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@Mattel | 186,905 followers
MIC Drop, ARMY! 🎤For the first time ever, we're thrilled to show you the line of #BTSxMattel fashion dolls! Take a look at V, SUGA, Jin, Jung Kook, RM, Jimin and j-hope as dolls inspired by the Idol music video! 💜😍#BTSDollsOfficial @BigHitEnt
@RahulGandhi | 9,034,297 followers
Today is a historic day..

It is on this day that the Congress party launched its final assault on poverty.

5 Crore of the poorest families in India, will receive Rs. 72,000 Per Year

#NyayForIndia is our dream & our pledge.

The time for change has come.
@MichaelAvenatti | 858,084 followers
Tmrw at 11 am ET, we will be holding a press conference to disclose a major high school/college basketball scandal perpetrated by @Nike that we have uncovered. This criminal conduct reaches the highest levels of Nike and involves some of the biggest names in college basketball.
#รวมเดือนซีรีส์วายไทย ใครเป็นคนเอามารวมกันได้คือเก่งมากๆ ได้ชมเมื่อไหร่ คือปังแน่

-ยังไม่เปิดเผยชื่อเรื่องใดๆ รอติดตามต่อไป…
@senatemajldr | 842,230 followers
No collusion. No conspiracy. No obstruction. It’s good news that we can conclusively set aside the notion that the president and his team had somehow participated in Russia’s interference in our electoral process.…
'No Collusion, No Conspiracy, No Obstruction'
@RahulGandhi | 9,035,104 followers
कांग्रेस की नयी पहल
बेहतर भारत! बेहतर कल!

न्यूनतम आय योजना (न्याय) देगी देश के 5 करोड़ सब से गरीब परिवारों को सालाना 72,000 रुपए।

सबको न्याय, सबको सम्मान
नहीं बनने देंगे दो हिन्दुस्तान!

@realDonaldTrump | 59,337,708 followers
“The Special Counsel did not find that the Trump Campaign, or anyone associated with it, conspired or coordinated with the Russian Government in these efforts, despite multiple offers from Russian-affiliated individuals to assist the Trump Campaign.”
@Corona_Futbol | 247,916 followers
¡Se va la ÚLTIMA playera de @miseleccionmx! 🤩🇲🇽
¿Eres capaz de escribir más tuits con la palabra GOL y el HT #CoronaMeLleva?
¡Demuéstralo y GANA! Da RT a esta publicación y envía todos los tuits que puedas por el jersey que todo México quiere.
@PressSec | 3,837,841 followers
Mueller Madness! Which of the angry and hysterical @realDonaldTrump haters got it most embarrassingly wrong? #YouDecide
@realDonaldTrump | 59,338,813 followers
@realDonaldTrump | 59,336,140 followers
“Breaking News: Mueller Report Finds No Trump-Russia Conspiracy.” @MSNBC
@realDonaldTrump | 59,338,870 followers
Today, it was my great honor to welcome Prime Minister @Netanyahu of Israel back to the @WhiteHouse where I signed a Presidential Proclamation recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Read more:…
@ygent_official | 5,072,462 followers

✅ 2019.04.05

 #블랙핑크 #제니 #KILLTHISLOVE #YG
@realDonaldTrump | 59,337,617 followers
WSJ: Obama Admin Must Account for ‘Abuse of Surveillance Powers’… via @BreitbartNews
@thehill | 3,225,691 followers
Sarah Sanders: "They literally accused the President of the United States of being an agent for a foreign government. That's equivalent to treason. Thats punishable by death in this country."
@realDonaldTrump | 59,335,478 followers
“No matter your ideologies or your loyalties, this is a good day for America. No American conspired to cooperate with Russia in its efforts to interfere with the 2016 election, according to Robert Mueller, and that is good.” @BretBaier @FoxNews
@PrisonPlanet | 940,077 followers
Best Russian collusion collapse memes in this thread please.
@zaynmalik | 28,233,318 followers
thanks for all the love & support on this the last 3 years ❤️❤️
@hellohonne | 115,819 followers
@AnnCoulter | 2,137,640 followers
No collusion and no wall. I’d prefer collusion and a wall.
@jonathanvswan | 178,585 followers
The Trump campaign is sending this memo to TV producers:
@SenSchumer | 1,735,824 followers
I just asked for the Senate to pass a resolution to make public the full Mueller report.

This same resolution passed the House 420-0.

But @SenateMajLdr McConnell just objected.

What are they trying to hide?


