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It took Justice Barrett seconds to disgrace herself after being sworn in. She participated in a campaign rally at the White House and undermined the integrity, independence and trustworthiness of the US SUPREME COURT. Her judgement is appalling.
McConnell adjourned the Senate until 11/9 with no COVID relief.
Expand the court.
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  • Somehow, I don't think this is reflected in the headlines.
  • You want to know what the “dark days” were, Schumer? They were the days you subjected a great American family to the greatest scam witch hunt in the history of the Senate. Every decent American detests you.
  • Twitter is suppressing this tweet by the President. Here’s a screen grab.
  • Last night Kyle Korver explained the decision for the Milwaukee Bucks to stick together during an intense locker room meeting inside the NBA Bubble, and how it helped bring about change.
  • Confirmed 9:17
  • Your move @rezaaslan ! #AmyConeyBarrettSCOTUS
  • Blessed to receive my first offer from Black Hills State University! #WeoverMe
  • From a 1996 to a 2016 all on my own🥳🥳