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Protest has been made illegal AND A FELONY IN TENNESSEE. This should be national news!
Update: In an act of resistance to the constant enactment of arbitrary laws against protestors, 16 freedom fighters of Ida B. Wells Plaza handcuffed themselves to the state Capitol building.

#FreeCapitolHillTN pic.twitter.com/eUtCAThCar
Your daily reminder that it's illegal for the president to attack his political opponent during a government funded press conference.
ELECTION DAY IS NOT NOVEMEBER 3RD THIS YEAR!!! Due to what Trump is doing to USPS creating voter suppression, it鈥檚 recomend to give yourself a 14 day turnover time frame for your ballot meaning election day is OCTOBER 20TH, please spread the word and VOTE EARLY if you can
If your vote didn鈥檛 matter so much, they wouldn鈥檛 be trying so hard to keep you from voting.
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  • When the government abandons its people, it鈥檚 up to us to rise up and make a revolution. We鈥檙e fighting for dignity, for justice, and for our future. Join us at edmarkey.com/events. #GreenNewDealmaker
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  • Question: Do you regret at all the lying you鈥檝e done to the American people?
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  • Just gonna leave this right here
  • Wow. A reporter (I'm not sure who he is) asks Trump, "after three and a half years, do you regret all the lying you've done to the American people?" Trump quickly moves on to the next question.
  • normalize employees reciprocating disrespect to piece of shit customers 馃榿