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If your vote didn’t matter so much, they wouldn’t be trying so hard to keep you from voting.
I refuse to read the whole article. This headline is everything I need 😂
Cardi B responds to Carole Baskin speculating about animal abuse on “WAP” set: “Girl you killed your goddamnn husband.” bit.ly/3ard0su pic.twitter.com/PSNhMHoH6E
Me leaving work
HUGE SCOOP IN PA. The postal service is now telling state officials in Pennsylvania -- the most critical swing state in November's election -- that it can't deliver the mail quickly enough for the current vote by mail plan. This is a 9-alarm fire, folks inquirer.com/politics/elect…
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  • That’s who nigga. twitter.com/brndvxsthought…
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  • Just gonna leave this right here
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  • This was a rollercoaster... the entire video 😳
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