7 day tweet volume :
  • @thegreatkhalid
  • This is factual 😂😂😂😂😂
  • I CANNOT READ LIPS DO NOT MOUTH THINGS TO ME.. i’ll look at you across the room like
  • Physics is visually SATISFYING. Ice––on a trampoline.
  • Ye and Drake when they finally see eachother
  • 'imagine' out now 🖤 arianagrande.lnk.to/imagine
  • Just remember, these are elected officials and our tax dollars are being used for this
  • Girls: “I don’t know how I wake up with all these random bruises after I go out” Also girls:
  • When you find out who’s responsible for your grades, sleep schedule, and money
  • This is why unions are important
  • my organs watching me take medication on an empty stomach with cold brew
  • Pay close attention to the energy you have around you.