7 day tweet volume :
I gotta enjoy my 20s because time is flying.
Silver spoon ass niggas. We was leaving the game on cause we ain’t have memory cards
If you didn’t have multiple memory cards for your PS2 you wasn’t in the field.
FaceTime needs a button where you can mute the other person 💀
can y’all repost, my great aunt is missing pic.twitter.com/NuXSLc43HL
  • can y’all repost, my great aunt is missing
  • Lil Baby rapping Emotionally Scarred with no autotune, beautiful.
  • “Get up and fight, sucker!” One of the most iconic moments in sports history. 55 years ago today. 🐐
  • Today, and every day, we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice.
  • me tryna respond to “yeahh”, “😭😭” & “LMAO”
  • . @scooterbraun has entered the chat
  • To all the members of our military and our military families, especially those who have lost their service member, thank you. We owe you. We can never lessen the magnitude of your loss, but this I can promise you: we will never forget. #MemorialDay
  • We the drunk uncles and aunties now.
  • it b like that
  • Staying safe at home in FL and have adopted this rabbit as a pet. He gets two carrots 🥕 a day and I named him Bugs. That’s my life now.
  • quarantine will someday end, but I hope this continues
  • Some of Trump’s “very fine people.”
  • Nine years ago today, Wilson Valdez pitched through the heart of the Reds order in the 19th inning en route to a 5-4 Phillies win.
  • Happy Memorial Day, Philly! Please celebrate safely to protect the health of all Philadelphians—including the essential employees who have been working so hard for us.