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If your vote didn’t matter so much, they wouldn’t be trying so hard to keep you from voting.
Let it be noted that they're not just turning them off, or deciding to use them less, or unplugging them -- they're *removing them* from these processing centers.

It makes no sense at all as cost-cutting. This is just sabotage.
Postal workers are sounding the alarm as mail sorting machines are removed from processing facilities news.yahoo.com/postal-workers…
  • Holy.........
  • An update on last night and the status of the @NoPityVan. timbersarmy.org/TimbersArmyBlo… #RCTID
  • Be careful Portland protesters. This man is planning a mass shooting.
  • This Nets strategy for stopping Dame 🤣 (via @HoHighlights)
  • The USPS is literally backing up trucks to mailboxes and taking them away. Here are photos of mailboxes being “decommissioned” in SE Portland and Eugene, Ore. Check out how many are already on the trucks! But today's news is probably going to be about "golden showers" instead.
  • absolutely baller content from the postal workers union
  • Me: I couldn’t love @DollyParton more. (reads @billboard interview) Me: I stand corrected.
  • Per my dad, a devoted USPS employee – here's what's being done in the name of "efficiency":
  • Damian Lillard since missing 2 free-throws vs the Clippers: 3-0 154 PTS 51.3 PPG 41-43 FT
  • Choose your fighter
  • Question: Do you regret at all the lying you’ve done to the American people?