1時間やりますよ(´ω`っ )3✨

@RepSwalwell | 482,256 followers
The only person who has been caught lying about Russia is Donald Trump. If he thinks I’ve made a false statement, he can sue me. And I’ll beat him in court.
The Trump campaign is sending this memo to TV producers:
@perezreverte | 2,025,187 followers
Que se disculpe él, que tiene apellidos españoles y vive allí. Si este individuo se cree de verdad lo que dice, es un imbécil. Si no se lo cree, es un sinvergüenza.…
Lpez Obrador pide al Rey que Espaa se disculpe por los abusos de la conquista
@arzuerdemDB | 98,322 followers
İnanmak başarmanın yarısıdır. İnandık başaracağız... Azimle, kararlılıkla ve inançla... #DevletBahçeli #MHP #Bolu #Göynük
@TheNotoriousMMA | 7,533,724 followers
Hey guys quick announcement, I’ve decided to retire from the sport formally known as “Mixed Martial Art” today.
I wish all my old colleagues well going forward in competition.
I now join my former partners on this venture, already in retirement.
Proper Pina Coladas on me fellas!
@IlhanMN | 792,673 followers
Over and over again, we have seen Trump stoke white nationalism with his words and actions. His racism and bigotry knows no bounds.
Hate crimes reportedly jumped by 226 percent in counties that hosted Trump campaign rallies
@MTanal | 312,498 followers
#HalkınOtobüsü Eyüpsultan'da. Hem halkımızla buluştuk, hem de sivil toplum kuruluşlarını ziyaret ettik. #Hedefİstanbul diyoruz, artık değişim zamanı.
@politico | 3,783,766 followers
But after the nearly two-year investigation found no collusion or clear obstruction of justice, Trump and his aides showed little interest in healing or national unity
Trump begins post-Mueller 'reset' by attacking Democrats, media
@benshapiro | 2,027,176 followers
What are the odds Hillary is arrested by end of day?
@CNN | 41,600,728 followers
Special counsel Robert Mueller found that no one in the Trump campaign conspired with the Russian government in 2016 -- but Democrats are not ready to accept that finding
Democrats not yet ready to conclude there's no Russia conspiracy
@CillizzaCNN | 666,530 followers
"Trump may have created the environment in which someone like Avenatti could be taken semi-seriously as a presidential candidate. But Avenatti's fall also proves there is only one Donald Trump out there."
How Michael Avenatti's flash-in-the-pan celebrity perfectly fit Trump's Washington
@sngxbrs | 3,391 followers

Zirveninİsmi ElçinSangu
@HillaryClinton | 24,293,353 followers
Two realities we must confront:
1. Climate change won't just affect the coasts.
2. Climate change is a national security issue.…
Floods show national security threat posed by climate change
@carlaangola | 2,377,602 followers
¿Quiénes sin luz y desde qué partes de Venezuela? Si pueden poner hora y lugar. 👇👇
गरीबी पर सबसे बड़ा वार होने जा रहा हैं। कांग्रेस पार्टी न्यूनतम आय योजना- न्याय- लेकर आई है।

देश के सबसे गरीब 20% परिवारों को गरीबी से बाहर निकालने के लिए हम हर साल 72,000 रुपए देने जा रहे हैं।

सबको न्याय सबको सम्मान।

कांग्रेस अध्यक्ष राहुल गांधी ने ऐलान किया है कि उनकी सरकार आई तो ग़रीबों के खाते में सीधे पैसे आएँगे. मने खाता नया खुलवाना होगा या ‘मोदी जी वाला’ ही चलेगा?
@MaryamNSharif | 5,050,019 followers
Tomorrow is bail hearing. I earnestly request all MNS lovers & supporters to take a moment to connect with ALLAH SWT & pray for MNS. Never underestimate the power of a heartfelt prayer. This is the best we can do for him tonight. JazakAllah 🙏🏽🤲🏼
@peckpalit | 1,010,644 followers
#เป๊กผลิตโชค ไปต่อครับ ...
@SaraCarterDC | 640,328 followers
John Brennan Pulls a 180 on @MSNBC: Says He Might Have Received Bad Information | #MuellerReport (VIDEO)…
@weareoneEXO | 5,079,028 followers
첸 CHEN The 1st Mini Album ‘사월, 그리고 꽃 (April, and a flower)’

🎧 2019.04.01. 6PM (KST)

