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Folks are fired up to watch @DanFeltesNH win his second debate this morning on NHPR! Best team and best vols in the game ❤️ #NHPolitics pic.twitter.com/DTSHPuSpXP
.@ChrisSununu has:

❌ Voted to defund Planned Parenthood.
❌ Restricted abortion access.
❌ Nominated anti-choice judges.
❌ Given taxpayer $$$ to a crisis pregnancy center.
❌ Supported Kavanaugh.

He's anti-choice. Full stop. #NHPolitics #NHPRDebate

"Can someone explain to me why the Republicans have the candidate @mowers for Congress here in N.H.? Matt Mowers is a New Jersey native who has not resided in NH long enough to qualify to be a member of the NH House or Senate."

laconiadailysun.com/opinion/letter… #NHPolitics #NH01
Sununu 👏 Does 👏 Not 👏 Support 👏 Reproductive 👏 Rights 👏 #NHPolitics
  • Folks are fired up to watch @DanFeltesNH win his second debate this morning on NHPR! Best team and best vols in the game ❤️ #NHPolitics
  • The Democratic sign brigade is out in force for this morning’s @nhpr gubernatorial debate between @GovChrisSununu and @DanFeltesNH #NHPolitics
  • Rain or shine, democracy waits for no one.
  • The morning after a big #WMURDebate win, @TeamFeltesNH is back at it lining the streets to support our next Governor! Tune in to @NHPRExchange at 9! #NHPolitics
  • Round two. Let’s go. #NHPolitics
  • Sununu's sneakers at #wmurdebate couldn't help him run from his damaging Trump agenda: ❌Like Trump, Sununu supports ACA repeal ❌Like Trump, Sununu got richer while he denied workers a pay raise ❌Like Trump, Sununu's trying to put an antichoicer on NH's high court #nhpolitics
  • You heard that right — @ChrisSununu is holding New Hampshire’s Supreme Court Chief Justice seat open for an anti-choice activist who could restrict access to abortion. Like Trump, he's trying to nominate anti-choice activists to our courts. #NHPolitics #NHPRDebate
  • Blind date, love at first sight, marriage, family, and an incredible life together. Through it all, no matter what, she is ALWAYS there for me and our family without hesitation. Happy Birthday to my amazing wife @KamalaHarris! And her birthday wish...VOTE EARLY!🎂 Love you! ❤️
  • "Dolores would have loved to see such a young and influential artist have her own take on such a classic!" - Dolores O'riordan (Vocalist of The Cranberries) Family on her Official facebook page about Miley's "Zombie" cover. Rest in peace Dolores 🖤
  • .@ChrisSununu has spent years attacking and undermining the Affordable Care Act. He supported Donald Trump because of his promise to repeal it. New Hampshire needs a governor who they can trust to deliver on health care during a pandemic. #NHPolitics
  • memory monday! Chris Sununu said he was “happy” about the ACA repeal. believe him. #NHPolitics #WMURDebate
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  • Dan. Feltes. Supports. An. Income. Tax. #nhgov #nhpolitics #WMURdebate
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  • Clearly @ChrisSununu doesn't think voting for Donald Trump is something to be proud of. He's doing it anyway. I'm proudly voting for @DanFeltesNH. #nhpolitics
  • FACT CHECK: Sununu took an unprecedented $31,000 pay raise for himself while denying Granite Staters a minimum wage concordmonitor.com/governor-chris… #nhpolitics #NHPRDebate
  • Happy Birthday, @KamalaHarris! We can't wait to call you Vice President. Help us celebrate by visiting VoteInNH.org today to make your plan to cast your vote for @KamalaHarris! #NHPolitics twitter.com/KamalaHarris/s…
  • Chris Sununu is lying. He is anti-choice. Like Trump, Sununu undermines reproductive rights and restricts access to reproductive health care at every turn — and his record proves it. #NHPolitics #NHPRDebate