7 day tweet volume :
  • Attention everyone who uses mascara!!
  • These African penguins are some savages 😂
  • 4:19am I’m high as hell but I decided to sample Fiona singin w/ that damn bird 😭😭
  • Ochocinco helped out a fan who was facing eviction. Real one 🙏
  • i walk around like everything is okay but deep down i need some head
  • seriously if y’all watched pucca as a kid i immediately like you...
  • @NaviSZN
  • PETA: Steve Irwin was killed because he harassed a stingray Everyone:
  • My daughter overcoming her fear in real time (wait for it). I might have been more nervous than she was. 👧🏼🛹⬇️
  • 🌸HOPE🌼
  • *Opens pornhub for the 5th time today* The ghosts in my room:
  • 7 months ago i was living with my parents, had no car, suffering from severe anxiety causing major headaches daily, struggling to get more than 3 hours of sleep and today i’m still in that situation. here are pictures of me photoshopped into gta 5.
  • Maduro, pedazo de malnacido, sabíamos que eres incompetente, ignorante, farsante, dictador, marioneta, corrupto, narco, cobarde, criminal, pero ahora ya sabemos que eres el asesino criminal del pueblo venezolano. Que Dios te maldiga y te fulmine. Y pronto!!!
  • 74 years ago today, Marines on Iwo Jima raised the flag atop Mount Suribachi. Semper Fidelis.
  • @LanaDelRey
  • (🔈⬆️) This mic'd up 4-year old playing hockey is everything 😊 (via @howtohockey)
  • Ben Simmons wasn’t having it with Nurkic: “You talk a lot of s--t for being ass” 😳 *NSFW*
  • gays in the starbucks parking lot
  • Dijeron que no íbamos a llegar a la frontera: llegamos todos y llegó el Pueblo a recibir la ayuda. Dijeron que la ayuda no iba a entrar: los camiones cruzan el país. Dijeron que tenían Pueblo: están solos y decenas de soldados los han abandonado. El Pueblo está claro: #SíoSí
  • All-Star Game | San Diego, CA 1992 ⚾️😍
  • The people of Venezuela stand at the threshold of history, ready to reclaim their country – and their future....
  • Sooo my grandpa ate half a quart of paint today thinking it was yogurt
  • *Ben Simmons misses free throw* Nurkic: “HELL NO!” Simmons: “You talk a lot of shit for being ass.”
  • My boy Manny Machado signed with an NL team to support the #LowerTrevorsERAFoundation bless your soul Manny. Bless your soul! 🙏🏻🙏🏻 @Mlb @mlbnetwork @Indians @Padres #RallyTogether #FriarFaithful