Massive blow for Nurkic and Blazers. His finest season -- and best career-scoring night w/ 32. As Thunder slide, Blazers were positioning to make deep playoff run. Late-season injuries hounding Portland in recent years. Brutal night in Rip City. Stotts on Nurkic: "Devastating."
What is he trying to hide? #ReleaseTheFullMuellerReport
#BREAKING: McConnell blocks attempt to make full Mueller report public
The Willamette
Blazer fans what are you drinking tonight
  • We love you, @bosnianbeast27 ❤
  • Prayers up for my brother @bosnianbeast27 🙏😔
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  • Players around the league voice their support for Jusuf Nurkic after his injury 🙏
  • Trail Blazers fans show Jusuf Nurkic support as he gets carted off after suffering gruesome left leg injury 🙏
  • Portland’s faithful chanting Jusuf Nurkic’s name. That’s real. ♥️ (via @DimeUPROXX)
  • Barr looks like what would happen if Bannon were on Queer Eye
  • Saw this sign in Kyoto and I can't stop thinking about it. Why is it color-coded like video game dialogue. Who tried to fight him. "Even if you fight, you can't win" is so powerful
  • From your #MileHighBasketball family, You're in our thoughts, big fella.
  • Americans simply want the truth. Today I tried to pass a resolution saying the full Mueller report should be made public. The House passed the exact same resolution 420-0. But here you can watch @SenateMajLdr McConnell object. Why do they want to hide the full report?
  • The Blazers faces say it all #ripcity