#첸 #CHEN #엑소 #EXO #weareoneEXO #사월_그리고_꽃 #April_and_a_flower #사월이_지나면_우리_헤어져요 #Beautiful_goodbye
@lopezobrador_ | 5,391,306 followers
Estamos en Comalcalco, vamos a Centla a conmemorar 500 años de la batalla de los españoles contra la resistencia de los mayas-chontales.
@Sabah | 1,926,441 followers
Seçime bir haftadan az bir süre kala toplum mühendisleri yine devrede! Bir televizyon kanalında yayınlanan Güldür Güldür isimli programda yaklaşan 31 Mart seçimleri hedefe alınarak yapılan algı operasyonu tepki çekti.
@brianstelter | 632,861 followers
There's been so much solid reporting about the Trump-Russia mystery, but the media ecosystem tends to reward speculation over straight news. Are there ways to change this?
After Mueller report findings, Team Trump plans to 'slam and shame the media'
@ChadPergram | 95,407 followers
Freshmen House Democrats departed the Capitol on buses moments ago for a meeting in Washington with President Obama
@SenKamalaHarris | 688,585 followers
Great to meet today in my office with California AIPAC leaders to discuss the need for a strong U.S.-Israel alliance, the right of Israel to defend itself, and my commitment to combat anti-Semitism in our country and around the world.
@peckpalit | 1,010,644 followers
#เป๊กผลิตโชค หิวววว
@MeekMill | 7,433,000 followers
I wanna do a big ass show in Africa!!!
@CarlosBolsonaro | 1,026,676 followers
As pessoas que querem Bolsonaro longe das redes sociais sabem que é isso que o conecta com o povo, já que não tem mídia a seu favor. Foi isso que garantiu sua eleição, inclusive. Em outras palavras, o querem fraco e sem apoio popular pois assim conseguiriam chantageá-lo.
@weareoneEXO | 5,079,060 followers
#HappyXIUMINDay 🎂🎉
#190326 #EXO #엑소 #XIUMIN #시우민
@greta | 1,204,333 followers
I don’t think putting gasoline on a fire is smart. Regardless of what HRC did or did not do, she is out of politics and the nation needs to move forward not be stuck in the past. I worry more about the now and the future for my fellow Americans than the past.
These people need held accountable for their TREASON! Who are you working for exactly??

月末 おふざけ動画
29 大事なお知らせ
31 そらまふゲーム配信朝までSP

初旬 オリジナル曲投稿①
下旬 オリジナル曲投稿②


@jairbolsonaro | 3,833,903 followers
Battisti, "herói" da esquerda, que vivia colônia de férias no Brasil proporcionada e apoiada pelo governo do PT e suas linhas auxiliares (PSOL, PCdoB, MST), confessou pela 1ª vez participação em 4 assassinatos quando integrou o grupo terrorista Proletários Armados pelo Comunismo.

💢Comenta: Bangtan tus reyes, hoy y siempre @BTS_twt

↪ 5k comentarios💜
↪ 200 👍
↪ 200 🔁

Recuerden hacer stream a DNA💪

@jairbolsonaro | 3,833,833 followers
- @alexandregarcia destaca que grande parte da mídia, com mais agressividade, busca tornar o Governo Jair Bolsonaro, eleito pelo voto popular, em algo ILEGÍTIMO.
@TeamPelosi | 246,016 followers
What is he trying to hide? #ReleaseTheFullMuellerReport
#BREAKING: McConnell blocks attempt to make full Mueller report public
@DonaldJTrumpJr | 3,438,659 followers
While this was a great vindication for @realDonaldTrump & our family, it was an equally amazing day for all of his incredible supporters who stood by him faithfully despite a #fakenews media & Democrat onslaught the likes of which has never happened in our history. Thank you all!
@RandPaul | 2,462,208 followers
Time to investigate the Obama officials who concocted and spread the Russian conspiracy hoax!
مسابقة حلقة الليلة لتربحوا 500 دولار كاش أو بطاقة سفر تقدمة vip travel
أرسلوا الاجابة الصحيحة عبر هاشتاغ #طوني_خليفة
@brianstelter | 632,863 followers
CNN prez Jeff Zucker: "We are not investigators. We are journalists, and our role is to report the facts as we know them, which is exactly what we did."…
@WayV_official | 372,997 followers
[TEN Weibo Repost]
现在的累是为了以后 和你~

#WayV #WeiShenV #威神V
#TEN #李永钦
@sterling7 | 1,666,358 followers
Best way to silence the haters (and yeah I mean racists) 🙉😘 #2019 #getsomeeducation
@Twitter | 56,020,693 followers
Have you ever
@jguaido | 1,789,389 followers
Régimen quema medicina y comida, no puede ni mantener electricidad, no hay agua y habla de Victoria?

