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“but i wasn’t there during apartheid”
well neither were we buddy but guess who’s still benefiting and who’s still suffering?
One language you really wanna speak fluently?
White South Africans said temporary lockdown, a measure put in place to protect their very lives, was comparable to Apartheid and Fascism. I will never, ever forget.
Incase you missed it
The MURDER of Collins Khoza: pic.twitter.com/EyBe7OrB4a
  • Incase you missed it The MURDER of Collins Khoza:
  • RT if I got it right ✍
  • Danger box: crucial to electricity supply 📰📺 Special correspondent Bob O'Connor
  • 😭 God said yes! #Myfirstcar #Girlswithmercs #BlackGirlsthriving
  • Nah bro. Tut students are way too technical at this. twitter.com/GivVi_G/status…
  • This episode is 29 years old.
  • 🤣🤣Never leave your child with just the baby daddy😊👶👶😂😂😂
  • The SANDF report on the death/killing of Collins Khosa, that clears the soldiers of any wrongdoing, is a disgraceful sham. A civil case against the state that no doubt paint a far different picture, shedding light on the truth, would surely be successful. Justice must be served.
  • Enough is Enough 😡 Time To Speak OUT! We want justice for our brothers ❗ #JusticeforCollinsKhosa #JusticeForGeorgeFlyod #BlackLivesMatter
  • we need to talk about #CollinsKhosa just as much as we’re talking about the police murders in the US. police murders are not just an American issue. they’re happening right here in South Africa and they need to STOP.
  • I was so so moved by this, so I’m sharing it
  • It will be a mistake and serious shallowness to think this insult is directed only at the Honourable Dr NDZ. This is a revelation of what Danie Herselman and his ilk think about Africans as a whole. This is no lamentations and long statements matter. The ANC must charge Herselman