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@Fenerbahce | 7,922,366 followers
🎶 Gel Gündüzle Gece Olalım... 🎶⏳
@MesutOzil1088 | 25,766,879 followers
🎶 Gel Gündüzle Gece Olalım... 🎶⏳
@moodfullsun | 14,337 followers
โควทคลิปไอดอลที่หัวเราะแซ่บ หัวเราะนัวอร่อย จนแบบต้องหัวเราะตามหน่อย5555555555555555555
@Loews_Hotels | 47,213 followers
We are horrified and opposed to the events at the Capitol and all who supported and incited the actions. In light of those events and for the safety of our guests and team members, we have informed the host of the Feb. fundraiser that it will no longer be held at Loews Hotels.
อยากเห็นอันนี้จัง 👉 โควททวิตหน้าปกมังงะที่ชอบที่สุด
@PopCrave | 642,525 followers
What's the best bridge you've heard in a song? 🎶
@NikkiHaley | 675,429 followers
Time to face the harsh reality, socialist Bernie Sanders will become the chairman of the Sen Budget Committee. He has vowed to use his position to enact his progressive agenda on healthcare, climate, infrastructure spending, & cutting defense spending.
@jimsciutto | 472,617 followers
New: US Capitol Police arrested a Virginia man as he attempted to pass through a police checkpoint in downtown Washington Friday with fake inaugural credentials, a loaded handgun & over 500 rounds of ammunition, CNN reporting.
@Colon56N | 560,027 followers

@Queerty | 133,418 followers
Orthodox rabbi warns COVID-19 vaccine will make you gay…
@tularosaax | 3,495 followers
grown men really let a football match ruin their day LOOOOOOOL
@ZekeJMiller | 250,570 followers
Pence in CA: "This is the first administration in decades not to get America into a new war."
@JoshLekach | 25,872 followers
We are so screwed.

He has no idea where or who he is sometimes.
@Breaking911 | 798,530 followers
BREAKING: Biden camp plans early legislation to give citizenship to 11M illegal aliens; the bill would provide no stepped-up immigration enforcement or border security measures - LA Times
@thepinkmatrix | 4,208 followers
army twt can we have an intellectual discussion like what's your favorite bts production on a song, instrumental wise 👁 for me it would have to be outro tear, autumn leaves, and tomorrow ☝🏽 i'm not choosing just one btw
@beomgyubabybear | 3,411 followers
how rare is your birthday??
@DrewHLive | 119,563 followers
Caravan from Honduras busting through Guatemala Border in route to the USA

@WhoresofYore | 451,494 followers
1930s Advert for Spenser Corsets
@mattgaetz | 864,414 followers
Liz Cheney should not be the Chair of the Republican Conference.
SEVENTEEN tells all!! Who was the last person to pull an all-nighter? When was the last time someone accidentally forgot the lyrics? Who was the last person they hugged? Watch and find out! @pledis_17 #SEVENTEENxKELLY
@iqrarulhassan | 4,646,682 followers
India VS Pakistan
See Pics Of #JanShatabdiExpress With Vistadome Coaches Shared By PM Modi…
@washingtonpost | 17,253,754 followers
Misinformation dropped dramatically the week after Twitter banned Trump
@Lesdoggg | 1,379,038 followers
Don’t know who this dude is but he broke that shit DOWN!! Listen especially the ones that need to hear it!!
@SecPompeo | 3,067,283 followers
This isn't the Cold War. This is something different. The China threat is already within our borders.
@JAYBDEF___ | 519,829 followers
Have a good day. best friends🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
In reply to @Lundo__
ladies... do you like chest hair on a man?
@Lundo__ | 8,275 followers
Replying to @Lundo__
what was the biggest lie you believed as a kid?
@joshtpm | 355,432 followers
“Madame Speaker, I have constituents outside this building right now ...” Rep Boebert just before storming of the Capitol.
@DouglasEmhoff | 794,875 followers
I'm so incredibly honored and humbled to be the first @SecondGentleman of the United States. As we countdown to Inauguration Day, I've been doing my homework—and looking to the past for inspiration.
@ArianaGrande | 81,164,752 followers
can we stay up all night fuck a jet lag ☁️👼🏼 @DojaCat
@MeidasTouch | 555,990 followers
Breaking: Beginning Monday we are going up on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News with this ad. We will not let Trump off the hook. Please retweet and make sure as many see it as possible.
@BreitbartNews | 1,533,216 followers
Joe Biden vowed that, on his first day in office, he will begin removing any legal recognition of the two sexes by adopting pro-transgender polices.
Joe Biden Day 1: Order on Transgender Rights in Sports and Bathrooms
Une triste réalité 💆🏾‍♂️
ถ้ายั่วยุให้เกิดจราจล ให้คนลุกขึ้นสู้ด้วยความรุนแรงตอบโต้ความรุนแรงจากรัฐ สิ่งที่จะได้คือความฉิบหายของประเทศ

