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I am FOR protests and riots. Black people are TIRED. However, to all those who plan on protesting in Newark today (me included), PLEASE do not loot/riot the businesses downtown. Those businesses are mainly owned by BLACK people and some won’t recover.
the reason u don’t see cops shutting down kkk rallies is the same reason u don’t see hannah montana and miley cyrus sitting in the same room
  • keep ya eyes open..
  • South Orange, NJ
  • The whole country needs to stop right now and listen to Killer Mike. He’s verbalizing what a lot of us don’t know how to express
  • “you weird” LMFAOOOOOOOOO
  • I AM WEAK 😭😭 atlanta don’t take nun serious 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Pray for Newark NJ Protesters today.... PLEASE think of your families and the GROWTH in the city of NEWARK. Newark has come a long way let’s not destroy it. We must protect it! Especially because of the STRONG BLACK AND LATINO COMMUNITIES THE GREAT CITY OF NEWARK! Please RT!
  • @icecube
  • You know how awesome it is to really fw a celebrity and then find out they’re on that real shit too?
  • @Thundercat
  • Watts 1992 - Atlanta 2020
  • Take the Newark protest and move it to short hills‼️
  • This a hard ass pic
  • Hi my name is Aaron Tyrone Talington age 6 I’m 4’2 feet tall I have an all blue blanket with stars. I may be wearing blue jeans I was last seen in Washington DC (3501 New York ave Washington DC, 20002) @ United States national arboretum park if you see me call Mommy215 990-5833
  • 오늘은 쮜민과 함께! #0613FM_0530
  • Multiple police officers from inside the NYPD told me that this officer who assaulted the young woman is Vincent J. D’Andraia is the 73rd Precinct. They said he brutalizes Black people all over Brownsville. And so does NYPD Commander Craig Eldelman, who is in the white shirt.
  • This is mandatory viewing. You won’t regret it.
  • “They” staged a pallet of bricks in Dallas
  • The NYPD is using a bus to transfer arrested protesters at the Barclays Center. However the bus driver refused to drive it.
  • This is what a real cop should be
  • This episode is 29 years old.