7 day tweet volume :
“I don’t think we should be moving forward with a nominee in the last year of this president’s term. I would say that even if it was a Republican president.”
— Marco Rubio, 2016
Last night 52 legitimately elected U.S. Senators cast 52 legitimate votes to confirm a legitimately elected President’s highly qualified nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States.
It took Justice Barrett seconds to disgrace herself after being sworn in. She participated in a campaign rally at the White House and undermined the integrity, independence and trustworthiness of the US SUPREME COURT. Her judgement is appalling.
One week until Election Day. Don’t let up now.
Someone did a 2020 Halloween theme 😩😂 🗣CORONAVIRUS 🦠 pic.twitter.com/FuOJtI5EgF
  • Someone did a 2020 Halloween theme 😩😂 🗣CORONAVIRUS 🦠
  • Twitter is suppressing this tweet by the President. Here’s a screen grab.
  • Tampa Reflected in Hillsborough River
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  • You want to know what the “dark days” were, Schumer? They were the days you subjected a great American family to the greatest scam witch hunt in the history of the Senate. Every decent American detests you.
  • Conservatives: “I love small business” Small business: “Can you please use a mask? ☺️” Conservatives:
  • The GOP is intent on subverting democracy at every turn. They’ve intentionally broken the postal service and then tell us that even if we send our votes before Election Day they might not be counted. That’s why I put our ballots in a designated dropbox. Get your vote in early!
  • Five TDs for @TomBrady 🔥
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