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Jack, this is a Great Honor. Thank you!
Yumeko Thee Stallion ❤️ pic.twitter.com/mRPZaCzJkr
When I see my friends succeed in whatever they do >>>>
  • Yumeko Thee Stallion ❤️
  • Get out and vote. I did!
  • Tell me how you reform this...
  • Trump North Carolina 2016 and Trump North Carolina 2020
  • #renonv #reno #sparks
  • Sen. David Perdue doesn't deserve to be re-elected.
  • Trump Phoenix 2016 and Trump Phoenix 2020
  • RT & follow @OriginalFunko for the chance to win this BeetleJuice Pop! #Giveaway #FunkoGiveaway #Funkoween
  • Georgia, you better vote your Ossoff.
  • I posted to @Facebook the video of @JoeBiden saying he would raise taxes. He said it. It’s a video. And this is what Facebook does to the post of Biden’s actual words.
  • 1,2 STEP
  • Never forget
  • Presidential.
  • Y’all ever just?
  • My immune system been holding it down this whole pandemic. I’ll give sis that
  • Rent free
  • These are the two most powerful men in the world. Before you snicker or shrug it off, understand that knowledge is the most lethal weapon on earth.
  • how i wanna spend my halloween
  • in honor of frank ocean's birthday, here's a letter he wrote to his younger self on june 10th, 2011.