एक संत जिन्होंने अपना सम्पूर्ण जीवन समाज के कल्याण और उत्थान में लगाया ,

शिकागो में 1993 में (1893 में विवेकानंदजी के 100 साल बाद) हिंदू धर्म की ध्वजा फहराई ,

हिंदुस्तान में पाश्चात्य संस्कृति के पैर नहीं जमने दिए..

क्या आप जानते हैं वो संत कौन हैं ?
@akshaykumar | 40,333,796 followers
बहुत खुशी की बात है कि अयोध्या में हमारे श्री राम के भव्य मंदिर का निर्माण शुरू हो चूका है...अब योगदान की बारी हमारी है l मैंने शुरुआत कर दी है, उम्मीद है आप भी साथ जुड़ेंगे l जय सियाराम 🙏🏻
@TheJordanRachel | 181,016 followers
If you want $15 minimum wage, don’t complain when your Taco Bell order costs $38 for a burrito.
@jonathanchait | 200,483 followers
Axios has some spectacular reporting on Trump's plan to steal the election. Read it all, but this bit was especially incriminating:…
@IfeKiisha | 1,906 followers
So I preached Christ to my Uber driver today. A Muslim but he payed attention to every word I spoke, he was just looking at me through his mirror..Like why would this young fine girl be carrying Jesus on her head like this🤣
I’m so glad I was able to plant the seed in his heart
@BamBam1A | 7,331,769 followers
Replying to @JAYBDEF___
are you real?
@BamBam1A | 7,334,566 followers
Replying to @JAYBDEF___
opps...wrong jb
@JAYBDEF___ | 520,945 followers
Replying to @jbjyp
갓세븐 제이비 jb 포카 양도 받아요.. 진짜 암 거나 다 받으니까 일단 디엠 주세요 제가 시세를 몰라서 먼저 제시해주세요
@JAYBDEF___ | 520,821 followers
Replying to @buyselltradej
Lesbian Sugar Mamma’s Exist? 😭
@kyledcheney | 141,981 followers
JUST IN: Remember zip-tie guy in the Senate, Eric Munchel? The FBI just arrested his mom, Lisa Eisenhart, who accompanied him.…
@lancometh | 7,624 followers
ยินดีต้อนรับคุณคริส พีรวัส @kristtps และ คุณสิงโต ปราชญา @stjinx_maya ในฐานะแขกคนพิเศษของลังโคม

พีรญาเตรียมตัวให้พร้อม เพราะตอนนี้ลังโคมพร้อมมากที่จะพาทุกคนมาเป็นส่วนหนึ่งของงานสุดพิเศษ เร็วๆนี้

