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qrt with the most wholesome bts moment
@TheJay___ | 42,774 followers
ถ้าเป็นเพลงไทยตอนนี่ NCT จะเต้นเพลงอะไร?
@JuddLegum | 525,559 followers
The Mcminn County School board in Tennessee just voted to ban a Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel about the Holocaust

The vote was 10-0…
@FOFOQUEl | 295,294 followers
Após polêmica com pão, Maira Cardi reclama novamente da alimentação de Arthur Aguiar
qrt this with the most embarrassing treasure moment
What's the worst thing a woman has done on the first date?
Sen. Ron Johnson asked about reducing child care costs: "Well, people decide to have families and become parents. That's something they need to consider when they make that choice. I've never really felt it was society's responsibility to take care of other people's children."
@hyune_gyu | 422 followers
qrt with the most embarrassing skz moment
มาเล่นโควทโมเมนต์เทรเชอร์น่ารักจนอยากหยิก น่ารักจนมือจีบ เห็นแล้วยิ้มจนปวดแก้มกัน น่ารักแบบว่าใครเห็นเป็นโดนตก ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ❤︎
@realDailyWire | 740,706 followers
Biden Surgeon General Suggests Joe Rogan Podcast Should Be Censored: Big Tech ‘Has Important Role To Play’
@croydonruntings | 1,460 followers
he’s gone international 😭😭😭😭😭
@billieeilish | 6,515,585 followers
Billie and @Adobe want to see your designs in the #BillieXAdobe Make the Merch Contest. Visit for a chance to have your unique art featured on a piece of official merch on Billie’s tour. #Contest
@ot12loops | 31,127 followers
qrt with the Most embarrassing loona moment
@BFMTV | 3,262,591 followers
Martin Hirsch, directeur général de l'AP-HP, s'interroge à haute voix sur le bien-fondé du maintien des soins gratuits pour les non-vaccinés…
@IST_THEBOYZ | 1,502,142 followers
더보이즈 현재 코로나19 양성 판정 안내
@kilicdarogluk | 8,095,194 followers
Sevgili Halkım,
Şahıs ve ailesine direnen vatansever bürokratları anlatmak istiyorum. Bir de bir ıslak imza ile hazineden 6 milyar TL'nin nasıl iç edildiğini... Hadi buyurun!
@mojogodo | 1,891 followers
ok i found the video that got the tl in a tizzy 🤣
@revevante | 4,140 followers
qrt with the Most embarrassing red velvet moment
بدعم مالي من صاحب السمو الملكي الأمير خالد بن فهد بن عبدالعزيز 💛

نادي #النصر يحصل رسميًا على شهادة الكفاءة المالية ✅
@andreasharsono | 58,358 followers
Di rumah pribadi Bupati Langkat Terbit Rencana Peranginangin tak cuma ditemukan kerangkeng buat manusia tapi juga satwa langka orangutan Sumatra, monyet hitam Sulawesi, elang brontok, jalak Bali dst…
पत्रकारों , पुलिस अधिकारियों , जजों से लेकर नेताओं तक... Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu को फँसाने की साजिश में किन-किन लोगों के हाथ रंगे हुए हैं !

इन संत पर हुए #षड्यंत्र_का_पर्दाफाश किया है एंकर ने इस 14 मिनट की वीडियो में ।

Justice Still Awaited
@NCTsmtown | 8,386,639 followers
Today is pole dancing!🕺🏼✨ | Johnny’s Communication Center (JCC) Ep.31

#JCC #쟈씨씨
#Poledance #폴댄스
@Variety | 2,681,050 followers
“I’ve never held anyone like this,” Gyllenhaal says as he wraps his arm around Gaga’s waist, as a small group of handlers coo their approval.

“Mommy and Daddy love each other,” Gaga says. “Good job, honey.”

