7 day tweet volume :
His name is Jason Robert Pope, and he sex trafficked nearly 700 women, ALL BLACK, with some as young as 13 years old
693 Sex Trafficking, Kidnapping Underaged girls pic.twitter.com/5p1mt6aXVu
Update he killed them niggas
Free Aaron Hernandez he ain't kill the niggas the bullets did pic.twitter.com/FDJ9q24RIu
Welcome back Champ!! @TheNotoriousMMA. 🙏🏾💪🏾
More time guys think the friend is “doing the most” or is “bitter” but 9/10 we know what our friends like and it’s not you
When ur bestie protects you at all cost 😂😂 pic.twitter.com/8w3iNY6TsQ
  • I may or may not have watched this over 108496 times
  • Like he hasn’t missed any time. Notorious. Conor overcomes his prior losses to win at #UFC246 🇮🇪
  • HOMECOMING. @TheNotoriousMMA #UFC246
  • One of the greatest beats in hip hop history.
  • oh to be a tiny lizard licking an orange.
  • (LEV PARNAS PICTURE PARTY THREAD) Ain't no party like a Lev Parnas picture party! Use this thread to post all your pictures of Lev Parnas—who the GOP is terrified of having testify in Trump's Senate trial—with GOP figures from Trump to Trump Jr., Jared Kushner to GOP leadership.
  • I guess I should stop asking stupid questions 😂
  • 10 years 👀 twitter.com/justinbieber/s…
  • JUST LIKE THAT! Conor McGregor beats Cerrone by TKO in 40 seconds! 👊💥 #UFC246
  • This White lady went on a racist, Anti Muslim tirade against my brother & I at Mejers. Followed us throughout the store. It is 2 am and we just went to get cereal Shout out these people who saw this, stood up to this & called the cops THIS IS HOW YOU USE YOUR WHITE PRIVILEGE
  • This little kid is 5 years old, didn’t miss a beat all night. So sick!
  • Look at how fast her hair changed. HELP. twitter.com/people/status/…
  • how bout that 🐸☕️
  • Teaching My Son The Game , Literally