@XXL | 3,544,577 followers
Bow Wow performing in Houston last night
superior ship dynamic
@JenniferJJacobs | 385,999 followers
On 1st day, Biden will rescind travel ban on several Muslim countries, rejoin Paris climate accord, extend pandemic limits on evictions and student loan payments, and order agencies to figure out how to reunite children separated from families at border.…
Biden Seeks Quick Start With Executive Actions and Aggressive Legislation
@thehill | 4,088,596 followers
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: "I have demanded the resignations of Sens. Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, along with many others."
@UncleGulag | 2,140 followers
2020: The year the media memory holed.
In reply to @JAYBDEF___
@JAYBDEF___ | 512,928 followers
Replying to @BamBam1A
@BamBam1A | 7,331,551 followers
Replying to @JAYBDEF___
ahha~ too scared to reply brother?😂
@ShamsCharania | 1,099,505 followers
New Pacers guard Caris LeVert will be out indefinitely after an MRI revealed a small mass on his left kidney.

Kontol bapak kau tumbuh di jidat
@ripcobainn__ | 6,073 followers
Replying to @666deathrash
catet omongan gw. gw bakal kejar lu sampe mampus.
@zaynmalik | 30,330,570 followers
Yo who’s listening?
@disclosetv | 360,797 followers
NEW - Thousands of migrants from Honduras and Guatemala heading to the United States less than a week before the presidential inauguration. Countries in Central America have ramped up their border controls

@BamBam1A | 7,333,933 followers
Replying to @JAYBDEF___
okay sorry i'm out
@SecPompeo | 3,066,044 followers
The CCP conducted espionage from its diplomatic facility in Houston, Texas? We closed it down. Not gonna happen on our watch.
@Olivianuzzi | 340,082 followers
Madison Cawthorn compares himself to “a Harry Potter or a Gandalf.” He says there’s “no limitations” on your power as a member of congress — “aside from what the Supreme Court will allow you to do.”…
@whindersson | 19,795,546 followers
Descarregando em Manaus 60 respiradores pra 6 hospitais, 10 pra cada um, quem está filmando é meu segurança pessoal, mandei pra Manaus pra garantir que nenhum arrombado desvie os aparelhos, hj em dia está difícil confiar. Deus por nós e ninguém a cima do povo 🙏🏼
@famima_now | 3,125,153 followers


@famima_now をフォロー
②#ファミマの大豆ミート商品食べたい をつけて引用RT

@wolfblitzer | 1,684,009 followers
There's very disturbing breaking news here in Washington. @CNN reports U.S. Capitol Police arrested a Virginia man with fake inaugural credentials, a loaded gun and over 500 rounds of ammunition. I'm anchoring special @CNNSitRoom coverage today 3-7PM ET.
@alertes_news | 1,930 followers
Un concert géant à eu lieu à Clermont-Ferrand
@RyanAFournier | 990,572 followers
Amazon banned Parler, but allowed people to buy this shirt from their website.

@MuvaofGotti | 12,760 followers
Yo who is he talkin to like this?!!!😭
@LegionHoops | 501,075 followers
James Harden really finessed all of us.
@latimes | 3,772,638 followers
Breaking: During his first days in office, President-elect Joe Biden plans to send legislation to congress that would provide a pathway to citizenship for 11 million immigrants who are in the country without legal status.…
Biden plans early legislation to offer legal status to 11 million immigrants without it
@JFNYC1 | 56,428 followers
Happening now in NYC. BLM and Antifa clashing with NYPD.

