You can’t hack paper. That's why I cosponsored @RonWyden's bill that requires paper ballots in our national elections. We need a paper trail. RT if you agree.
Let. This. Sink. In.

Donald Trump says America will get no infrastructure spending, or any other legislation for that matter, until all investigations into him are ended.

There's a word for this: "extortion."
BREAKING: For the second time this week, a federal judge just ruled in favor of the House and against President Trump, who sued to stop Deutsche Bank from complying with our subpoena.

Two different judges, same conclusion: Trump’s stonewalling is without merit.
Breaking: Judge says Deutsche Bank, Capital One can give Trump financial records to House Democrats, CNBC reports.…
need tips for surviving on minimum wage? instead of eating lavish turkey slices for lunch, try licking the moss from a nearby tree stump. instead of blasting the A/C all summer, stare into the sun and dare God to kill you.
  • Oh, sweet jesus. Stop. Stop. What will it take to teach people what police are? Their child. Their father. Their sister. Their brother. Their mother. Tragic and true - I’m sickened and speechless at the brutality.
  • .@AOC: Are algorithms most effective on women? -No On POC? -Absolutely not On people of different gender expressions? -No, they exclude them So what demographic is it mostly effective on? -White men Who are the primary engineers of the algorithms? -Definitely white men
  • Fixed the President's Rose Garden sign for him.
  • I spent over 10 years working with families who were facing foreclosure, listening to their stories. For @SecretaryCarson to go on TV today and say that I'm the one who doesn't know what's going on is, frankly, very rich. My full response to Mr. Carson on @VelshiRuhle >>
  • Introducing Playdate, a new handheld gaming system from Panic. It fits in your pocket. It's got a black and white screen. It includes a season of brand-new games from amazing creators. Oh and… there's a crank???? Yes. A thread…
  • Dear friends, can my daughter get a signal boost?? She really wants to interview @NASA's director of planetary science, Dr. Lori Glaze, for a school assignment about why math is important! P.S. check the next tweet for her NASA logo face-paint! #WomenInSTEM
  • Me when my alarm goes off
  • snoop dogg’s reaction to game of thrones finale is sending me
  • Watch if you’re having a rough day
  • Had so much fun @RMS_Shamrocks in Portland. 🤗 Nothing is more important than Education. 📚 🖊 #EnesKanterFoundation 🙏
  • It’s a great morning in #hell. The tyrants at Shitty #Portland Hall plan to lock us out by paying $10 million to mercenary goons from #G4S, who have no responsibility for #PublicSafety, #FreeSpeech, or #CivilRights. They’re all terrorists and professional liars. #NoG4S