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There is nothing that I would want more for our Country than true FREEDOM OF THE PRESS. The fact is that the Press is FREE to write and say anything it wants, but much of what it says is FAKE NEWS, pushing a political agenda or just plain trying to hurt people. HONESTY WINS!
#1 26,991 96,406
“I’d strip the whole bunch of them. They’re all corrupt. They’ve all abused their power. They’ve all betrayed the American people with a political agenda. They tried to steal and influence an election in the United States.” @seanhannity
#2 25,963 94,752
#3 19,592 80,470
“WE’RE NOT GOING TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, IT WAS NEVER THAT GREAT.” Can you believe this is the Governor of the Highest Taxed State in the U.S., Andrew Cuomo, having a total meltdown!
#4 31,252 111,084
The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, is dead. She was a great woman, with a wonderful gift from God, her voice. She will be missed!
#5 20,324 100,303
“John Brennan is a stain on the Country, we deserve better than this.” Former Secret Service Agent and author of new book, “Spygate, the Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump,” Dan Bongino. Thank you Dan, and good luck with the book!
#6 22,376 83,222
“Hillary Clinton clearly got a pass by the FBI. We have the unfortunate situation where they then decided they were going to frame Donald Trump” concerning the Rigged Witch Hunt. JOE DIGENOVA, former U.S. Attorney.
#7 22,083 82,967
The Boston Globe, which was sold to the the Failing New York Times for 1.3 BILLION DOLLARS (plus 800 million dollars in losses & investment), or 2.1 BILLION DOLLARS, was then sold by the Times for 1 DOLLAR. Now the Globe is in COLLUSION with other papers on free press. PROVE IT!
#8 12,537 47,747
#BTS #방탄소년단 #LOVE_YOURSELF 結 'Answer' Concept Photo L version
#9 330,074 673,677
💿2018 09 03


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#10 90,507 129,251
Thank you for the kind words Omarosa!
Guess she forgot about these tapes…
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7,367 15,660
#11 14,273 47,108
Our Economy is doing better than ever. Money is pouring into our cherished DOLLAR like rarely before, companies earnings are higher than ever, inflation is low & business optimism is higher than it has ever been. For the first time in many decades, we are protecting our workers!
#12 17,238 69,333
Mark Levin “When they had power they didn’t stop the Russians, the Chinese, the North Koreans, they funded the Iranians & are responsible for the greatest scandal in American history by interfering with our election & trying to undermine the Trump Campaign and Trump Presidency.”
#13 27,180 88,897
#BTS #방탄소년단 #LOVE_YOURSELF 結 'Answer' Concept Photo F version
#14 322,257 674,920
#BTS #방탄소년단 #LOVE_YOURSELF 結 'Answer' Concept Photo F version
#15 329,143 680,535
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#16 4,887 21,042
#17 4,856 29,959
#BTS #방탄소년단 #LOVE_YOURSELF 結 'Answer' Concept Photo L version
#18 319,557 662,845
What older songs do u guys wanna see live??
#19 2,077 31,062
نتيجة مباراة منتخب كرة الماء اليوم مؤسفة، ولا تمثل المملكة لا مستوى ولا نتيجة...
ما حدث لن يمر، وستتم محاسبة المتسبب، فمن يمثل الوطن يجب أن يكون في مستوى المسؤولية..
أخاف أنكم ناسين الحارس بس !!
#20 5,595 6,541
अटल जी आज हमारे बीच में नहीं रहे, लेकिन उनकी प्रेरणा, उनका मार्गदर्शन, हर भारतीय को, हर भाजपा कार्यकर्ता को हमेशा मिलता रहेगा। ईश्वर उनकी आत्मा को शांति प्रदान करे और उनके हर स्नेही को ये दुःख सहन करने की शक्ति दे। ओम शांति !
#21 23,228 73,849
FIRST TIME 24.08.18
#22 10,416 20,556
मैं नि:शब्द हूं, शून्य में हूं, लेकिन भावनाओं का ज्वार उमड़ रहा है।

हम सभी के श्रद्धेय अटल जी हमारे बीच नहीं रहे। अपने जीवन का प्रत्येक पल उन्होंने राष्ट्र को समर्पित कर दिया था। उनका जाना, एक युग का अंत है।
#23 23,116 62,330

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#24 227 664
Great @Cabinet meeting today at the @WhiteHouse!
#25 6,310 28,695
[#셔누] 이제곧갑니다ㅎㅎㅎ
#26 21,783 66,249
أبو فارس القطري 🇶🇦
هذا التصويت مفتوح للجميع ويحق لكل عربي أو تركي التصويت عليه، ولن يُحذف مهما كان السبب .. أرجو التصويت بكثافة على السؤال

