7 day tweet volume :
Women Against Patriarchy (WAP) 2020 😜
Virginia voters, you can vote early at your local registrar’s office beginning Sept. 18.

In-person absentee voting period goes from Sept. 18 to Oct. 31.

Pass this along.
Still no cancer meds in the mail today. 11 days late. 35k dollars.

I really want to thank all the 2016 protest voters. This is what you wanted right?
Can someone explain to me why we have a Space Force, but can’t fund the Post Office?
  • This is what’s going on around @ChesterfieldVa so you don’t need to go out. Otterdale, Cloverleaf Lake, Genito, just to name a few.
  • where is planet fitness
  • Come January, there won’t be any time to waste repairing the damage of the last four years and beginning the work of building back better. @KamalaHarris and I are ready to get to work on day one.
  • Here’s the contact info for the USPS Board of Governors. Inundate them.
  • Photo taken in Wisconsin. This is happening right before our eyes. They are sabotaging USPS to sabotage vote by mail. This is massive voter suppression and part of their plan to steal the election.
  • Been telling my daughter to take this mask off for over 3 hours 💀 she’s not listening .
  • “Can’t wait for the winter so I can really start dressing”
  • Apparently Fox News hosts’ feelings get hurt when they appear in our ads. Anyway, have you seen The Looters? #ByeHannity
  • G Herbo’s son can’t stop calling him by his rap name 😭
  • Please do not drive through high water or drive around signs that warn you. This is Otterdale Road and it is not passable. We are extremely busy with calls like this. Turn around. It’s not worth it.