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Takealot is an overachiever when it comes to delivery
Before this year ends, I pray that God “unclewaffles” your life. May you receive a life changing opportunity that will make you feel like you’re dreaming.
  • @NandosSA
  • Seventh heaven! 😇 #CheNor
  • Can we help Skhona get it 👏🏾👏🏾♥️
  • Riky Rick dancing with Uncle Waffles.
  • I could’ve told her that.
  • Stolen car in khayelitsha ndlovini and its been 3days...RT for awareness ..the owner might ne on your TL
  • Kante what’s with granny’s and wrestling?
  • me ignoring the bad in someone
  • When they try to talk over you and tell you that your experiences as a black woman in South Africa do not matter🤦🏽‍♀️. Racism is structural and even operates at a municipal level. The literal definition of black lives don’t matter. 💀
  • “Ma ,seng’funa ukuba u-Uncle Waffles”
  • We've got @unclewaffffles on Soundsystem! 🔥💥🙌 @JeremiahAsiamah catches up with Uncle Waffles who launched her career after a video of her went viral! She graces us with a guest Mix next week! 🙌
  • This is incredible… Very incredible… A very short, very very short story…
  • A short story:
  • Judge for yourselves fellow South Africans.
  • Always, without fail bro🥺🥺🥺
  • The face of John Steenhuisen, while Gareth Cliff says, 'Your personal experience (in relation to racism), is completely anecdotal and unimportant to all of us', speaks volumes. The smirk is nauseating.
  • I made a dress and we won Best Dressed 🤩💫 #WorldChampagneDay 🥂
  • Back in Joburg #KUNJANI
  • Good morning from on top of Johannesburg! Jacarandas are finally blooming in our city. How many purple trees can you count in my pic? 😊🌸💜 #jacarandainyourpocket