Next time gas go under $2 ima put some in the freezer.
If you’re not a Black Man, you have NO idea how hard it is to simply be one.
Police body cam shows black man squatting in Charlotte, N. C. sideways to Cops pointing guns and ordering him to drop the gun in his waistband. N.C. is an open carry no permit needed state. As he reaches for the gun to comply he is killed. His last words are "you told me!" @AP
I want to show people that you can still hold your head high even when times get tough. Pain does not last forever
I just found out that I’M the reason why I’m broke... Shocked and confused
  • 14 years ago, we witnessed one of the greatest basketball games EVER 🏀
  • The storm has arrived, bringing strong winds, rain and more. Stay safe, #Tallahassee, especially on the road as this system moves through town. If you can stay inside until it has passed, please do.
  • NOAA analysis determined Hurricane Michael was a Category 5 #hurricane at landfall last October. Details at…
  • On This Date: 14 years ago, a "flagrant personal intentional foul" abruptly ended a game we would have liked to have seen the end of.
  • Thank you for teaching us everyday how to smile You will forever be with us Happy birthday Cam
  • Okay c’mon #BlackTwitter , this needs to be seen period! These are MINORS, they going to school to get literally beat up by the police? Oh nah 🙅🏽‍♀️ #BlackTwitter Tag the right people so this could be seen cause this is truly SICK. I am disgusted.
  • Is it fall yet?! #OneTribe
  • when the teacher not that funny but you need that 24 turned into a 90 by next week
  • So proud of my girl! The Queen has done it again. @Beyonce, thank you for always living your truth. #Homecoming
  • Y’all better put some respeck on my girl Canela name
  • preparing to tweet about old town road all day
  • CATEGORY 5: NOAA has upgraded Hurricane Michael to a Category 5.
  • 🔵⚪️ Blue & White Ignite ⚪️ 🔵
  • All the greeks strolling at Set Friday tomorrow like...
  • “The U is back!”
  • The Tornado Watch has been extended until 11 AM EDT and shifted east.
  • 8:13 AM EDT: A TORNADO WARNING has been issued for Gadsden, Leon, Liberty, Franklin, and Wakulla counties. this in in effect until 8:45 AM EDT. TAKE COVER NOW!
  • Tornado warned storm moving into Northern Leon, Grady and Thomas counties. Take cover NOW if you are under this warning #FLwx #GAwx
  • Take cover immediately if you’re within this warning! #flwx
  • Severe Thunderstorm Warning including Apalachicola FL, Sumatra FL, Vilas FL until 8:45 AM EDT
  • Mostly just twigs and small branches down around the FSU campus after this morning’s storms. Main thing I saw was some damage to the center field fence just outside @FSUBaseball’s stadium. @NWSTallahassee #FLwx