🍫🐰ちょこらび ONLINE LIVE 2021開催決定‼︎🍫🐰




#ちょこらび #ちょこらび無観客ライブ
@plutovenom | 2,200 followers
She copied X whole flow-
@treasuremembers | 1,287,549 followers
짜자잔!!초롱초롱 준규입니다🤩
오늘 트레저 메이커분들이랑 재밌는 얘기도 하고 서로에게 힘이 되는 말도 해주고 너무 좋았어요🥰 또 보고 싶어요 사랑해🥰🥰🥰
@meenaharris | 365,662 followers
4 days until we can officially say MADAM VICE PRESIDENT AUNTIE
@DareBear1226 | 2,395 followers
This could literally save a life. Save a family. My god
@Acyn | 112,636 followers
Jordan: This cancel culture is dangerous. It’s the most dangerous thing going
@FormulaTV | 323,413 followers
Telecinco anuncia el estreno de 'La isla de las tentaciones 3' para la semana del 18 de enero
@Mediavenir | 818,471 followers
🎶 FLASH - Record sur #Spotify : la chanteuse Olivia #Rodrigo a atteint les 100 millions de streams en 8 jours, avec sa chanson "drivers license". Elle bat la performance d'Ariana Grande avec "7 rings" qui avait dépassé les 100M après 9 jours. (via @spotify_data) #OliviaRodrigo
@IngrahamAngle | 3,720,209 followers
.@RandPaul: One-third of Republicans will leave party if GOP senators go along with convicting Trump.…
@_bbaddd | 8,120 followers
If A Bitch Keep Popping Up In A Nigga Life.. What That Mean?
@Atletico | 2,165,660 followers
Time grande sobe!
In reply to @BamBam1A
@BamBam1A | 7,330,142 followers
Replying to @JAYBDEF___
the infinite imagination of the capitalist is truly something to behold
@Mscathygonzaga | 4,539,300 followers
Anong pwede na? Tapos na!😅
In reply to @Mscathygonzaga
Congrats to my bunso! Pwede na maputokan 🤧
@sza | 4,111,325 followers
Kali Uchis might be the first cancer woman outside of my mother to treat me w the utmost nurturing kindness 🥺... I love cancers ? Lol 💗👑✨
@UFCEurope | 470,813 followers
"I'm the best boxer in the UFC!"

🎤 @BlessedMMA with the in-fight commentary! Have you ever?! #UFCFightIsland7
@mommy_pinty | 37,499 followers
Replying to @Mscathygonzaga
Congrats to my bunso! Pwede na maputokan 🤧
@IvankaTrump | 10,280,000 followers
We are proud to announce a new whole-of-government human trafficking website with federal resources for victims, current funding opportunities, public awareness and training efforts and information on survivor leadership.…
@B20e | 573 followers
I'm an ER Nurse in Seattle. Last night @SeattlePD officers came to the ER to obtain a statement from an assault patient. One officer, Eric Whitehead, blatantly refused to put a mask on while standing in a high-traffic hallway. There were covid positive pts in nearby rooms. 1/
@julienazarian | 6,693 followers
@HamletVIP | 13,061 followers
Todo atacados por el concesionario Ferrari, que el más barato cuesta 300.000$

Pero hasta un perrocalentero de plaza Venezuela trabajando dignamente puede comprárlo

Hay uno al que voy siempre y vende más de 1000 perros al día c/u 1$ en 10 meses ya se puede comprar el Ferrari.
@D0GB0YDREAM | 2,566 followers
can u let women enjoy ONE thing ?????
@BarbaraComstock | 20,880 followers
Matt Gaetz should not be a Member of Congress.
Liz Cheney should not be the Chair of the Republican Conference.
@kylegriffin1 | 1,079,480 followers
Protesters gathered outside Republican Madison Cawthorn's district office, demanding his removal from office, citing his role in the January 6 rally before the mob stormed the U.S. Capitol.
@RexChapman | 1,131,039 followers
Can’t stop laughing.

“That’s between you and him.”
@BamBam1A | 7,334,442 followers
alot of good news about my twitter today
thank you for all the love💚
have a Skrrt day☺️
@BomboclaatThis | 57,697 followers
@_MohAkatsuki | 4,326 followers
Loin d’être le plus beau mais celui ci c’est trop grave l’insolence.
In reply to @SomHiBarcaa
- Le plus beau but que vous ayez vu ?

1/17 #尖閣諸島は天気予報 と
1/13 海保発表・チャイナ公船による尖閣諸島周辺海域接近状況をお知らせします!


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