@GAME_KNIVES_OUT & #荒野万字會制覇行動 で
更に追加抽選で5名様にiPad Air🎁

@kantei | 1,471,098 followers
@THR | 3,348,178 followers
Spotify is removing Neil Young’s catalogue from its service after the artist published —then took down — an open letter with an ultimatum: deal with the vaccine misinformation coming from Joe Rogan’s podcast, or lose his music

@NotBonkyP | 4,672 followers
enough of this, qrt with the most wholesome ateez moment to liven up the tl
qrt with the most embarrassing shinee moment
Breaking: A key witness in the sex trafficking case against Matt Gaetz has pleaded guilty. In exchange, he has promised to fully cooperate with prosecutors. His attorney told The Daily Beast that he has been cooperating against Gaetz.…
Florida Shock Jock in Matt Gaetz Circle Pleads Guilty
@_leeeets | 1,657 followers
Que mulher insuportável, mano
🐣: i saw a video edited using my voice while pulling a dog which was thought to be dalgom, i was really disappointed to see it. he's not dalgom. i think im upset & sad to see the edit. its really my voice but not the one pulling it. pls dont do that again
@NICKIMINAJ | 23,672,241 followers
@UOLNoticias | 4,197,843 followers
Gasolina cara: por que conta alta no posto também é culpa sua
Gasolina cara: por que conta alta no posto tambm culpa sua
@_______matilde | 895 followers
Tão lindo fazendo o pãozinho dele
@NCTsmtown | 8,388,063 followers
pergunta polêmica: qual a diferença entre pegar itens de graça na amazon e saquear caminhão tombado?
@ColorsTV | 3,392,353 followers
.@kkundrra ne khela hai yeh game poori shiddat se. Kya unka #BBRewind laaya aapke bhi chehre par smile? 💖

Dekhiye #BiggBoss15 tonight at 10.30 PM only on #Colors.
โควทภาพศิลปิน​ khh​/ k​ r&b / kindy ที่​สุดเท่​ ฟิลแฟนทิพย์​ หน่อยฮับ​ 😘
@bipsluvurself | 6,628,811 followers
Age shaming disgustingly ,then saying sorry..beyond pathetic !If this is a winner for anyone or a role model it’s truly sad.If you are insecure attack your man who makes you feel insecure instead of pulling other women down #biggboss15 #shameful
@TeletubbiesHQ | 66,442 followers
Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po thought the #SuperTunaChallenge was smooth like butter and had to give it a try themselves 🐟

#SuperTuna_Jin @BTS_twt
@thenovatar | 15,061 followers
🚀Build your Twitter NFT identity (@TwitterBlue) with Novatar

👩‍🎤Novatar → 25k limited collection of NFT 👶 avatars that will grow up & transform into adults keeping basic genes present at the start!

⚡️The Novatar. Dare to be different⚡️

#thenovatar #NewProfilePic #nftpfp
Gaming Organization「ZETA DIVISION」ta1yo加入記念!
#ta1yo のサイン入りRGB Build PC 新モデル、または、サイン入り色紙を🎁

@zetadivision@LEVEL_INF をフォロー
② 本キャンペーンツイートに #ta1yojoin を付けて引用RT


@PopCrave | 861,633 followers
D.A.R.E. slams HBO's #Euphoria for “glorifying” drug use and addiction among teenagers.

meu novo despertador
@cavousf5 | 155,240 followers
"Je ne veux fermer la porte de l'hôpital et du soin à personne : mais il faut être allié avec la responsabilité qui permet à tout le monde d'en bénéficier."
Covid-19 : les non-vaccinés doivent-ils bénéficier des soins gratuits ? @MartinHirsch s'interroge.

@disclosetv | 822,507 followers
NEW - Trudeau says the "small fringe" trucker convoy on the way to Ottawa does "not represent the views of Canadians."

@dw_sports | 76,644 followers
FIFA president Gianni Infantino appears to suggest a two-year World Cup would help prevent refugees from fleeing to Europe.
@athalapm | 619 followers
qrt n rt this tweet
you must get 100rep 120rt 150likes
in 24 hours (jika list winners blm penuh)
di kirim random 1/10
so this ga for 10 winners

(yg menang ga saldo boleh ikut, tapi kalau ga pc sudah pernah menang kali ini ga boleh dulu ya, buat yg lain dulu)
@carrusel | 370,592 followers
‼️ Gianni Infantino acaba de defender así el Mundial cada dos años: "Tenemos que dar esperanza a los africanos para que no tengan que cruzar el Mediterráneo para poder tener una vida digna. Tenemos que darles oportunidades"

