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Listen to this young man, listen. Wise beyond his years. Speaking truth, 100%. #minneapolisriots pic.twitter.com/tqRN1aondj
What a headline pic.twitter.com/x8GGKL0VMc
To my American friends: 3 spoons of baking soda per glass of water in a sprayer. Spray it in your face and the burning will go away. My advice based on my experience in protests in Chile 🇨🇱✊🏼
A lot of tear gas spent tonight pic.twitter.com/7ie9Aq562M
No justice No peace pic.twitter.com/itCtgfuPh9
  • Listen to this young man, listen. Wise beyond his years. Speaking truth, 100%. #minneapolisriots
  • What a headline
  • No justice No peace
  • This is so sickening, dude BEEN a killer
  • This happened in L.A (Boyle Heights) 3 weeks ago these two cops needs to be held accountable this Latino brotha didn’t deserve this #BrownLivesMatter #PoliceBrutality #LAPD #retribution #AllLivesMatter
  • Protestors Criticized For Looting Businesses Without Forming Private Equity Firm First bit.ly/2AeY0zK
  • Your fight is my fight
  • @Airplane354
  • Disturbing video shows what appears to be a controversial use of force by a Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy entering a vehicle. In the footage, a deputy is seen punching and trying to drag a driver out of the car abc7.la/3ci3qYh
  • United we stand ‼️
  • A bunch of undercover cops were the main ones starting the arsons!!!!!! Spread the word!!!
  • This shit really makes my blood boil
  • over 30 yrs & the moral of this episode is still relevant
  • PPL IN LA AREA! i really need y’all help! whole fam is worried SICK 🥺😣 my little cousin dayvon was last seen on crenshaw & 104th st. last night wearing a white hoodie, black pants & white shoes. he suffers from depression. if anybody sees him PLS get a hold of me thru DM!!! 🙏🏽
  • streets needed this 💯💯
  • the first photo was the minneapolis riots just yesterday. the second one is the Rodney King riots in 1992. George Floyd and Rodney King were both victims of police brutality. 28 years apart and it’s heartbreaking to see that we have to riot over almost the same damn thing.
  • Jeff bezos when he sees looters at the amazon warehouse doorsteps