7 day tweet volume :
Is it a garbage truck?
In reply to @Wendys
Imagine taking a 30 minute train from DC to the 757 🥺🥺
This is amazing. How it should be. pic.twitter.com/gNRcmKmX7P
How Coaches Wanna Act when their Star Player gets tired 🤣🏀⭐️ pic.twitter.com/V5vKjOgGb2
Why I love going to school ... pic.twitter.com/gX3zzJBrSP
  • How Coaches Wanna Act when their Star Player gets tired 🤣🏀⭐️
  • Why I love going to school ...
  • Doritos Cool Ranch
  • Everybody came out the class for that fight, even the mouse 😭
  • “who wants another shot” my dumbass knowing i can barely function:
  • a parting gift for an old friend
  • Donald Trump must be convicted and removed from office. Because he will always choose his own personal interest over our national interest. Because in America, right matters. Truth matters. If not, no Constitution can protect us. If not, we are lost.
  • Yallll sorry but my little sis did it the best... Lmaaaoooo I’m so dead😭😩
  • @chanbanhi
  • When it’s girls night out, and she doesn’t post anything on her story
  • Alexa 🗣 Play pop lock & drop it. this sent me to the floor 🤣🤣🤣
  • Flyest Highest Coolest Smoothest💞
  • Researchers say they’ve mimicked the voice of an Egyptian mummy by recreating some of its vocal tract. Have a listen... What does it sound like to you?
  • Since everybody like to call me Sisqo 🙄 It was only right I pulled up to Kahh’s early 2000s bday party like this
  • Ari didn't have to eat that up like that 🔥🔥🔥
  • K-Love really tried to revive Beal 💀
  • Kyrie 💀
  • 3pm game will be LOADED one !! Lady Titans Lake Taylor vs Edison Lady Eagles.Each team is featuring 3 headed monsters that hold multiple D1 offers/committed. This game you don’t want to miss a lot of talent will be on the floor battling 🔥🔥🔥#BallinForACause
  • I hate to do this but do not buy from By Cai the Great I bought two items from her on October 13, 2019 for Homecoming I attend Norfolk State University and still have not received them
  • Oh hey 👋Big Blue 🦁 @ODUMensHoops
  • Bruh couldn’t even laugh 💀
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