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If anyone knows where I can buy this shirt, I’ll buy it immediately
The return of Kenan's dreads, Keke clowning, and Kel getting to remind everyone of his comedic chops, almost twenty years after him and Kenan both auditioned for a spot on SNL. This was a well-executed, hilarious, full-circle moment for millennials.
  • kenan & kel(ly)
  • 👀 twitter.com/JasonKelce/sta…
  • @BetteMidler
  • Deion Sanders giving recruits a tour of Colorado
  • Did someone say gameday? #TENvsPHI | #FlyEaglesFly
  • Home, sweet home #MyCauseMyCleats | #FlyEaglesFly
  • You hired me to get things done – I hope I'm making you proud.
  • Smart little bird.. 👌
  • Keke Palmer reveals she’s pregnant during her #SNL monologue.
  • The Masjid @GtownMasjid was full last night for the community talk and dinner. It was like a conference. May Allah bless the community. A very beneficial evening. Knowledge and brotherhood.
  • I don’t normally do this, but sometimes it’s just best to address things head on.
  • LinkedIn really flies under the radar as the social media platform that’s absolutely the most unhinged
  • Keke Palmer announces she’s pregnant during her SNL monologue, expecting her first child.
  • awwwww here it goes!
  • Winning the high school state championship on a Hail Mary has to be a peak feeling a human can experience
  • He found one he liked better lol
  • Dray speaking on why Bron clears MJ 🎥 - @uninterrupted
  • Deion sanders tells his Jackson state football team he has officially accepted the job as Colorado next head football coach
  • #BlueBeetle - only in theaters August 18.
  • me while having a whole convo with my wax lady
  • I said we supposed to be saving our money.
  • 🚨 SZA will release her new album ‘S.O.S.’ this Friday, December 9th.
  • i have never seen a woman look good in these
  • Southern's band announcer chose violence at SWAC Halftime today. Deion news had JUST broke and buddy had that in the clip ready to go. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • This just called me broke as hell
  • Posted up #TENvsPHI | #FlyEaglesFly
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