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I have a lot of work to do tonight, but this warrants a THREAD. The obscenely distorted narrative that white people embraced civil rights leaders during the Civil Rights Movement, and activists today are just “doing it wrong” must be challenged.
Brian Kilmeade compares the 60s civil rights movement to today: "You could sit down and talk to civil rights leaders ... and find out what the issues were. You debate it. Things were healthy. It was making America better. What you have right now is making America different." pic.twitter.com/h3yh2Of81E
Ted Cruz voted to pass a $740,000,000,000 military budget two weeks ago. That's $2 billion a day, every day.
Why be so cheap? Give everyone $1 million a day, every day, forever. And three soy lattes a day. And a foot massage.

We have a magic money tree — we should use it!
wow congratulations to Imminent
Biden’s V.P. Pick Is Said to Be Imminent nytimes.com/2020/08/10/us/…
I don’t think there’s a purer, more distilled form of evil than anti-homeless architecture. Imagine spending this much money to prevent people without homes from getting sleep.
deterrence of homeless seeking shelter from rain under bridges pic.twitter.com/tFN3Uwkbrv
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  • Santa Clarita, California: Three black teenagers were being attacked by a homeless man and witnesseses called for help. When police arrived they pointed their guns, and arrested the kids who needed their help. Terrifying them. On brand. Exhausting...
  • Not sure who to thank for this, but it’s brilliant. Volume up.
  • Here’s how, in a matter of months, Donald Trump has undermined and corrupted our most popular government agency—the Postal Service—and what I’m doing about it.
  • 150 Days since #BreonnaTaylor’s death.
  • “I got the Rona Marty!” twitter.com/tmz/status/129…
  • As they did in 2016, Russia is interfering with our elections again and the President and Senate Republicans refuse to do anything about it. Why would they not want to protect our elections? Sadly with this President, all roads lead to his good friend, Vladimir Putin.
  • The footage streaming in from Minsk, in spite of an internet blockade and reports the army has been deployed against protesters, is just incredible
  • Purchased a stock for $1.05 and just sold it for $1.15
  • Cookie Kawaii releases the video to her track “Vibe (If I Back It Up).”
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