7 day tweet volume :
My statement on the death of George Floyd: pic.twitter.com/Hg1k9JHT6R
“The President has been targeted by Twitter.” @MariaBartiromo What about all of the lies and fraudulent statements made by Adam Schiff, and so many others, on the Russian Witch Hunt Plus, Plus, Plus? What about China’s propaganda? WHO’s mistakes? No flags? @foxandfriends
Definition of “use your white privilege to help us” !!
Whites forming a barrier between black protestors and police. pic.twitter.com/8oXB1tAtJw
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  • My statement on the death of George Floyd:
  • Privilege at its finest
  • Community coming together to clean up in South Minneapolis. Of course the media won’t show you this part though.
  • Bruh really just did that 😂😂😂
  • And we’re back
  • Dion Johnson pulled over to the side of the road in Phoenix, AZ to get some sleep and a DPS trooper stopped behind the car and there was a “struggle” where he was shot and killed. The trooper called for backup to remove his body. His mother still has no answers. #JUSTICEFORDION
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  • Fuck @realDonaldTrump
  • BREAKING: Derek Chauvin, the officer who had his knee on George Floyd's neck, has been taken into custody according to Minnesota Department of Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington. No information regarding charges as of yet.
  • Stephen Jackson with a powerful message about his late friend George Floyd (via @JonKrawczynski)
  • White protestors vs Black protestors
  • Whites forming a barrier between black protestors and police.
  • how a BLACK person gets arrested ...
  • Video of the day. ✊🏿
  • @saweetprincess
  • the lyric video for Level of Concern is out now. the animations were created on Macintosh computers from the late 80s by @pinot. stick around after the video for a behind the scenes look at his process. youtu.be/8c06z2f2a3g
  • when white when black people protest people protest #BlackLivesMater #BlackLivesMatter
  • In downtown Phoenix, hundreds peacefully protesting the death of George Floyd after a white police officer knelt on the black man’s neck until he passed out in Minneapolis. Floyd was pleading for his life. People chanting “I can’t breathe.” “No justice, no peace.” #12News