من هو زعيم الأمة الإسلامية بنظر أغلب المسلمين ؟
#28 6,461 6,116
Loveee everything @TheVampsband are doing atm!
#29 16,556 97,520
Ang mga kantang pasok sa ating #DyisIsItManila Countdown ngayong araw, August 16, 2018.
#30 509 1,136
Aretha helped define the American experience. In her voice, we could feel our history, all of it and in every shade—our power and our pain, our darkness and our light, our quest for redemption and our hard-won respect. May the Queen of Soul rest in eternal peace.
#31 93,382 364,015
The truth...
#32 295 852
34311 shikshamitras who appeared in entrance test,7224 have qualified which is good, praiseworthy.Parishad shall b coming with another advertisement soon.My advise to them is to start preparing for exam immediately with firm resolve.They have potential to clear it
#34 520 1,538
Guess she forgot about these tapes…
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#35 7,367 15,660
“We’re not going to make America great again. It was never that great.” - ⁦@andrewcuomo⁩. Wow. I am speechless about this, and it takes a lot to make me speechless.…
Andrew Cuomo shocks crowd, says America 'was never that great'
#36 11,441 26,356
Ainsley Earhardt proudly remembers the time that the United States "defeated communist Japan," proving we are truly a Great country.
#37 3,891 11,191
I just wanna make you happy
#38 4,522 25,332
Programming Note:

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon will join Ari Melber for his first-ever MSNBC interview this Friday at 10pm ET.
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#39 1,021 3,283
The press is not the enemy of the people. The press is the enemy of the powerful, unaccountable and corrupt. The unjust, unethical, and dishonest. The bully, the blowhard. The cover up, run around and false pretense. Let’s be clear: that’s made the press the enemy of one person.
#41 13,142 39,938
.@RealDonaldTrump: What you say would be 'great again' would not be great at all...We will not go back to discrimination, segregation, sexism, isolationism, racism or the KKK.

Like NY's motto says: Excelsior -- Ever Upward (not backward)
“WE’RE NOT GOING TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, IT WAS NEVER THAT GREAT.” Can you believe this is the Governor of the Highest Taxed State in the U.S., Andrew Cuomo, having a total meltdown!
31,252 111,084
#42 1,730 5,573
Defeating traffic is the ultimate boss battle
#43 10,363 78,170 troye is BACK
#45 6,014 44,842
I sincerely appreciate the well wishes on my birthday! I'm blessed to be surrounded by my family and friends today, but I really wish that the 500+ children who remain separated from their families could be reunited with their parents to celebrate their birthdays.
#46 13,690 81,429
Zrobię #100pytan
#47 15 9
This genuinely sad. In too many ways.…
#48 7,429 14,992
so #RealFriends is coming out tonight and I wanted to post a special tour diary that we made for the NBTS tour, it made me emo watching it, i mean every word with all my heart. you guys are forever my real friends 💛 click on the link to watch it:
#49 10,342 36,474
1,329 2,074
#50 2,089 4,566
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4,887 21,042
#51 1,114 4,372
So in peace Aretha Franklin ❤️
#52 11,856 71,322
Qué tal chicas 😘
#53 1,573 5,011
#54 12,172 64,363
Good story about something that matters & people actually care about: President @realDonaldTrump is transforming our nation’s courts for generations to come
A reminder here that the real news isn't always a splashy headline. "The Senate already has installed 24 appellate judges since Trump was sworn in, the highest number for a president’s first two years in office."
5,172 6,859
#55 5,339 20,887
Pergunte curiosidades da minha vida pra gente comemorar TRES MILHOES PAULA AMORIM
#56 486 1,166
Allen (Resistance Through Writing)
Okay, I honestly DO NOT CARE if this causes me to lose followers.



He's not a Democrat and will hurt ANY chance of securing a Democratic victory in 2020.

Oh yeah, HE IS 76 YEARS OLD!

We need a VIABLE 2020 candidate, not him.
#57 7,375 32,564
I hate when I type “haha” and accidentally start it with an a like “ahaha”
#58 4,691 42,009
the only proper way to eat popcorn is to grab a handful and try to eat it all at once
#59 4,232 23,245
Labour MP Dame Margaret Hodge has told Sky News that the "cult of Corbynism" has allowed anti-Semitic attitudes to emerge
  · TweetDeck · en
129 215
Replying to @SkyNewsBreak :
Dame Margaret Hodge has told Sky News she felt the same fear her father would have felt when he was fleeing Nazi Germany when she found out Labour had opened disciplinary proceedings against her
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#60 234 348
Ngayong gabi! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ #VMHammermanOnTV
#61 1,665 2,957

