 Hazardous travel is possible TUE PM and is expected WED AM. Snow is expected first, with a change over to a snow/freezing rain mix early Wednesday morning. Stay updated on the forecast and exercise caution if out on the roads tomorrow and Wednesday.
  • Officer: May I see your license sir. Black Man: *Pulls out wallet* Officer:
  • We missed this. 🔈 #RoyalsST