Vía @Ignacio_Marcano

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We are currently investigating a widespread API outage and are working to resolve this ASAP. More details on our status page:
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न्योता मुझे नहीं, उन +700 किसान परिवारों को दो जिनके घर आपने उजाड़ दिए!!
@_ravenboo | 1,650 followers
มีคนเล่นอันนี้ยังอ่ะ โควทโมเม้นท์โก๊ะๆ or ตลกๆ ของ SEVENTEEN กัน 🖖🏻
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🎟️ Ticket Sales
- Early Bird: 31/01/22 - 18/02/22.
- Tickets are available at limited quantity.
🎫 MCP Members will have designated Priority Seats in all sections.
อยากรู้ประโยคเด็ดจากคู่ชิปที่ทำให้คุณโดดลงเรือ คือประโยคไหน มาแชร์กันหน่อยค่าา ด้อมไหน ประเทศไหนก็ได้ // ถ้าแป้กจะลบ ;-;

ส่วนของเราชอบประโยคนี้มาก "ถ้ากลัวผีก็มานอนห้องพี่"
@MonesNFTs | 18,157 followers

👉Join at…
🏆 Prize pool: 99,500 $MONES for 3,050 winners
📅 End date: Feb 15, 2022

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#Airdrops #airdropalert
Mones Airdop
@TonyKhan | 261,728 followers
He has arrived! @DanhausenAD is ALL ELITE!

#AEWDynamite #BeachBreak
@meral_aksener | 5,008,848 followers
Yaptırdığım Kovid testim pozitif çıktı.
Eşimle birlikte bir hafta boyunca karantinada olacağız.

Çok şükür ikimiz de iyiyiz, kimse merak etmesin.

Karantina sonrasında milletimizle buluşmaya kaldığımız yerden devam.
@tamcohen | 37,709 followers
In other news, emails just published by ⁦@CommonsForeign⁩ re the Afghan evacuation refer to the PM giving personal authorisation for the Nowzad animals to be evacuated.

This was denied by No10 spokesman.
@ENHYPEN | 4,474,131 followers
@Lakers | 10,510,497 followers
Family is Forever 🖤
Em SP, a nova moda da cidade sem praia é: barzinhos com areia! Haha

Sim, as pessoas vão pra ficar com pé na areia, a maioria até de chinelo, os camarotes são uns bangalôs, mas tem guarda-sol tbm haha
@Luhcomentta | 10,444 followers
Eslô: não venha mais não que eu sou uma cobra visse

Kkkkkkkkkk socooooorro, ela é tudo

@ARanganathan72 | 540,197 followers
This is totally unacceptable. Police in Guntur just arrested a man for unfurling the Indian flag and raising Vande Mataram slogans at the Mohammed Ali Jinnah Circle, on #RepublicDay .

Are we in Pakistan, @ysjagan?
@ygent_official | 8,342,445 followers

✅2022.02.15 6PM

I’m going crazy thinking about you
네 생각에 난 미쳐가

@ygent_official | 8,342,759 followers

✅2022.02.15 6PM

I can’t stop this burning heart
불붙은 이 감정 멈출 순 없어

@NCTsmtown | 8,387,864 followers
𝐇𝐀𝐄𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐍 𝐏𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭🎧 새벽이라서, 함께

#NCT127 #NCT
@RebelNewsOnline | 265,020 followers
Prime Minister Trudeau says the "small, fringe minority" on their way to Ottawa "hold unacceptable views" and are undermining the rights, freedoms and values of Canada.

See more:
@disclosetv | 822,563 followers
NEW - FDA asks the court to delay the first 55,000 page production until May and #Pfizer reportedly moves to intervene in the lawsuit.…
@LiamPayne | 34,715,765 followers
@akunyakul | 101,594 followers
nct dream boyband nganjuk
@peachy8n | 666 followers
qrt with the most embarassing winner moment

