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The death penalty is fundamentally a poor person’s issue. Over nearly 40 years of visiting death row facilities across the United States, I have never met a single person with money or resources. Capital punishment means “those without the capital get the punishment.”
Hey, just FYI minimum wage is absolutely supposed to be able to support a person and if it had kept the pace with inflation it would be $24 an hour today.
"I don't want $15 minimum wage because it'll be too close to what I make"

"I don't want $600 a week unemployment for others because I make that and I'm working"

Your company loves that you focus on others making more, and not how they are paying you too little.
Loews Hotels just canceled Sen Hawley’s fundraising event at their hotel.
  • Absolute mic drop. I’d love to hear someone answer this question.
  • “soooo many businesses would go under if the minimum wage is raised” so you agree? that companies rely on the exploitation of their employees to sustain themselves?
  • imagine running these numbers and thinking the problem is paying the minimum-wage worker too much
  • Ok this one is pretty good
  • Justice Sotomayor, on the Trump administration’s rush to kill.
  • The Oregon statehouse is boarded up
  • I'm so incredibly honored and humbled to be the first @SecondGentleman of the United States. As we countdown to Inauguration Day, I've been doing my homework—and looking to the past for inspiration.
  • “If it wasn’t my job I would do it for free. It was absolutely my pleasure to crush a white nationalist insurrection,” he said. “And we’ll do it as many times as it takes.”
  • Hey everyone...just finished delivering hot stews to some of the National Guard & others on this rainy night in DC. I know there’s a lot of concern about the Guard...but our city & many restaurants are making sure everyone is taken care of! One Guardsman had a message to share...
  • The #FBI needs your help identifying individuals who instigated violence on January 6 in Washington, D.C. Visit ow.ly/30yF50D9XY8 to see images from current cases, and if you see someone you recognize, submit a tip at fbi.gov/USCapitol. #SeekingInfoSaturday @FBIWFO
  • scariest thing that ever happened to me was when I went to a bookstore on acid without knowing that Bill Clinton was speaking there
  • You see the soldiers in this picture? They are National Guardsmen from Puerto Rico, citizens, coming to Washington, DC to defend a Commander in Chief they could not vote for, a democratic federal republic in which they are denied representation in Congress or a presidential vote.
  • The #FBI needs you to help us identify individuals who unlawfully entered the U.S. Capitol and assaulted law enforcement officers on January 6. Visit ow.ly/HWIY50Danmu to see a new poster with more people. If you recognize someone, submit a tip at fbi.gov/USCapitol.