7 day tweet volume :
I’m a mf city girl.
i’m dead Derek Barnett got a penalty and you can read the Eagles HC lips

“it’s always him” 😂😂 pic.twitter.com/INbtEF1PyV
Boondocks got it right and they haven’t been wrong since
R Kelly supporters play his music outside of the courthouse. “We’re not giving up on R Kelly!” one supporter yells. pic.twitter.com/dDjyNsAnsk
Thread. What is happening right now at the New York Times is important and dangerous. I've tried to document it thoroughly below.
  • i’m dead Derek Barnett got a penalty and you can read the Eagles HC lips “it’s always him” 😂😂
  • best part of Joel Embiid’s press conference by far:
  • Mood when the Eagles are on #MNF “Spikes, I’m gonna take his soul” — Brian Dawkins AKA Weapon X
  • Am I high right now what is happening
  • GAMEDAY #PHIvsDAL | #FlyEaglesFly 🎨: @RyanLynnDesign
  • STRIPPED. SACKED. RECOVERED. That's an @Eagles TD for Fletcher Cox! #FlyEaglesFly 📺: #PHIvsDAL on ESPN 📱: bit.ly/2WfYNvC
  • I am in TEARS
  • high school was insane they had mfs come out of gym with no shower go straight to lunch and be served a burger with milk
  • LeBron's HS QB sitting at home twitter.com/DanWoikeSports…
  • Breaking News: R. Kelly was found guilty of being the ringleader of a decades-long scheme to recruit women and underage girls for sex. The verdict represents the first criminal consequence for the singer after decades of accusations of sexual abuse. nyti.ms/3odFNJG
  • Are you procrastinating or just burnt out…in a collapsing empire…in a pandemic?
  • Sometimes I think “Philly isn’t that different from other sports markets” and then I find out, for example, that Hurricane Schwartz was going after Ben Simmons before doing the weather lol
  • @JClarkNBCS
  • This energy from Jalen Hurts 😤 #PHIvsDAL #MNF
  • No more back flips when I’m blacked out🙅🏽‍♂️
  • New @sixers jersey seems to have leaked today. What do we think, fans? twitter.com/Harrison_Grimm…
  • Robin Lopez with the line of media day. he's gonna "do his own research" to see if his brother actually won the title 😂😂😂😂
  • Brotherly Love #PHIvsDAL | #FlyEaglesFly
  • Damian Lillard on getting vaccinated. #RipCity
  • .@Jay_MostWanted starts it and @fcoxx_91 finishes it! #PHIvsDAL | #FlyEaglesFly 📺: ESPN
  • Done yelling idgaf no more
  • He still ain’t recover from being decimated on national television: twitter.com/oscandrick/sta…