#WINNER #위너 @yginnercircle @yg_winnercity
@chaninyebat | 347 followers
coba dong mau liat idol klian yg pernah bikin tiktokjelek itu
@Littles1126 | 2,555 followers
What’s y’all favorite/funniest “white” sitcoms? Without saying Office, Seinfeld & Curb.
@iceyseraph | 481 followers
your pfp is holding you, do you trust them?
@powapowa_DKDK | 3,020 followers
Speaking from Ottawa this afternoon, the PM describes #freedomconvoy2022 participants as a ‘small fringe minority’ expressing ‘unacceptable views’ that don’t represent the views of most Canadians
@kyodo_official | 320,577 followers
大阪「みなし陽性」導入へ - 医療機関受診せず自宅療養…
@iampinglacson | 50,888 followers
Boy Abunda interview: VP Leni on Sen Ping - “Maraming salita pero kulang sa ‘on the ground’ na gawa”.
Translation: Hindi ako kulang sa ‘on the ground’. Hindi lang talaga ako ma-epal tuwing magbibigay ng tulong sa mga kalamidad man o sa mga indibidwal na tulong.
@sistahoppet | 2,845 followers
mdrrrrrrrrrrr omg c’est pire que l’autre
#京都フルーツ大福 果寿庵😆💕




@nypost | 2,395,818 followers
Fauci says children younger than 4 will get three does of COVID vaccines
@CNBCnow | 717,035 followers
BREAKING: Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire, @NBCNews has learned
@BillKristol | 949,042 followers
Straightforward from here.

June 30: Court overturns Roe.

July 1: Breyer resigns, says Court “needs aggressive progressive justices.”

July 4. Biden picks Harris for Court. Harris resigns as VP.

July 5. Biden picks Romney as VP, says national unity needed for the world crisis.
@disclosetv | 822,443 followers
JUST IN - Denmark no longer classifies COVID-19 as a "socially critical disease," all restrictions will be lifted from February 1 - PM Mette Frederiksen
@btsbaragi_jk | 52,687 followers
220126 Jungkook on IG
@DikenComTr | 1,327,350 followers
Erdoğan: Benim açıklamalarım Sezen Aksu’ya değildi. Sezen Aksu, Türk müziğinin önemli bir ismidir. Şarkılarıyla insanımızın duygularına tercüman olmuş bir sanatçıdır…
@nacoswap | 5,838 followers

🎁 Prize Pool More Than $100.000
👥 For 10.000 First User valid complete the task, and 10.000 Random user

For Detail task please check this Form
Hurry Up 😍😍…

#NACO #Airdrop #NFTGiveaway #BSC $NACO
@NBCNews | 8,796,820 followers
New York City could see between 2 inches and 20 inches of snow this weekend.
Nasty nor'easter could slam the Northeast & New England this weekend
@_shorshor | 34,874 followers

Ghanaian teachers: Believe you me.
@disclosetv | 822,564 followers
JUST IN - U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire (NBC)
@BamBam1A | 9,597,345 followers
뭐하냐 @jaybnow_hr
@UrbanAsian | 17,511 followers
Who will win #BiggBoss
@le_Parisien | 2,919,454 followers
Aux Etats-Unis, la nageuse transgenre Lia Thomas crée la polémique. La raison ? Elle explose tous les records ⬇️
@OL | 2,112,257 followers
L’Olympique Lyonnais dément catégoriquement les fausses informations diffusées par de nombreux médias faisant état d’un accord entre Newcastle et l’OL pour le transfert du milieu de terrain international brésilien Bruno Guimaraes.…
L'OL dment tout accord avec Newcastle
@ShannonBream | 533,887 followers
Multiple sources tell me Justice Breyer was not planning to announce his retirement today. They describe him as "upset" with how this has played out. We still await any official notice from his office and/or the #SCOTUS public information office.
Ian Blackford makes a point about millions of people being dipped into poverty & this is how the Tories respond when Johnson makes a fat joke. If this doesn’t sicken you, there is something deeply wrong with you.
@fazilsaymusic | 563,987 followers
Naçizane, sevenimiz sevmeyenimiz bir çift söz etmek isterim.İlki şu;
“Yamuk ağızlı Fazıl”.
(Bu benim kırıldığım alındığım bir şey değildir.)
Ben tavşan dudak doğumluyum.(3 dudak)
4 ameliyatım var.
Yine de; Görüntü tam düzelmez.
Gerçek bu.
Fiziksel olarak durum bu.
@Independent | 3,654,743 followers
BREAKING: Blasts of flashing radio waves coming from nearby object in space…
Blasts of flashing radio waves coming from nearby object in space
@jenhab | 30,511 followers
.@SenFeinstein doesn't see a rush to confirm a Breyer replacement:
“With six months until Justice Breyer departs the court, the Senate Judiciary Committee will have ample time to hold hearings on President Biden’s nominee."

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