7 day tweet volume :
To my American friends: 3 spoons of baking soda per glass of water in a sprayer. Spray it in your face and the burning will go away. My advice based on my experience in protests in Chile 🇨🇱✊🏼
A lot of tear gas spent tonight pic.twitter.com/7ie9Aq562M
What a headline pic.twitter.com/x8GGKL0VMc
THIS is why we’re mad. THIS is why we scream inequality. If you don’t feel the same way you TRUELY are an ignorant idiot. Like so like that.
No justice No peace pic.twitter.com/itCtgfuPh9
  • What a headline
  • No justice No peace
  • This is so sickening, dude BEEN a killer
  • Jennifer when she heard the niggers started looting target
  • over 30 yrs & the moral of this episode is still relevant
  • This shit really makes my blood boil
  • Burn this bitch down America.
  • Listen to this young man, listen. Wise beyond his years. Speaking truth, 100%. #minneapolisriots
  • Me after showing up to the wrong Target
  • this is why we riot #BlackLivesMatter.
  • Cops guarding the murderer’s home. #GeorgeFloyd (via Chloe Jo on Facebook)
  • This is the only cop I’ve seen address the George Floyd murder
  • There is no need to see more video. There no need to wait to see how “it plays out”. There is no need to put a knee on someone’s neck for NINE minutes. There IS a need to DO something. If you wear a badge and you don’t have an issue with this...turn it in.
  • A bunch of undercover cops were the main ones starting the arsons!!!!!! Spread the word!!!
  • spread this shit like wildfire twitter.com/neocalun/statu…
  • Terrifying moments for a young Black man and his family in Texas, as numerous cops point guns on him and then assault his 90-year-old grandmother. His alleged offense: rolling through a stop sign. ⁠
  • don’t ever forget their names or their faces
  • @Salute_DeezNutz
  • “It’s just a TV show”