7 day tweet volume :
SS Legal and the SS is for "Siseroundini, Syophanda"
SSConsultants: "how many people sent those defamatory tweets"
MyZu: pic.twitter.com/PMZFRCjrMK
My dad takes my mom with him EVERYWHERE! He’ll literally be going to buy inewspaper or bread and without fail he’ll say “Masambe Monica!” 🤣🤣🤣 It is the cutest thing ever!
'Ufake amaLaughing emoji amangaki? Ey nani loTwitter wenu' pic.twitter.com/8LEvnbavbo
  • SSConsultants: "how many people sent those defamatory tweets" MyZu:
  • 'Ufake amaLaughing emoji amangaki? Ey nani loTwitter wenu'
  • I'm now a UCT Finance Graduate 🎓
  • Zuki Lamani vs The People twitter.com/zuki_lamani/st…
  • Whole TL in court:
  • For Immediate Release:
  • 7.
  • No man, Zuki is DIFFERENT
  • Me at the back of the police van 'Can we go pick up 2 of my other friends who also retwat'
  • Teach your children to be kind, all the time. You could save lives in future. #JusticeForLufuno
  • This is Pfarelo Lufuno’s older sister as a family they were asking for any donation that could help them bury their daughter Capitec:1712275249 Netshivhazwaulu F.E please use the reference justice for lufuno #JusticeForLufuno
  • Jackie Chan in this interview explained how his son changed after he went to the U.S
  • Please read this absolutely buck wild story from my neighbourhood group :
  • Bathong 💀💀
  • The TL doing #silouettechallenge in our jail cells twitter.com/zuki_lamani/st…
  • Are we going to jail too cause we retwat?
  • Ukude uMs Zuki sana. Not her consulting in the UAE😭😭😭 twitter.com/Zuki_Lamani/st…
  • I’m the happiest I’ve been in a very long time! Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🥂🥂🥂
  • Breaking: Chief Justice Mogoeng reveals that Minister Pravin Gordhan inappropriately approached him in what the Chief Justice fears was a campaign to get Judge Daya Pillay to be appointed to the Constitutional Court. This is huge, this is extremely inappropriate by Gordhan.😳😳
  • I would like to attend her funeral, if anyone knows the details PLEASE HELP.
  • @k_skits
  • @Zuki_Lamani @_MissNeke "This Is The First And Last Warning Letter "
  • ‘This is the first and last warning letter’
  • @Zuki_Lamani "Jonga Masibothuse sithi First and last warning sibone uba bazothini "
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