7 day tweet volume :
I’m too Zambian to read this nickname properly
Skrr skrr nigga ; do u know my bally?

Zambia police ; pic.twitter.com/V5DDCcs3DD
I am officially looking for a job/internship (paid) as a human resource clerk/Assistant.
-I have a bachelors degree in Public Administration and Management from Unza+a member of the Zambia institute of Human resource Management.
I am very hardworking and a fast learner
Pls RT.
Can we also please do the investigations on;
- The 48 houses 🏠
- The over priced Ambulances 🚑
- The third-Hand fire Tenders.
- The Mukula cartel
- The Gassers.
- The Ever increasing corruption cases.
- Vesper’s Dearth and many other lives lost.

  • Skrr skrr nigga ; do u know my bally? Zambia police ;
  • Meanwhile ku unza😂😂 ...please pay these people😣
  • So my brother got high and bought unsliced bread; told his ass to cut it, and this is what he does 😭😭🤦🏾‍♂️
  • "Ask not, what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." JFK
  • As a chili head I make my own chili pickles and sauces, so I figured why not spread this awesomeness with everyone. I finally put my back into with the help of some creative minds. I reveal to you... 🥁🥁🥁 Pickle Me
  • Someone shake me!! After years of planning,failed attempts,tears, broke episodes, stress, people sending me DMs when I tried and failed the first time saying they knew it wouldn’t work.Only God knows the fullness in my heart right now. My make up is now selling on @afrishop. 🥺
  • Evening colleagues — a caution from CCPC
  • Found this on Facebook. Inspirational
  • When that Bola bet ticket finally goes through
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  • Her: What's your idea of a perfect date?? Him: DD/MM/YYYY ... Other formats can be really confusing.😌 Her: I swear you'll die Single!!
  • Mr. Lungu must: 1) Suspend Dr. Chitalu Chilufya to allow for ACC investigations 2) Convene a Coronavirus crisis committee comprised of MOH, Department of Immigration & cooperating partners 3) Suspend wasteful expenditure & pay outstanding salaries for all government workers
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  • Today I met a young man raised from Matero by a tough grandmother ripped jeans, tattoes and earrings=millionaire After talking to me for 30minutes he left me disrupted. Zambia has a bright future. @selfstyledking @_Mushota
  • Chanel for you 🤣😂💀🤣🤣 #Nchwala