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Good morning Fam. God has decided to end my year like this. The Rural boy to present at UNITED NATIONS WORLD FOOD PROGRAMME in Jorbug. 😭😭

From Village 6 now to the World🙏🏿❤️❤️❤️😭😭 pic.twitter.com/XuPuNwHncG

Never love a w0man to an extent that you can't imagine life without her. There's nothing romantic about making a w0man the center of your universe, it's actually pitiful. It's catastrophic to allow someone to dictate your happiness...
Dear @mangwana_jasper

Rural voters are being forced to join ZANU-PF first for them to receive GVT farming inputs.

This is blatant vote buying.

Why is ZEC not educating voters on radio and TV that this is ILLEGAL as required by Section 156(c)(i) of the Constitution?

Zimbabwe is now on 24hr loadshedding. pic.twitter.com/FuiXKhZ6m1
  • Good morning Fam. God has decided to end my year like this. The Rural boy to present at UNITED NATIONS WORLD FOOD PROGRAMME in Jorbug. 😭😭 From Village 6 now to the World🙏🏿❤️❤️❤️😭😭
  • Zimbabwe is now on 24hr loadshedding.
  • 1. ZANUPF spent the past 5 years crafting UNCONSTITUTIONAL draconian laws, jailing journalists and LOOTING public funds, instead of fixing the country’s electricity crisis Now Kariba is dry and you ALL shall be in darkness, but the ministers will use your money to buy generators
  • It’s easier to take people out of Egypt but taking Egypt out of the people is a more difficult task! ~ @nelsonchamisa @CCCZimbabwe is fighting the culture of corruption and promoting politics of big ideas. It’s not about Political euphemism but what is good for the citizens.
  • “Hanzi Kariba Dam haina mvuraaa…😭😭”
  • His family needs him, lawfirm & clients need him, Zengeza West Constituency needs him, his life & career are at a standstill. @JobSikhala1 is not a criminal. He is a political prisoner. He deserves his freedom.
  • Andrew Tate breaking down the Balenciaga situation for what it REALLY IS. He also breaks down a satanic practice “they” use called “revelation of the method”. twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
  • 🚨 Kariba Power Station “no longer has any usable water to continue undertaking power generation”. Power crisis about to get worse, as Kariba, which produces over 70% of Zimbabwe’s electricity, has to shut down till January because water levels are too low to generate power
  • Why should you leave Zimbabwe’s banking system?? Answer below! LOLOL, Got paid $100, came in as $98.41… after Mthul;i and all the stuffiness… my balance is $8.67
  • Villagers posing for a photo with a giant dead crocodile in Zimbabwe in 2010.
  • Imagine you are a Zim MP, and you are told that Zimbabwe doesn’t have a single working radiotherapy cancer machine, it doesn’t have an MRI machine, central hospitals don’t have paracetamol. Then you choose US$40,000 (US$14 million) to be given to you. What brain do you have?
  • 🟡In 2018, Zanu PF promised to create an energy surplus. Instead, they have delivered daily 20-hour power cuts. There’s no excuse. Zambia had a plan so they produced a surplus. Zanu PF has no energy plan so we must vote them out in 2018.
  • Malevels anaLevelz😅😅
  • Good Morning Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 Did you get to check our catalog today⁉️ Undefined Stalker puffer Jackets 🧥 available on order Contact us on wa.me/message/5P3IR4…
  • Gender equality in a single video...
  • Who did this? 😂
  • They still need more five years to loot eat and sleep in parliament, damn lets vote these old madhalas out they must go and rest ,play with vazukuru,
  • In a move set to plunge Zimbabwe into darkness due to power outages, Kariba South hydroelectric power station on the Zambezi River, which generates 1 050MW, is closing down with immediate effect after a precarious dwindling of water levels at the world's largest man-made lake.
  • A call to prayer!
  • 💯
  • 🟡Does Zimbabwe have an Energy Minister? If so, he must be sacked. If not, keep it that way so we don’t waste taxpayer money on an incompetent benchwarmer who has no intention to champion a sustainable energy plan that takes us out of the Dark Ages. We need new leaders.🇿🇼
  • André Onana has been removed from Cameroon’s squad. Been told that the reason is a discussion with head coach as he insisted for different style of goalkeeping, more ‘traditional’ 🇨🇲 #Qatar2022 Onana has no intention to change his style — tense situation & so he’s been excluded.
  • A black Japanese, I can finally die in peace 💔😂🙌
  • Free Job Sikhala His continued imprisonment is totally senseless😡
  • 🟡All Zanu PF’s energy is spent jailing critics, looting, drafting draconian laws & unleashing terror instead of governing. Zimbabwe’s energy crisis is proof that the nation is on autopilot. Zambia built a power station but they twiddled their thumbs. We need new leaders.🇿🇼
  • When Dr Nkosana Moyo made this statement, some didn’t make much out of it. He said that not all in the opposition were fighting to change the system. He said they were fighting in order to be accommodated by the system. He said Government is seen as a feeding trough. Madzidza
  • This is what Shadaya said about Levels and Shashl relationship earlier this year THIS GUY IS A PROPHET 🕯️
  • Aaaagh ndachema zvangu !
  • Happy Born Day To Me 😊⚡🎈✝️
  • A villager from ward 23, Siziphile ward, Mr Zibusiso Dube has lost 16 herd of cattle due to lightning. This is his wealth. Local leadership is organizing help towards him & his family. If interested to participate, please DM
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