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#62 20 10
In case someone forgot! 👑🌈😂🔥💃🏾🍷🎂♥️🇲🇦#birthday #magic #Marakesh
#63 5,666 22,039
Siz kime Amerika’yı anlatıyorsunuz? Siz kime anti-emperyalizmi anlatıyorsunuz? Biz emperyalizme kafa tutan, milli mücadeleyi gerçekleştiren ve milli ekonomiyi kuran partiyiz.
#64 2,883 26,532
last sleep without having shared the sweetener chapter with u yet
#65 9,264 73,582
쬐끔 스마일 ☺️

#NCT_C #CelebFIVE #MusicCore
#NCT #수트시티 #셀럽파이브
#66 23,758 55,125
YIAY question! You have the power to spy on anyone and anything you want. How would you use it?
Use #YIAYspy so I can find ya
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#67 112 5,010





#69 2,180 2,038
This is the most extreme form of project fear yet, these people are an absolute disgrace.…
#70 1,717 3,959
sɹnoɥ ɹnoɟʎʇuǝʍʇ
#71 9,662 41,383



#72 4,691 24,082
I have N50k that is protesting in my pocket, so I will let it go. Will give 5 happy folks N10k each. RT the photo, then reply with a FUNNY caption beneath the photo. Will pick winners on Monday. Add #DGTrends to your caption. Let’s go 😎 | I celebrate you @official2baba ❤️🇳🇬
#73 2,237 2,808
ok I’m too excited to wait till Friday. #RealFriends coming out midnight ET. 💛
#74 8,963 37,954
Amazing that she can still find new ways to remind us how her election debacle saved the country from disaster.…
Hillary Clinton Backs 11-Year-Old for Kneeling During Pledge of Allegiance | Breitbart
#75 8,235 22,092
❀ Ronda de votos masivos para Kimberly número 43 ❀

• Comenta 150 veces los hashtags.
• Y si conoces alguien que no sepa de los votos masivos dile que se una y sumamos más votos.❤️💪🏼

META: 2,400 respuestas

#KCAMexico #KimberlyLoaizaTrendy
#76 38 38
Conquer The Storm with the Norse and Sunshine & Rainbows Gear.

Available now!
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#79 1,340 17,794
literally nothing is happening relax love u
#80 5,716 49,053
Thank you for watching #VMHammermanOnTV. 🙏🏻⚡️
#81 1,784 4,957
I’m going to be taking a break from Twitter for an unspecified amount of time. I have issues to work on and out that will take my full concentration and attention. Don’t wory I’ll be back stronger than ever. Keep me in your prayers and I’ll keep y’all in mines. Thanks God bless👍
#82 3,520 15,031


2,586 20,578
#83 2,117 18,523






#84 3,713 17,506
Oh no...
Qué tal chicas 😘
1,573 5,011
#85 1,907 7,212
Don’t worry if your A level grades aren’t any good. I got a C and 2 Us. And I’m sitting here deciding which of my Range Rovers to use today
#86 40,495 153,574
Saw some new faces/fans today at the airport. Love meeting new #CNCOwners ❤️
#87 1,948 7,552
Another day, another racist asshole in Pennsylvania

This racist white man repeated call a black man the N-Word countless times and the a better at him

The control the black man had is unbelievable

Twitter do your thing, but we think you can't shame him
#88 5,875 4,732
Mmmm, I miss you guys 🤗🙈
#89 1,366 6,248
Rudy Giuliani told Bloomberg News, "If [Robert Mueller] doesn't get it done in the next two or three weeks we will just unload on him like a ton of bricks."
  · SocialFlow · en
#90 498 556
YIAY challenge! Fill in the blank: I'm a 90's kid and I love ____.
Use #YIAY90 so I can find ya
#91 67 1,868
Lest there be any doubt, the President lays bare that he is punishing Brennan for doing his job to protect the nation from Russian interference.

Just as with the firing of Jim Comey, the President made clear the official justification is just a pretext — in this case, revenge.
Trump explains to WSJ why he acted against Brennan today and threatened the same for others:

“I call it the rigged witch hunt, [it] is a sham,” Mr. Trump said in an in­ter­view. “And these peo­ple led it!”

He added: “So I think it’s some­thing that had to be done.”
4,337 9,377
#92 7,800 18,629
I'm on the cover of @coupdemain's new issue out next month . Pre-order my zine here:
  · Media Studio · en
#93 10,963 45,725
Trump explains to WSJ why he acted against Brennan today and threatened the same for others:

“I call it the rigged witch hunt, [it] is a sham,” Mr. Trump said in an in­ter­view. “And these peo­ple led it!”

He added: “So I think it’s some­thing that had to be done.”
#94 4,337 9,377
Uuyyy! Na-miss yata nila ang isa't isa!

  · Sprout Social · en
#95 287 336
Life is one big funhouse at a cheap carnival! This is a visual that will haunt my nightmares for years to come...…
#96 9,608 20,659




#97 3,216 12,911
#98 6,886 99,910
is this the moon or a banana
#99 2,170 18,053
#100 1,404 12,546

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