7 day tweet volume :
Obsessed with this image. pic.twitter.com/tJ6RuVNL88
Health care workers wear masks for 5+ hours non-stop. You can wear one for 45 minutes.
The 2nd Wave of Covid-19 somewhere stretching with its outfit laying on the bed. Ready.
In Ferguson they made it illegal for people of color to stop walking. Police actively enforced it.
No way to control crowded pool parties at Lake of the Ozarks, local mayor says trib.al/gqjOZrw
  • Obsessed with this image.
  • That second wave of COVID pulling up cause y’all can’t behave
  • me leaving self checkout after scanning the ps5 as a tomato
  • No covid concerns at the lake of the ozarks😳 #loto
  • This brother helping his sister get buckets is definitely the Twitter content I’m here for...🌎❤️🏀❤️
  • LMAO
  • This video is on Snapchat in the Lake of the Ozarks? Unreal. What are we doing?
  • Well that escalated quickly 😳🤣🤣
  • You guys already know who tf is coming
  • Lil Baby rapping Emotionally Scarred with no autotune, beautiful.
  • can y’all repost, my great aunt is missing
  • These so fye to me😩😩
  • So my mother's friend's husband is stuck in a hotel in Saudi Arabia and this is the order menu they gave him Do I have any Arabic speaking followers that can help make sense of this but also, tag yourself, I'm "Normal doubt"