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My parents who spent their whole working lives paying taxes under apartheid so that you could go to school for free when we couldn’t, access free healthcare that we couldn’t, and enjoy protection from police that either ignored or brutalized us, wish you well for your new life.
And so South Africa loses another productive, employment creating family..
Tired of paying more than R400,000 p.a. in income taxes for zero family benefit. Tired of crime, of living in fear, of endless, unpunished state theft & corruption. Of reading about it all by candlelight pic.twitter.com/ly6vUsDEGH
Birth certificates zabazukulwana zohlalaphi?
S U S P E N D E D ~B E D S? pic.twitter.com/OVantkj0o8
Da real reason why i stopped doing Gqom is because Durban producers/djs said im not from Durban hence iam on Amapiano cause its National 🙄
Listen Amapiano are Great and everything but I mean Most of us Durbanites are still Gqom People, So Phori must just give us a Gqom project soon , angeke we need it 🤣🤣 @DjMaphorisa
She has been missing since Saturday pls help 😭🙏 #GirlsTalkZA pic.twitter.com/4gIyMBuppD
O jewa ke eng ?
  • She has been missing since Saturday pls help 😭🙏 #GirlsTalkZA twitter.com/akreana_/statu…
  • This Ref is high on something I swear 😂😂😂😂
  • Sad news. The wife of former boxer Terror Mathebula, who passed away last Saturday, has also passed on. Mama Emma collapsed this morning while mourning the death of her husband, who was set to be remembered today at a memorial service. That memorial has now been moved to Sunday.
  • When employers give you nonsense papers containing ultimatums you give them defiance .The arrogance of Capital must be dealt with decisively. Ba nyela.
  • The poet the poem
  • #AbsaPrem (December 2019) Goal of the Month Winner @KaizerChiefs Samir Nurkovic 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #AbsaPrem
  • Never underestimate your opponent! 😔 😢 😭 😂
  • Judgment: The hierarchy during the retrenchment consultation process set out in section 189(1) of the Labour Relations Act does not limit the constitutional right to fair labour practices and is therefore constitutionally valid. (AMCU v Royal Bafokeng Platinum Limited)
  • Hello 32! ❤️ Happy Birthday to me! 🎂🎉🎁 A Queen, a Light, a Groovist, an all-round dope human! 🤗 (Ja vele, namhlanje ngiyazifonela, "Hulisani for Hulisani HELLOOOO!" ☎️📞🤣😝) I deserve every good and beautiful thing headed my way. 2020, I deserve THE BEST OF EVERYTHING! 🙌🏾
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  • The poet. The poem.
  • Albert Einstein been real quiet since this guy did the math
  • I’m watching my train leave in 5 mins and I’m not on it because I apparently didn’t arrive early enough for staff to get the ramp. I’m late because the bus I was on let everyone (20+ people -full bus) off before deploying the ramp for me. Everyone on that bus made their train.
  • Dear Lusaka/Kitwe Anybody On My Contact List In Zambia, Please Help Us Find Our Little Sister. She Was Last Seen On The 20th Of January And Hasn't Returned Home Ever Since. Your Assistance Will Be Highly Appreciated. #ZedTwitter #Zed #Zambia
  • the poet the poem
  • #Sonofgod
  • This Moment can only be ruined by a phone call from Mbali😑👀