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“Who’s finna be yo valentine?” Me:
Class warfare goes on in the U.S. right now.

It looks like drug companies raising the price of insulin so that poor diabetics cannot afford to live.

It looks like the rich getting $1 trillion in tax breaks while working people are thrown off food stamps and Medicaid.
Two questions for every Senator:

“If a witness came along whose testimony would completely EXONERATE President Trump, would you vote to call that witness?”

“Did you take an oath to do IMPARTIAL JUSTICE in all things appertaining to the trial of Donald Trump?”
  • *my dog existing* Me:
  • “Who’s finna be yo valentine?” Me:
  • She wanted to be my lover But my heart was with another
  • Attached is the first page of a five page letter in which the lawyer for @DevinNunes threatens that Rep Nunes will sue me. Attached is my response.
  • A short story of betrayal
  • the world’s an awful place but also have you seen this video of a tiny deer meeting a tiny human
  • PS5 secured
  • Sis never got a princess
  • It’s my nanas birthday y’all lmfao
  • The House has done its Constitutional duty. When the Senate is done with theirs, they should finally take action on the bills we have sent them #ForThePeople: Lower Drug Costs Now Act Bipartisan Background Checks Act Raise the Wage Act...
  • PS4 parties at 2am:
  • Me when I turn into a tree after I die
  • Wherever...Whenever! 🅰️ #BuildingTheA
  • This White lady went on a racist, Anti Muslim tirade against my brother & I at Mejers. Followed us throughout the store. It is 2 am and we just went to get cereal Shout out these people who saw this, stood up to this & called the cops THIS IS HOW YOU USE YOUR WHITE PRIVILEGE
  • @JheneAiko
  • Si no nos vamos a tomar fotos así no quiero nada.
  • Barber twitter is on here trying to convince us $50 for a haircut is acceptable.
  • House Democrats release second batch of Parnas materials, including photos of the Soviet-born businessman, posing next to Trump hill.cm/4QLbiG7
  • The most fascinating thing about the liberal media is that they think they’re neutral. Maybe they check their journalistic objectivity at the door.
  • Michael Bloomberg and George Soros targeted Virginia, pouring millions of dollars into state and local elections. The result - the election of Ralph Northam as Governor in 2017. Now we see the tyranny of Northam as he and his Soros supported Democrats turn citizens into criminals
  • RT & follow @OriginalFunko for a chance to WIN a @Loungefly x Pokémon Jiggly Puff Mini Backpack! #Loungefly #Fashion #Bag #Giveaway #Minibackpack #Pokémon
  • So I didn’t talk about it, Black Friday weekend I did over $19,000 in sales on 1 page. But that’s not the crazy part. No sales, discounts, special ads, NOTHING was planned. Simply posted a few videos on my feed said: “What’s up we’re running a Black Friday Blowout”
  • Trump is bulldozing through Native American sacred sites and burial grounds to build his disastrous border wall. This week, I'm visiting the Tohono O'odham Nation in Arizona to see it for myself, investigate, and work with tribal leaders to take action. #NoBorderWall
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