The Marathon Continues
I received some criticism b/c I said Repubs supporting Trump -after his crimes & work w/ Russians - are unpatriotic. Yes I said it! How can you know the enemy Russia is undermining our democracy & say & do nothing? If you don't care, I do. We must impeach Putin's president Trump!
On Sunday, Kellyanne Conway wouldn’t even acknowledge Russia helped Trump.

And Rudy Giuliani effectively said it was fine if they did.

Today, Jared Kushner said the attack was no more than a few Facebook ads.

There is no patriotism in Trump’s GOP. Only cowardly opportunism.
By falsely saying Russia's covert campaign to interfere in our election added up to "a few Facebook ads," White House senior official Jared Kushner was amplifying Russian propaganda and arguably undermining efforts to protect future US elections from foreign interference.
BREAKING: Jared Kushner just admitted he knew via US intel the Saudi Crown Prince ordered the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. Kushner then admitted he advised the Crown Prince following Khashoggi’s murder. Kushner needs to be fired, investigated and have his security clearance revoked
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  • Screenshot. Share. #DontSpoilTheEndgame
  • Larry Hogan was the only Republican to vote for all three Nixon articles of impeachment. He quoted Abraham Lincoln saying: "We cannot escape history." #RepublicansForImpeachment
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  • Former Bucks coach Jason Kidd has interviewed for the Lakers head coaching job, per @mcten
  • Tulsi serves 16+ years in Army Guard, deployed twice to ME, served 6+ years in Congress’ Foreign Affairs & Armed Services Committees, one of first female combat vets in Congress. But @ABC treats her as invisible. Typical MSM anti-Tulsi policy: ignore or vilify -V (Tulsi’s sister)
  • *Gets left on read for hours* Me: “I’m never talking to them again” Them: *Finally replies* Me:
  • There was a consensus that Trump had committed impeachable offences, but lots of skepticism that it's the right thing to do given Trump's talent for using perceived victimhood. One said impeachment would be obvious in a "fully functioning democracy," but not in the current U.S.:
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