7 day tweet volume :
Things are going pretty well tbh
Never forget that most crime is legal for rich people.
Do y’all wake up HELLA early after drinking the night before or are y’all normal??? ☹️
Raise awareness and share this story! Mauritius is a tiny island off the coast of Africa. There are many Africans there who depend entirely on the sea. It is their entire life force. This is truly devastating news
Drone footage shows the extent of the oil spill in Mauritius news.ae/3agmrL5 pic.twitter.com/2kPVcwOs76
  • .@tatis_jr is UNREAL.
  • Fernando Tatis Jr. and Manny Machado at the top of the #Padres order for years to come. That's the tweet.
  • My uncle’s dog carries a 30-pound weight everywhere he goes
  • Please help spread the word! @tiktok_us #facetimeprank
  • This broke my heart. A Black woman tried to get help from the system that’s supposed to protect us from danger for a domestic violence restraining order against her partner and recieved the same physical abuse she was trying to prevent. The system truly fails Black people.
  • BRO.
  • nobody: me all day:
  • Four straight games. Six in six games. We are all witnesses. #ElNiño 🌟 #FriarFaithful
  • “Nobody could have ever predicted a pandemic of this proportion.”
  • Non political tweet of the night