when drake said “i’m really too young to be feeling this old” my lower back felt that
Things can turn on a dime
BREAKING: For the second time this week, a federal judge just ruled in favor of the House and against President Trump, who sued to stop Deutsche Bank from complying with our subpoena.

Two different judges, same conclusion: Trump’s stonewalling is without merit.
Breaking: Judge says Deutsche Bank, Capital One can give Trump financial records to House Democrats, CNBC reports.
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  • 10 year old me explaining why i need a club penguin membership to have different colored igloos and puffles: my mom:
  • #StartSpreadingTheNews: The Show Goes On.
  • Round up the usual suspects.
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  • .@AOC: Are algorithms most effective on women? -No On POC? -Absolutely not On people of different gender expressions? -No, they exclude them So what demographic is it mostly effective on? -White men Who are the primary engineers of the algorithms? -Definitely white men
  • this goat tryna kill her grandma so she left him on ig live & told us to babysit 💀
  • BREAKING: CBS News has learned that a sixth migrant child died after crossing the U.S. border, an HHS official confirmed Wednesday. The 10-year-old girl's death had not been previously reported cbsn.ws/2JxQJOZ
  • NYC basketball is different (via @NuevaYorkNico)
  • Fixed the President's Rose Garden sign for him.
  • BTW, the Orioles feed when Gleyber homers has become mandatory listening.
  • Women: I need a skinny nigga Skinny niggas:
  • I spent over 10 years working with families who were facing foreclosure, listening to their stories. For @SecretaryCarson to go on TV today and say that I'm the one who doesn't know what's going on is, frankly, very rich. My full response to Mr. Carson on @VelshiRuhle >>