This episode was basically the locker room being mic鈥檇 up before the Super Bowl
@donovanjmcnabb 馃悕 馃悕 馃悕 馃悕 馃悕 馃悕...and you wonder why nobody respects you when you come back!!!!
i know blind people happy to see this
Tonight, the @Orioles became the first pro team to wear uniforms with Braille lettering.

Awesome. #BiggerThanBaseball
  • When you know... you know. #PhilaUnite | #HereTheyCome
  • chris paul got caught flirting with a fan last night..
  • Did the President obstruct justice? Yes. Was it worse than Watergate? Yes. This break in was by a hostile foreign adversary. This president welcomed their help. This president lied about it and sided with that power over his own agencies. Don鈥檛 believe it? Read the report.
  • Joel Embiid crashing my interview with Tobias Harris haha Embiid: "can I get on the news? Last time I was on the news, the Eagles won the Super Bowl and I was going crazy" Me: "What are you talking about? You're on the news every 10 seconds" @6abc @JoelEmbiid @tobias31 @sixers
  • @pocketbookking
  • To all who celebrate today, happy Easter from our family to yours! On this day of rebirth and renewal, let鈥檚 recommit to love and serve our brothers and sisters, especially those in need, in every way we can. Have a great day, everybody.
  • Nobody: Tormund:
  • Romans: Jesus? Yeah we got him outta here. He big dead Jesus:
  • Floating breakfast in Ubud, Bali is such a dream
  • Jimmy Butler tells the 76ers equipment manager to GTFO his seat before every game 馃槀 *NFSW* (via @jimmybutler/YouTube, thebobbyshaw33/Reddit)
  • Happy Easter, our savior has risen
  • RT & follow @OriginalFunko for a chance to win a White Walker Pop! Rides! #GameofThrones #ForTheThrone #GOT #NightKing
  • After his media session, Kyle Korver called everyone back to say this about Donovan Mitchell. Wow. (via @JakeKUTV)
  • Jesus ain鈥檛 dance, he ain鈥檛 pull up his pants, he just moved the rock away He came back, came back, came back, came back
  • I don鈥檛 know who my grandma think she is ...... walking in the house at 10:56pm !
  • A new episode begins tonight at 9PM on @HBO. #GameofThrones
  • #BranStark - 1 #JaimeLannister - 0
  • Nobody: Us: Yes, we watch #GameOfThrones
  • Judas when Jesus came strutting back into town three days later
  • Happy Mf Easter y鈥檃ll 馃挏
  • Official Statement: Done on my own terms. Thank you to the @WWEUniverse @wwe and the world of entertainment. #wrestling #DustinRhodes
  • me on FaceTime not listening to anything the other person is saying and looking at myself
  • Jon: My name, My Real name is Aegon Targaryen Dany: Who told you? Jon: Bran *Next episode* #GameofThrones
  • Beauty level: 1,000,000.馃尫馃崈馃尮馃尭 Wishing you a happy holiday weekend from Philly!