7 day tweet volume :


📺: CBS pic.twitter.com/8JtHrsHSR2
The @49ers defense:

❌ 94 straight game minutes of shutout defense
❌ Four straight games with 2nd-half shutouts

Unreal. 😤 pic.twitter.com/x73YE6mtVT
I’ll put my reputation up against yours any day. I’ve spent my entire adult life in service to my country. Upheld my oath to protect & defend this nation at great personal cost. You’ve demonstrated yourself to be a purveyor of hate and division. Let history be the judge.
In reply to @elonmusk
Vindman is both puppet & puppeteer. Question is who pulls his strings … ?
  • HE GONE‼️‼️ @iAM_JoshJacobs OT GAME WINNER. 📺: CBS
  • Shutout the Saints!
  • The @49ers defense: ❌ 94 straight game minutes of shutout defense ❌ Four straight games with 2nd-half shutouts Unreal. 😤
  • FINAL: A shutout from the @49ers 👀 #NOvsSF
  • Same. (via @tae15adams)
  • Messi leyendo los tuits del Canelo 😨 twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
  • The stiff arm. The run. The touchdown. That's just @iAM_JoshJacobs. 📺: CBS
  • I made sure my voice was heard today. VOTE 😁🗳️
  • Design is dead.
  • 🫶
  • Josh Jacobs just broke free for an 86-yard game-winning TD. JACOBS FINISHES WITH 303 TOTAL YARDS ON THE DAY. BEAST.
  • Legendary @iAM_JoshJacobs performance.
  • Thanks, 12s! 👋
  • Defense forces the fumble! 📺 : #NOvsSF on FOX 📱: Stream on NFL+
  • SnoopDobbyDobb
  • Joe Biden a Big BD on Lamron😂🔥 he knew Chief Keef Intro Word for word Bar for Bar.
  • BLACK TEAM BITCH!!! #Raiders
  • @mery__S2_
  • Another OT thriller!!
  • Big Huf!!!! @TalanoaHufanga
  • Most of America couldn’t watch an 86 yard Josh Jacobs house call because CBS wouldn’t switch off 60 minutes So here it is:
  • Tip drill TD! #FTTB 📺: #NOvsSF on FOX 📱: Stream on NFL+ bit.ly/3V8U0Fu
  • @TerribleMaps
  • Garfield in real life.. 😅
  • Everyone making fun of Russ 💀
  • Houndsune miku
  • Cop gets scared by a mountain lion’s scream 😳
  • #49ers Talanoa Hufanga forces a fumble and the Niners recover!
  • Untouched 🤷 DC ➡️ Josh ➡️ DC ➡️ @mackhollins FOR SIX! 📺: CBS
  • TOUCHDOWN @JoshO_3!!!! RAVENS LEAD!!! Tune in on CBS!
  • “One drink won’t hurt” Me the next day
  • @BeratStuff
  • Let's go Dawg Pound! 🐶 @dpeoplesjones | #Browns
  • @ImagesAlbum
  • End of the first.
  • A thread of World Cup football fans refusing to speak to isreali channels
  • In which @elonmusk smears @AVindman and then an hour later calls for civil discourse.
  • Brian Robinson said his friend has a “big hat” company. “If you want a big hat, let me know.”
  • We like celebrating in the Bahamas! #AllSpartans | #RunToTheFight
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