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The fact that you can deduct mortgage from your taxes and not your rent is a form of class war.
If $15 an hour sounds like too much, please ruminate on the fact that Jeff Bezos makes $2,489 every second.
How do you know I’ve never seen aliens Colin?
So, Baker Mayfield saw a UFO...

"Joe Montana, Troy Aikman, Terry Bradshaw & Tom Brady have never seen aliens. I would prefer my guys don't talk about it." —
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  • SCARY HOURS drake.lnk.to/scaryhours2
  • The Japanese say that every time we share a picture of a golden Buddha we get a lot of money or good news.🍀
  • This stat blew my mind: do public health measures like social distancing, mask wearing and hand-washing really reduce the transmission of viral respiratory illnesses? Uh, yes.
  • A video love letter to the best city in the world (and Pennsylvania) ⬇️
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  • Me clicking “leave meeting” while everybody saying bye
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  • God I love this app
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