7 day tweet volume :
when this happened to a white barista y’all gave him one hundred thousand dollars
A white female disrespects a black barista after she asks her to pull her mask up.
You need to be separated from general society immediately.
TL sleep? I put candy corn in my Frosted Flakes pic.twitter.com/uKhmURMTOi
Ok cool, but lets talk about this pic.twitter.com/xz1oDuSFTz
We are aware of the President’s statement regarding a hypothetical call with our CEO…and just so we’re all clear, it never happened.
How do you argue against tents for the homeless after this...
  • Ok cool, but lets talk about this twitter.com/exxonmobil/sta…
  • LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO twitter.com/kendraxtamia/s…
  • Happy Birthday, @KamalaHarris. Next year, let’s celebrate with some ice cream at the White House.
  • Blind date, love at first sight, marriage, family, and an incredible life together. Through it all, no matter what, she is ALWAYS there for me and our family without hesitation. Happy Birthday to my amazing wife @KamalaHarris! And her birthday wish...VOTE EARLY!🎂 Love you! ❤️
  • This dude be having CRYING bruh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • My life partner has to be this entertaining
  • That little girl was about to beat her ass fr. 😂
  • a BLOOD MOON is rising 11.14.20 @adidasFballUS @UNISWAG
  • Reply to this tweet to wish Kamala a happy birthday!
  • This election, former RNC Chair and a lifelong Republican, @MichaelSteele, is voting to restore the soul of our nation. He's voting for Joe Biden.
  • My bestfriend is missing. Her mom tried filing a police report but they said it must be 24 hours until she can file one. Her Instagram disappeared and her location is showing unavailable.. something isn’t right PLEASE RESHARE! #findkaylah
  • Here is @CityofMiami Police Officer Daniel Ubeda, in full uniform with badge and gun wearing his Trump mask inside of the polling location in government center. This is city funded voter intimidation. Ubeda should be suspended immediately.
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  • twitter.com/playstation/st…
  • It’s Tua Time. Dolphins are naming the rookie QB their new starter, per @AdamSchefter
  • This TikTok lives in my head rent free 😂
  • Maid to Skate 21
  • A closer look at BLOOD MOON - NC State's new @adidasFballUS STRATEGY uni