7 day tweet volume :
  • These are HS students singing from hotel balconies; I’d have been in my hotel room in cardiac arrest thinking I died and went to heaven .
  • philly crackheads would get a gold medal in the olympics
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • 😬
  • Unbelievable footage from the pileup on I-70 today. My jaw dropped to the floor first time I saw this video.
  • On This Date: In 1996, Happy Gilmore defeated Shooter McGavin to win the Tour Championship in honor of Chubbs Peterson.
  • 11 years ago today, Gerald Green blew out a candle on the rim. So underrated (via @NBATV) #ATTSlamDunk
  • What are the odds? #SCtop10
  • The Acapella Version Of SWV's "Rain" = UNMATCHED
  • city boyz out that 225 ☠️😂😂😂
  • Joel Embiid on if he’s going to be able to get along with Westbrook for one night as an all-star teammate
  • Uptown, Philadelphia PA
  • Miami yall tried it. Don put me in the Boom boom room 🙄
  • Nobody: Titties during secks:
  • Just your friendly neighborhood reminder that no Eagles QB has ever thrown more TDs in a single season than Carson Wentz. Ever. And he didn’t even need 13 full games to do it.
  • RT & follow @OriginalFunko for the chance to win a Specialty Series exclusive glow-in-the-dark Genie with Lamp Pop!
  • @realDonaldTrump
  • It me. @Jeopardy
  • “LETS FUCKING GO” is the only appropriate response to winning $19,000
  • Ben Simmons: “Every time I step on the floor, whatever I'm doing, I'm always representing Australia & especially Philadelphia. I've got two homes now. It's always an amazing feeling stepping on the floor, knowing I'm representing something much bigger than myself.” 💯 #Sixers
  • Y’all I am SCREAMING
  • 🔶 #FLYERS WIN 🔶 Philly takes the first of the home-and-home matchup in OT! #DETvsPHI | #LetsGoFlyers
  • Ted Cruz: "It's incumbent on Republicans in Congress to use every single tool we have to defend the rule of law, to rein in the president, so that the president does not become an unaccountable monarch imposing his policies...."
  • Nobody: Jimmy Butler:
  • Stephen Curry told Under Armour to ditch any All-Star Weekend party plans, and throw the brand’s entire budget into renovating his childhood Charlotte rec center. Inside the “7-figure commitment” to remaking the Carole Hoefener Center: espn.com/nba/story/_/pa…
  • YOU made it to the weekend 😉 #FlyEaglesFly
  • IT'S OVER! TK wins it in OT! #DETvsPHI | #LetsGoFlyers