7 day tweet volume :
  • Good morning Mzansi Thank you for the warm welcome, I look forward to engaging with you.
  • After a motorcycle accident, this man was lying in a Pretoria road, screaming in pain. Taxi drivers stopped & formed a circle with their vehicles to protect him from traffic. A passenger in one of the taxis was a paramedic and immediately started to treat him. He was stabilized
  • Guys, my friend @JustKhanya's mom gave her money for groceries today and she accidentally bought R1000 airtime while trying to top up her airtime. Can you guys please help buy it from her 🙏🏽. She needs the money back.
  • This video explains a lot about the feud going on between Drake & Kanye. Damnnn 😤
  • So these two thugs broke into my house and cleaned it. If you see them or the car, plse inform the police.
  • Twitter can be such a beautiful place ❤️🙏
  • Les'gubhu sing'khumbuza ka Gogo... Ngisasey'putsununu💯💯 #DZyTydKwesta #Bawssss 🚀🚀🚀
  • Y’all remember when Drake told Rihanna he loved her on stage and she dabbed? lmaooo
  • Lol I just went into my moms room crying. This young kid from Umtata got the chance to do Actuarial Science, Math, Applied Math, Astronomy & Economics at Wits and was good in all of these things. Now this young kid is gonna be graduating in 2019, I’m that young kid, CRAZY! 😭
  • Onwards and upwards, Mkhaya 🌸 @KhanyiDhlomo
  • Kanye arguing with drake on twitter
  • uBaba entering these Twitter streets like....
  • Jacob Zuma is now on Twitter to evaluate isphithiphithi. Welcome on Twitter uBaba
  • In New Zealand residents of the suburb of Tawa are not impressed after the apartheid national flag was put on display in the window of a shop called Biltong and Wors. Some of residents described it as a racist symbol, and asked the owner to remove it. #PlanetHaaibo
  • 사랑해여 여러분
  • 우와아ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏ !!!!!!!!!!!
  • @PresJGZuma By the end of the day ubaba will have 2 million 4 hundred and 70 hundred thousand 8 thousand 40 thousand 6 hundred and 45 followers
  • 걱정 마 우린 이미 서로의 의지야