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They can say what they want abt me but they can’t say I ain’t going hard 🤘🏽 pic.twitter.com/TviQfNEGmp
A memory we'll all have forever pic.twitter.com/LUxqs8o3Wr
Dave Ayres appreciation tweet
And hey @PeteButtigieg, try to not be so smug when you just got your ass kicked. You know how we form a winning coalition to beat Trump? With a true multi-racial coalition of working Americans: something @BernieSanders has proven he can do + you haven’t. Dude, show some humility
  • They can say what they want abt me but they can’t say I ain’t going hard 🤘🏽
  • A memory we'll all have forever
  • Emergency backup goaltender David Ayres is first star of the game and gets an ovation from Leafs fans
  • Emergency goalie Dave Ayres has his first NHL win. WE REPEAT. DAVE AYRES HAS HIS FIRST NHL WIN.
  • We believe in Dave
  • this tiktok right here
  • "I told the boys in the dressing room once we come out for the third I'll be settled down and ready to win this one." Dave Ayres is incredible. 👏👏👏 (🎥: @Sportsnet)
  • A moment he'll never forget
  • 🖤😬
  • the real og’s. paved the way for every rapper baby mama.
  • 3 signs you should jump in while your friend is fighting 🤣😭🤦🏾‍♂️
  • 🗣🗣🗣 To All My Young Athletes I Know Some Of Y’all May Unfollow Me After These But I’m Cool With Dat!!!
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  • The Toronto Maple Leafs tonight:
  • ➡️⬇️⭕️
  • @MapleLeafs
  • How tight is the top of the #GLVCmbb Point Rating System? The top four teams all won SAT, but quality of wins + other results shook them up. UMSL and TSU, both 14-4, back at the top. USI, UIndy, BU, SBU, RU and DU round out of the top-8. Full ratings: s3.amazonaws.com/glvcsports.com…
  • My son MISSED THE MAT 😭 (via m0j0.king/IG)