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@Braves | 1,397,347 followers

@Dodgers | 2,357,907 followers
Thank you, fans.
[#츄 / #Chuu] 오빛🥰 생일 축하해 줘서 고마워요🥺💕 너무 큰사랑을 받구 있네요

#이달의소녀 #LOONA
@Dodgers | 2,357,924 followers
FINAL: Braves 4, #Dodgers 2
@Braves | 1,397,345 followers
2021 National League Champions!

#BattleATL | #KillTheNarrative
@skizforstay | 22,703 followers
[211024] 📷🦊 12:31 PM



Me hice la permanente en el cabello hahahaha
@pledis_17 | 7,880,990 followers
[NEWS] #준 이 텐센트 <Super Novae Games(超新星运动会)>에 출연할 예정입니다. 많은 기대 부탁드립니다.
@MLB | 9,336,194 followers
For the first time since 1999, the @Braves are in the World Series!
@SportsCenter | 38,274,439 followers
What an effort from the Dodgers 👏

Another incredible season for LA.
@espn | 37,732,172 followers

Who ya got?!
@choi_bts2 | 1,612,718 followers
j-hope is on Weverse 1024

It's concert!!!!!
But my face is puffy..

@MLB | 9,336,171 followers

The @Braves have won the NL Pennant and are moving onto the World Series! #CLINCHED
@ISU_Figure | 98,379 followers
🏆 Medalists for the Pairs at the ISU GP Guaranteed Rate Skate America 2021 in Las Vegas, USA:

🥇 Tarasova / Morozov
🥈 Miura / Kihara
🥉 Boikova / Kozlovskii

🔗 Detailed Results:

#GPFigure #FigureSkating
@SportsCenter | 38,274,421 followers

The Braves are headed to their first World Series in 22 years!
@yjnbbl | 19,794 followers
[💭] 211024 ★ 12:30PM KST

hello ㅎㅎㅎ
i permed my hair ㅎㅎㅎㅎ
@nasukoB | 84,814 followers
74日目 維新
@almostdita | 109,698 followers
K!5W3 C3O is already following people who shared l1nk5 😭

🐿 its the concert <today> !!!!!
but <my face> is puffy..
@MLB | 9,336,172 followers
Welcome to New Atlanta.
@AnthonyZ1O | 82,339 followers
Chilling with the fam 🤍
[#츄 / #Chuu] 오빛🥰 생일 축하해 줘서 고마워요🥺💕 너무 큰사랑을 받구 있네요

#이달의소녀 #LOONA
Replying to @loonatheworld
[#츄 / #Chuu] 오빛 덕분에 힘이 불끈불끈 나는 느낌을 받아요💗 생일 브이앱도 꼭! 찾아올게요🤙🌈 #이달의소녀 #LOONA

Se ha registrado una canción a nombre de Taylor Swift y Ariana Grande en ASCAP.

@Zeniiet | 272,671 followers
Sumeru. We move
@haruharu_w_bts | 976,773 followers
211024 / 12:58PM KST
it’s the concert <today>!!!!! <aegyo>
but <my face> is puffy.. <aegyo>
@mansehao | 12,197 followers
211024 #JUN weibo update
“Hand painted star torch relay
The competition is endless, and you are born to win! I am Wen Junhui, an athlete of the Guangdong team, and I can only win by fighting hard. #手绘家乡星火炬大赛 #超新星运动会”
@thesnlnetwork | 3,199 followers
SNL NETWORK EXCLUSIVE: #SNL will welcome #KieranCulkin as it's host when it returns on November 6th
@SportsCenter | 38,274,439 followers

(via @MLB)
@Braves | 1,397,351 followers
Your 2021 NLCS MVP: @EddieRosario09!

@nbcsnl | 3,216,351 followers
Kieran Culkin!! Ed Sheeran!!
@MLB | 9,336,188 followers
The #WorldSeries is set.

Who ya got?
In reply to @loonatheworld
[#츄 / #Chuu] 오빛 덕분에 힘이 불끈불끈 나는 느낌을 받아요💗 생일 브이앱도 꼭! 찾아올게요🤙🌈 #이달의소녀 #LOONA
Replying to @loonatheworld
[#츄 / #Chuu] 정은이랑 찍은 사진은 두 번째를 또 기다려 주세여!! 다 올리구 시푸잉‼💕 #이달의소녀 #LOONA
@BlakeHarrisTBLA | 27,090 followers
In the biggest game of the season, Mookie Betts, Corey Seager and Trea Turner are 0-for-11
@MeruMonst | 427 followers


⌇13:00〜16:00st 7戦 最低5戦

⌇主催枠@4 5戦なら@2

⌇16人st 猛者❌❌



⌇詐欺🍐 実績は@MeruMonst固ツイ!!


@MeruMonst のdmへ

#昼デュオリレー #デュオ #昼デュオ #デュオリレー
@astros | 1,589,042 followers
Ready for war.

@Saalbahri | 15,368 followers
لن تكسرنا الحياة ، سوف نبتسم رغم كل شيء ، وليمضي هذا اليوم كما قُدّر له أن يكون ، راضين بحكم الله عزّ وجل .
@IMPACTWRESTLING | 603,105 followers
@_takekino_ | 61,584 followers
@BravesOnBally | 136,808 followers

[YT] Live de #JENNIE embarcando hoje no aeroporto de Incheon, Coreia do Sul!


