7 day tweet volume :
What a headline pic.twitter.com/x8GGKL0VMc
United we stand ‼️ pic.twitter.com/BskpRR0qV4
Being “ raised right “ dosent mean you don’t drink , party , and smoke. Being raised right is how you treat people, your manners & respect.
I saw this one on fb and it was too powerful pic.twitter.com/he2Je550K6
  • What a headline
  • United we stand ‼️
  • I saw this one on fb and it was too powerful
  • This shit really makes my blood boil
  • I hope no one loots target on 1640 N main St Salinas CA 93906
  • this is why we riot #BlackLivesMatter.
  • No justice No peace
  • This happened in L.A (Boyle Heights) 3 weeks ago these two cops needs to be held accountable this Latino brotha didn’t deserve this #BrownLivesMatter #PoliceBrutality #LAPD #retribution #AllLivesMatter
  • this is America
  • Privilege at its finest
  • This is so sickening, dude BEEN a killer
  • Lynwood sheriffs get in a Latino’s car, starts punching him, and drags him out of the car and has two cops pinning him on the ground 😡🤬
  • Now this picture powerful as hell
  • When the world needed Alex from Target the most he vanished...
  • Jeff bezos when he sees looters at the amazon warehouse doorsteps
  • “It’s just a TV show”
  • So excited and blessed to receive an offer to play football at UCLA! Thank you so much to @CoachJFrye and the rest of the staff for this amazing opportunity! @CoachCarnazzo @BrandonHuffman
  • People in Minneapolis broke into Planet Fitness just to start working out bruh
  • This is THE headline of all headlines
  • Downtown LA is wild rn 😳
  • George Stinney Jr, He was only 14 years old when he was executed in an electric chair. He was accused of killing two white girls, 11-Year-old Betty, and Mary of 7, At that time, all members of the jury were white. His innocence was finally proven by a judge in South Carolina.
  • how the Target manager in Minneapolis walked into work this morning
  • Me after showing up to the wrong Target
  • Jennifer when she heard the niggers started looting target