Venezuela triunfará cuando vuelva normalidad del abrazo en familia, el vivir dignamente de nuestro trabajo y tengamos servicios

¡Venezuela Gana con el cese de la usurpación!
@darrengrimes_ | 32,250 followers
Just crossed the border from Italy into Switzerland, not a bother, it’s almost like it doesn’t have to be. Somehow. It’s almost like it’s not beyond the wit of man.
♡ すとすた ♡
@epigmenioibarra | 391,122 followers
AMLO tiene razón
Aunque les duela a muchos
Ya va siendo hora de devolverles sus espejitos
La conquista y la colonia implicaron el exterminio de los pueblos originarios de Mèxico y un saqueo despiadado
Lo menos que debe hacer el rey de España es pedir perdón por esos crímenes
@NCTsmtown | 2,150,027 followers
노래 너무좋다...@ 라이브로 들으면 더좋은데 힣힣
-콘서트에서 헤어나오지 못하는 1인

#NCT #NCT127
@Nashgrier | 6,915,636 followers
She said yes 😭
I’ve lost so many friends since revealing that I’m a Trump supporter.

I’ve been hit, spit on, harassed, and shamed by my peers.

But you know what? It’s alright.
Because I know I’m on the right side of history.

Who’s with me?
Herkes bu tweet altında en sevdiği Elçin Sangu fotoğraflarını bıraksın .

👉[Dört fotoğraflar atalım etiketi unutmayın...]

Elçin Sangu Zeynep Tunç
#ElçinSangu | #ZeynepTunç | #Çarpışma
@ShawnMendes | 21,447,471 followers
Torino 🌸💙





@billboard | 7,153,217 followers
Which K-pop release are you most excited for in 2019? Vote here:
@RealJamesWoods | 2,076,000 followers
How did God create this dog and Adam Schiff in the same world?
Kira2 ada yang belum pernah menang GA sama sekali?!
@satoniya_ | 214,870 followers










@DonaldJTrumpJr | 3,438,607 followers
Good news for my friend @MichaelAvenatti, if you plead fast enough, you might just get to share a cell with Michael Cohen! #basta
@DonaldJTrumpJr | 3,438,670 followers
Christmas came early this week.
BREAKING: The Pentagon has notified Congress that it has authorized the transfer of $1 billion to begin new wall construction along the US-Mexico border
@LindseyGrahamSC | 777,483 followers

Holding a press conference today at 11:00 am in the Senate Radio-TV Gallery to discuss the Mueller Report.
@Mattel | 186,852 followers
V: "I'm facing a new me again today..." 🎵💜 #BTSDollsOfficial #BTSxMattel
@SwetaSinghAT | 1,400,626 followers
मुफ़्त में बहुत कुछ मिलता है। पर आत्म सम्मान कभी फ़्री नहीं मिलता। राष्ट्र के लिए रोज़गार या भत्ता?
@Camila_Cabello | 8,082,528 followers
mi persona favorita. @AlejandroSanz y yo ❤️sale este jueves y estoy muy emocionada 🌹
@DonaldJTrumpJr | 3,438,787 followers
True but #memes are also quite effective. 🤣🤣🤣
Truth is generally the best vindication against slander. — Abraham Lincoln
@NCTsmtown | 2,149,997 followers
오늘만큼은 시즈니가 되어볼게욬ㅋㅋ💚-젠

@StormyDaniels | 931,824 followers
My statement regarding my former attorney Mr. Avenatti..
@DebatAlRojoVivo | 496,025 followers
Los últimos mensajes con respecto a los medios de comunicación de Vox y de Podemos están más cerca de lo que cabría esperar. La muestra, en este vídeo.
El vdeo que prueba la cercana entre Pablo Iglesias y Santiago Abascal en su discurso contra los medios




@StevenTDennis | 95,332 followers
JUST NOW: McConnell blocks Schumer measure calling for Mueller report to be made public
2. The 'Grand Wizards' (the new name for the Chequer's daytrippers apparently) also had another meeting this morning, were they discussed again whether they could get on board to back PM's deal and there was no firm conclusion
@bbclaurak | 961,033 followers
Replying to @bbclaurak
just catching up on timeline, for avoidance of doubt, couple of insiders told me using the nickname informally, no intended connection to anything else
@ATEEZofficial | 218,662 followers
[#홍중] In New York🌃
#ATEEZ #에이티즈
@babidewet | 137,990 followers
Que show de kpop vocês ainda gostariam de assistir esse ano aqui no Brasil??

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