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Kobe’s final NBA game - in which he scored 60 points - will re-air tonight on ESPN at 9 PM EST. A must watch.
Kobe gave us one last game winner. The look of admiration on Vanessa’s face. How much Gigi loved him and the game. Terrible day. pic.twitter.com/E5kUpOIPjh
Amb. Bolton reportedly heard directly from Trump that aid for Ukraine was tied to political investigations.

The refusal of the Senate to call for him, other relevant witnesses, and documents is now even more indefensible.

The choice is clear: our Constitution, or a cover-up.
SCOOP: Bolton book draft, circulated to associates and sent to WH for review process, describes a convo w POTUS where he says he doesn't want to release withheld aid till Ukraine turned over material related to investigations @nytmike and me nytimes.com/2020/01/26/us/…
  • This is the one.
  • Kobe gave us one last game winner. The look of admiration on Vanessa’s face. How much Gigi loved him and the game. Terrible day.
  • First of all... who edited this? This is amazing work.
  • RIP to Kobe and Gianna. What was once a meme is now a loving memory of a father and daughter.
  • This Oscar winning short film about #Kobe hit different right now. RIP
  • To this day this is one of my favorite videos ever
  • That time a Nebraskan farmer asked members of a pro-fracking oil and gas committee if they would drink water that was tainted by fracking wastewater
  • Good morning beautiful people. We only get this day 1 time. It’ll never happen again. Let’s make these 24 hours the greatest possible. Let’s mourn a 🐐, eliminate negative bullshits, & make a promise to ourselves that we enjoy this beautiful fragile life. Let’s have a Monday.
  • This video will bring tears to your eyes. Perfect example of the type of person Kobe was 😓💔
  • 💔
  • Amazing: a trail of termites (up) and a trail of ants (down), both protected by a row of their soldiers in a stand-off, without fighting. from @mehdi_moussaid
  • Launch day has arrived, #UWSoE friends! We are looking forward to this next chapter and appreciate your feedback and support. Come check out our newly designed website at education.wisc.edu. New year. New site. Same love of education 🍎📚✏️
  • Voters should choose their elected officials, not the other way around. That's why this morning I signed Executive Order #66 establishing The People's Maps Commission. 1/2
  • we all knew it would come to this, and yet it's still so amazing to watch
  • This is a good time to remember that unlike John Bolton, former NSC official Dr. Fiona Hill didn't need a book deal to reveal that the WH made military aid to Ukraine contingent on investigations of Trump's political opponents.
  • A month ago in Newport Beach Kobe witnessed a major accident and stayed to comfort victims and redirect traffic until help arrived Mamba Mentality, forever 🕊 #8 #24
  • GiGi Was Going To Be Great Just Like Her Dad! 😢😢🙏🏽 #KobeBryant
  • Want to know what Kobe Bryant meant to LA? My neighbor who loves playing basketball has been out here like this for a good 20 minutes with his Lakers basketball. #RIPMAMBA
  • Kobe’s legacy lives on through a generation of NBA stars. Mamba is forever.
  • Kobe on practice.
  • Me: I hate drama Also me when there’s drama:
  • Another unforced error. What’s remarkable about this tweet thread by President Trump responding to specific allegations in #BoltonBook: These statements by Trump may constitute a WAIVER of executive privilege! Can’t publicly discuss the info, and then say @AmbJohnBolton can’t.
  • BREAKING: #2020ToppsSeries1 Baseball Checklist just released! View it here and get ready to start collecting on February 5th: ow.ly/TLNB50y5RCm
  • #MAMBA 💜💛 📸cred: @CBS58
  • @JCrossover Petition started
  • twitter.com/tinclock/statu…
  • 8 years. Lana Del Rey has spent 8 years shaping alternative music so women like Billie Eilish can walk home with 5 Grammy’s. Lana Del Rey truly wrote the best American record of 2019 and no one is taking that away from her.
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