7 day tweet volume :
What a headline pic.twitter.com/x8GGKL0VMc
To my American friends: 3 spoons of baking soda per glass of water in a sprayer. Spray it in your face and the burning will go away. My advice based on my experience in protests in Chile 🇨🇱✊🏼
A lot of tear gas spent tonight pic.twitter.com/7ie9Aq562M
white people burned down black wall street and y’all mad about target? bye
KKK burned down homes, churches, businesses & people for years. I’m not worried about target. They’ll be Ight.
  • What a headline
  • This is so sickening, dude BEEN a killer
  • No justice No peace
  • This shit really makes my blood boil
  • Tony McDade. HE was killed by Tallahassee police this morning. HE was unarmed. HE was a Black trans man. Say HIS name. Say HIS gender. HIS life matters. #TonyMcDade #SayHisName #BlackTransLivesMatter
  • Me after showing up to the wrong Target
  • Did anybody see him put his hands on the cop like cop is saying he did ?
  • Jennifer when she heard the niggers started looting target
  • over 30 yrs & the moral of this episode is still relevant
  • this is why we riot #BlackLivesMatter.
  • Chris Rock, 2018
  • The moment @NHL says you can skate again! #boltsflytogether #directorialdebut #breakoutinfluenceroftheyear
  • Jeff bezos when he sees looters at the amazon warehouse doorsteps
  • I saw this one on fb and it was too powerful
  • Let’s not forget about my brother that got killed in the hand of the police and still have not release the camera footage. The biggest gang in America is the police force. What we allow is what we allow is what will continue to happen. #LongLiveJamee 🙏🏾💔
  • @jaedenation
  • I’m not saying y’all should be stealing from Target but if y’all are. Somebody grab a bich a Nintendo Switch
  • The lady with the lamps is me tbh. She had the items saved to her target app and was on a mission to get those $80 lamps
  • This is the only cop I’ve seen address the George Floyd murder
  • Character actress Kathy Bates set to portray Jennifer aka Wheelchair Woman in Ryan Murphy's upcoming series American Target Story