7 day tweet volume :
I am looking for unemployed people who studied built environment courses. There are 84 placement opportunities available. We need cv's in by 29th of January. Please assist if you know any networks where such youth may be gathered. Those who HR qualifications are also included.
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Dis you? @Eskom_SA

I’m sure this is what happens pha eskom mntakabawo 😭😭 pic.twitter.com/dYPAgq40yn
Now apply this to slaves and their ancestors.
Female bear freed after 20 years of captivity, but she still thinks she's in a cage 💔
  • Dis you? @Eskom_SA I’m sure this is what happens pha eskom mntakabawo 😭😭
  • 😂🤣🤣🤣😤
  • Khosi Ndhlovu has been missing for a week.💔 She was last seen in Sakhile, Standerton, MP. Please Help Us Find Khosi. #FindKhosiNdhlovu #FindKhosi
  • Fear women.
  • He didn’t even hesitate to answer 😭
  • a gentle reminder.
  • He seems like a very happy old man looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. So nice to see!
  • "I want to learn how to code, but have no idea where to begin." I've been getting this question pretty frequently lately, and thought it was a good time to put together a thread to cover all the basics. And here it is!
  • this has more than 20M of views, nicki minaj’s impact is unbelievable.
  • This is the result of spending R200 million a day for over 5000 days in a row. SA produces less power today than 14 years ago. Think about this for a moment. Spend more - Produce less. Powerful proof against State spending if ever!
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  • Guys ?😭 men bore me😂🚮
  • Bro this girl went outside, found this on her garbage bin and innocently asked tiktok what it could mean and the comments gave me chills. I didn't even know this was a thing. That's so terrifying
  • I’m honestly on the floor 😭😭
  • AUDITIONS: Renowned Casting Agency Looking For New Talent MLA, the agency founded by the late Moonyeen Lee, and reps some of the biggest names in entertainment such as Terry Pheto, Dr John Kani, Connie Chiume, etc, is looking to sign new performers Details 👇🏿 #KgopoloReports
  • isnt this that couple from modern family
  • He love it here 😛
  • Nigerian human rights lawyer Femi Falana has filed this complaint on my behalf to the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Arrest. We are challenging my continued illegal confinement by the Ugandan police and the military!