7 day tweet volume :
I said we supposed to be saving our money. pic.twitter.com/95XeXWWD8z
Me: *search my symptoms on google*

Google: pic.twitter.com/wGawY1QTvl
Anything anyone says will be used against me in a court of law twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
  • currently
  • I said we supposed to be saving our money.
  • Me: *search my symptoms on google* Google:
  • Baby tiger sneaks up on its mom.
  • it’s that time of the year
  • kenan & kel(ly)
  • me in the bathroom mirror after a few drinks
  • 오늘도 즐거웠어요 러뷰 모아❤️
  • Mother of the Year 🏆
  • bro casually dropped this as if its not the best breaking bad edit ive ever seen in my life
  • Fuck it
  • [#오늘의연준] 미리 메리 클수마스~
  • @nocontextfooty
  • awwwww here it goes!
  • besties
  • i have never seen a woman look good in these
  • zigcat
  • 🫱🏼🎂
  • my husband getting me ready for a night out while he stays at home with the kiddos >
  • Keke Palmer announces she’s pregnant during her SNL monologue, expecting her first child.
  • you just had to be there:
  • This just called me broke as hell
  • Wednesday Addams🕷️💃🎶
  • A new view from across the #SpiderVerse coming 12.13
  • The #Balenciagapedos scandal continues. The CEO of Balenciaga’s parent company, Kering, sells sickening child sex mannequins. This is just one example. The CEO’s name is François-Henri Pinault, @salmahayek’s husband. Let’s make him viral.
  • @TXT_members
  • Folks, where is it written that America can’t lead the world in manufacturing? Well, we are now.
  • น้องJenna(คนแสดงน้องวันพุธ)นอกจอคือจีบ Emma(คนแสดงน้องอีนิด)เก่งมากก ตามไลค์ ตามวอแว ขอตั้ง mini thread โชว์ความแมวน้อยจีบสาวหน่อยค่ะ 🤣
  • Deion sanders tells his Jackson state football team he has officially accepted the job as Colorado next head football coach
  • LinkedIn really flies under the radar as the social media platform that’s absolutely the most unhinged
  • Just let these numbers sink in 🤯
  • 'tis the season to watch your favourite christmas movie
  • Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta in the rain makes me realize that all manually driven cars will be antiques soon $TSLA @elonmusk youtu.be/AUVfZBMsYMg
  • Keke Palmer announces she’s pregnant on SNL
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