7 day tweet volume :
I want the best for u and u want the best for me like it should be. Stay blessed
gas is almost $5. 1 bedrooms starting at $2000. mcdonalds just told me $2.13 for 1 hash brown…. God please 😭
i was never there,
  • #BTS #방탄소년단 Proof of Inspiration - 제이홉 (j-hope) #Proof_of_Inspiration #Proof_of_jhope #BTS_Proof #jhope #제이홉
  • Premier League Champions 21/22!!! 🏆💙
  • One Night Only. New York. May, 2022.
  • Bottle Service
  • Me leaving Trader Joe’s with a bunch of obscure items I can’t even put a meal together with
  • SUNSHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • me as a mom
  • Y’all pray for chris
  • That moment when the cast of ADW pranked Jasmine Guy and brought out Denzel Washington to surprise her while on set. She is me 😭
  • One Night Only. New York. May, 2022.
  • I done found the other woman on earth i can send my kids to 😂💙
  • Black Fathers>>>>>
  • The missing context is that 444 of these were covid deaths.
  • Watching Shea Coulee walk for Naomi Campbell
  • Floyd had to respond to the commentary team😂
  • Show off bring disgrace The lion at Jamaica Zoo ripped his finger off.
  • Premier League Golden Boot winner: Heung-Min Son
  • @smc429
  • Me and who?