14 years ago, we witnessed one of the greatest basketball games EVER 🏀 pic.twitter.com/LwShPfEZwp
I just found out that I’M the reason why I’m broke... Shocked and confused
  • BELIEVE IT!!!!
  • Good morning! #WeAllBleedBlue
  • 14 years ago, we witnessed one of the greatest basketball games EVER 🏀
  • The extremely passionate reaction from Jordan Binnington after Jaden Schwartz scored with 15 seconds left in the third ...
  • @StLouisBlues @StLouisGameTime Everything is better with the Titanic song. Even this beauty. #stlblues
  • If we really want to send Trumpism into the history books, the best thing we can do is defeat it decisively at the ballot box in 2020.
  • Relentless. #stlblues #WeAllBleedBlue
  • We are all this #stlblues fan 😂😂😂 #WeAllBleedBlue
  • On This Date: 14 years ago, a "flagrant personal intentional foul" abruptly ended a game we would have liked to have seen the end of.
  • This is what playoff hockey does to people @spittinchiclets (via IG/allyhumz )
  • Y’all better check y’all food they tryna drug us 😤.
  • Deeply sad about Notre Dame, but shocked at the hypocrisy of humanity. We destroy over 150 acres of rainforest every minute and do not give it a second thought, yet fall into mourning at the loss of a building.
  • The ecstasy (@StLouisBlues) and the agony (well, you know). #stlblues | #WeAllBleedBlue
  • On this day in 2010, LeBron HAMMERED one of his meanest dunks ever over James Johnson
  • GLORIA!!!!!!!! GLORIA!!!!!! HIT THE DANCE BORIS!!!!!! 🎺🎺🎺🎺
  • Recruiting some friends at the @stlzoo to help cheer on the Blues tonight. Dixi was very emphatic! #WeAllBleedBlue
  • Blues fans after stealing Game 5
  • 전 핑크가 요즘 제 눈에 오던데요~
  • preparing to tweet about old town road all day
  • How I Want My Nigga To Shut Me Up 💅🏾
  • The @winnipegsun view of the #STLBlues Game 5 comeback #Gutted
  • Okay c’mon #BlackTwitter , this needs to be seen period! These are MINORS, they going to school to get literally beat up by the police? Oh nah 🙅🏽‍♀️ #BlackTwitter Tag the right people so this could be seen cause this is truly SICK. I am disgusted.
  • Jaden Schwartz's first goal of these #StanleyCupPlayoffs what a HUUUGGGEEE one! The game-winner as called by @chriskerber & @joeybroadcaster #STLBlues
  • Alright midwesterners, there’s only one name for this... what’s this called? RT: walking taco Fav: taco in a bag