We ain’t tryna marry clowns like you either, so don’t worry about us. :)
NEVER marry a girl raised by single mom, u will live to regret
Please help us find Sakhile.... pic.twitter.com/4Uaz3QHFaY
This boy has been missing for two weeks now! Twooo!? South Africa😏 pic.twitter.com/7yzcBMvPfz
Zondo commission has cost SA R356 million so far.

SA has money for everything except funding young-entrepreneurs.
  • Please help us find Sakhile....
  • This boy has been missing for two weeks now! Twooo!? South Africa😏
  • My cousin's friend is missing. All the details are in the first photo. Please RT 🙏🏾
  • This one, allegedly killed a car guard and then offers R50K to the family so that the court can be lenient. I’ve decided together with my friends to donate R50K to the family so that they can return the ‘blood money’ to the alleged killer! #BlackLivesAreNotCheap
  • How criminals smuggle drugs!
  • De Return Of Scorpion Kings drops 29th November
  • We looking for this oke, name is Mpho Makakhavhu, He stabbed my sister 15 times on Friday night in the presence of their kids, he fled the scene leaving her in a pool of blood, please if anyone crosses paths with this guy please inform me, he drives a white Range Rover...
  • #bringbackAmkelani Please share this tag, please make it trend. Our fellow brother. Ningambuyisa ephila kodwa?? Please help us find our brother😔
  • *Opens car door* Man: Nice car! Me: Thank you. Man: Can I have a look? Me: Yeah of course. Man: Wooow, this is beautiful. Can I look inside...? *Sits inside car* Man: I'm going to video call my family... Me: Ummm...okay😂
  • We need a safer South Africa! Forget the fictional #UniversiteitVanMsoon, the University of Zululand needs our attention today! Students must feel safe on campus and everywhere! Yes to education! Yes to young leaders! Yes to safer campuses! #UniZuluStudents #UniZulu
  • Dear @SAPoliceService. How about taking photos of sex workers in South Africa & share them on different medias? Some girls reported as missing are infact victims of Human Traffickers. U are the once with access & can work with Interpol on exported once . #Nigerians #Missing
  • Please RT Hi guys I have written a book on financial education- the book is free And it is very short - can I please share it with you 🙏🏽 Via email or WhatsApp
  • We are very lucky in South Africa to have a man and a LEADER of this calibre. #ChiefJusticeMogoeng
  • This Will Smith video has changed my perspective on a few things.
  • Hi All. Please kindly assist to share within your followers. My mate is missing and last seen last night. If anyone was at Great Dane or Shakers yesterday please have a look and see if you recognize him 😔😔😔
  • When God is doing all the work in my life but allowing me to stunt like it’s my talent alone.
  • Goodnight Cleaners🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️
  • so my brother got a new dog.... and I- just watch 😭
  • My ex sent me her pictures with her new boyfriend been fainting all day twitter.com/akreana_/statu…
  • @Moonsanelly
  • Safe for University of Zululand students has always been an issue, especially for off campus students, media doesn't even know #UNIZULU exists, it is alway mistaken for #UKZN, its only when there are scandals that people care
  • Wimpy Giyani. Understanding your market 101.
  • If you guys have seen my little cousin please let us know! She was last seen with her birth father!!! Any info helps💔😭
  • President Mugabe : What I want to be remembered for ~ His own words.
  • A 6 year old was assaulted by a nanny in their estate. Please get this to go viral,share far and wide and get justice for Liyana
  • Today I got assaulted by this woman and her husband. Their names are Mariaan and Guy Conry. The man, Guy Conry, stepped out of the passenger seat and came to my window and began beating me up. THREAD!!!!! twitter.com/akreana_/statu…