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REMINDER: If you want to vote in the KENTUCKY primary, it is very different this year

On Election Day, each county will only have ONE polling place. So to avoid major lines you need to request a mail-in ballot. The deadline is June 16

Go to govoteKy.com to request
Drew Brees should probably retire pic.twitter.com/61nuI7jjys
Laura Ingraham to LeBron and KD: “Shut up and dribble!”

To Drew Brees: “He’s allowed to have an opinion.” 🧐 pic.twitter.com/PtEBHdPh7o
they sentenced a teenager to eight years for lighting a trash can on fire
Joshua Williams was 18 when he was arrested during the ferguson uprisings for lighting a trash can on fire, and you can write to him at:
Joshua Williams #1292002
Missouri Eastern Correctional Center
18701 Old Highway 66
Pacific, Missouri 63069 pic.twitter.com/4cyS6eweL9
  • Drew Brees should probably retire
  • Laura Ingraham to LeBron and KD: “Shut up and dribble!” To Drew Brees: “He’s allowed to have an opinion.” 🧐
  • Laura Ingraham’s comments on LeBron James Vs. Laura Ingraham’s defense of Drew Brees
  • some people who haven’t gotten their justice
  • Damn cool scene in Lincoln, Nebraska this afternoon. LPD & community leaders sat down and drafted an agreement to "Hold Cops Accountable." Once signed - Cupid Shuffle. This the American content I’m here for.🌎❤️🎶🌎❤️ ( vid @EllisWiltsey )
  • Trump began his term promising to build a wall to protect America from the world. He ends it building a wall to protect himself from Americans.
  • this is deranged
  • Today is a Day of Action for our campaign! We're kicking off the Day of Action with Action #1: Commit to Vote. If you're supporting this campaign in the primary, fill out the form here: secure.ngpvan.com/mFm1PwczAE-G1Z… Make. Your. Voice. Heard.
  • Them: All 4 cops were chargerd Me:
  • This man isn't a protester. He was just a guy sitting at a traffic light when cops shot his car with a tear gas round. He got out to yell at them because his pregnant wife is in the vehicle. So they opened fire on them.
  • REMIXXXXXXX #YouAboutToLoseYoJob 😂😂😂🕺🏾😎🙏🏾🖤
  • Good morning. Candace Owens is a Black, white Supremacist who profits off of being the black face of white racism. Black people can always make a quick buck being willing to say all the racist stuff white racists want to but can’t. #CandaceOwens
  • After reading a statement demanding racial justice and equality, black faith leaders marched through downtown Lexington to hand deliver the statement to the mayor, police chief and county sheriff. @heraldleader
  • At 301 PM EDT, a strong thunderstorm was located over Meadowthorpe, moving northeast at 30 mph. Winds in excess of 40 mph and pea size hail are possible with this storm. Bluegrass Airport in Lexington just reported a 41 mph wind gust in association with this storm. #kywx