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In every scene, you are my star, @MichelleObama! Happy birthday, baby! pic.twitter.com/hgMBhHasBj
idk who needs to hear this but you are significantly closer to being homeless than you will ever be to being a billionaire, have some class solidarity and stop glorifying your oppressors
That cat said this is not a mf drill
😩😂 pic.twitter.com/1ODzyCidMU
  • In every scene, you are my star, @MichelleObama! Happy birthday, baby!
  • @Jon_Favreau
  • That cat said this is not a mf drill 😩😂
  • Everything You Need To Know About The Current State Of Major League Baseball As Told By Mean Girls
  • hi twitter, i hope you enjoy this painting process video i put together.. 🌱
  • 250 pages. 37,500 words. Not a single damn mention of “climate change.” Trump’s NAFTA is a giveaway to the fossil fuel industry. I voted NO because the future of our planet is more important than the short-term profits of Exxon Mobil and Chevron.
  • This Pam Bondi? twitter.com/jdawsey1/statu…
  • some words from mac miller as we all get ready to press play on #circles 💕
  • No one: Kids with two hard working parents and a supportive family:
  • Breakfast at the HOTGIRL house 😂🔥
  • Left: McConnell admitting he won't be impartial Right: McConnell signing an oath to be impartial.
  • Hello, Darkness, my old friend... #Darkness Video - eminem.com/darkness #MusicToBeMurderedBy
  • Looks like some SNOW heading up into the Portland, OR metro area this morning. Plan travel accordingly as you are under a winter weather advisory. Temps just above freezing at the moment. #ORwx
  • Good morning. Due to weather, all schools and offices will open two hours late this morning. Buses are also on snow routes and will arrive approximately two hours later than regularly scheduled. For more information please visit PPS.net.