@mansehao | 12,198 followers
#JUN will be participating in Super Novae Games #超新星运动会 as a representative for Guangdong team alongside with other stars as well!! @pledis_17
211024 #JUN weibo update
“Hand painted star torch relay
The competition is endless, and you are born to win! I am Wen Junhui, an athlete of the Guangdong team, and I can only win by fighting hard. #手绘家乡星火炬大赛 #超新星运动会”
@KNBR | 110,324 followers
Uma CPI criada para perseguir nosso PRESIDENTE.
Senador Marcos Rogério mostra ao povo os absurdos desta CPI.
Apoio na divulgação;
CASA DO ALCOÓLATRA – para quem quer ou precisa paralisar com o alcoolismo
(31) 3454.74.69 (31) 9.8813.74.69

@hibi4567 の通知オン

@Cats777Japan のフォロー!

10/31 23:59 〆
#企画 #プレゼント企画
#配布 #PayPay #懸賞
#プレゼント #ギフトカード
#paypay #ギフト
@charts_k | 1,137,795 followers
j-hope on Weverse

It’s concert [time]!!!
But [my face] is puffy/bloated..

*written cutely
@wanstgrm | 34,337 followers

First photos at new SM 📸

@RVsmtown #RedVelvet #레드벨벳 #Wendy #웬디 #Queendom
211024 · 12:50:42 KST
@balonnyasar | 31,131 followers

hai ㅎㅎㅎ



aku perm rambutku ㅎㅎㅎㅎ
@Saalbahri | 15,373 followers
للتنبية هالحساب منتحل شخصيتي ويلعب ع المتابعين الله لا يوفقه 👇🏿👇🏿
@miiniyoongs | 220,572 followers
[211024 J-hope Weverse Moment]

🐿 it’s the concert!!!!! but <my face> is puffy..
@Eldaelfrida | 167 followers
By men, not. No matter how good it may be
Go around best. I've

سِـيِّفُـيِّ M88
نِمَشٍيِّ BB
@AlecBenjamin | 418,416 followers
If I killed someone for you should be in the tv show “You”
@BravesOnBally | 136,808 followers
Instant legend.
@archivedNJ | 20,175 followers
@bbletter | 257,910 followers
America's team for the next week
@LaflareTMC | 449 followers
@UberFacts | 13,671,017 followers
The average American couple has sex for 69 minutes per week
@skizforstay | 22,708 followers
[211024] 💭🦊 12:33 PM

Qué opinas???? Hahahaha
@trailblazers | 1,456,400 followers
Norman Powell (left knee injury) will not return.
@BNightengale | 291,191 followers
Yes, Atlanta in 6.
@hanniebunbun | 3,894 followers
we're slowing down. remember we need to boost the views for us to get in inkigayo and win music shows. keep motivating each other we can do this carats!!! remember that cheol monitors the views and cheer us to stream the mv's make that as a motivation!! 🥰
@PutriSyafa01 | 159 followers
Say less. All humans are born again. I
TreesAnd the senses and intellectual interests are miles apart. Our value systems and

سِـيِّفُـيِّ M88
نِمَشٍيِّ BB
@HLDTour | 104,018 followers
Harry helping a fan come out!
#LoveOnTourUncasville #Night2

🎥: loutoinfinity
@PutriSyafa01 | 159 followers
Sentence, then lover and being disciplined physically and mentally. Why? Because
Writings interact aside and live with ashes. When something happens in our life

سِـيِّفُـيِّ M88
نِمَشٍيِّ BB
@spidadmitchell | 1,104,935 followers
Soon @Mets 🙏🏾
@ARMYTEAMIID | 383,020 followers
『Trans ID』

🐿: hari ini konserr!! tapi mukaku terlihat bengkak..

#방탄소년단 #BTS @BTS_twt
@Eldaelfrida | 167 followers
Net until chooses to feast, for my number, or a story about
Secure behind after Josh is like the

سِـيِّفُـيِّ M88
نِمَشٍيِّ BB
@BravesOnBally | 136,814 followers
The pennant-winning out.
There are a ton of great stories with Atlanta. Freddie Freeman. Eddie Rosario. Brian Snitker. Ozzie Albies. Will Smith not trending once yet this postseason. And especially Alex Anthopoulos and the sneaky-best deadline in a really long time. Awfully interesting series ahead.
@JeffPassan | 706,430 followers
Replying to @JeffPassan
The Dodgers went for it at the trade deadline and are going home early instead. They’ve got major free agents and other major questions. They’re still wildly talented and a financial behemoth, but they were set up to win and they lost to a team with 18 fewer regular-season wins.
@HablaDeportes | 38,697 followers
#JuniorHD "Me voy satisfecho, independiente del marcador, el equipo puso la cara. En el primer tiempo hubo personalidad, hacíamos un partido inteligente, pero en estos juegos los errores marcan": Fredy Hinestroza.
@TeletonOficial | 273,563 followers
@iQIYIph | 5,339 followers
Is this a look test or kilig test? 💚

Malapit mo nang mapanood ang #SayingGoodbye so download the #iQiyiPH app TODAY!


#SethDrea #KoDrea #ABSCBN
@BleacherReport | 10,181,036 followers
Party like it’s 1999 🧇🎉 @BRWalkoff

Braves are going back to the World Series for the first time in 22 years
@MLB | 9,336,196 followers
@MillosFCoficial | 1,751,491 followers
EL JUGADOR DEL PARTIDO 🎩✨⚽️Ⓜ️ @danielruizr10
@PeachTjapan2 | 39,371 followers

In reply to @127zencc
@127zencc | 362 followers
Replying to @127zencc
@spectatorindex | 1,889,928 followers
RESEARCH: While engagement with Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube and Messenger is associated with increased belief in coronavirus conspiracy theories, engagement with Twitter is linked with reduced belief in them.

(Source: New Media & Society journal)
@withyoumarktuan | 191,957 followers
211024 Tammy‘s IG Update

“Happy birthday to these two! @DorineTuan @linbea945…

#MarkTuan #段宜恩 @marktuan
#GOT7 @GOT7Official
@smpthrowbacks | 44,979 followers
12 months ago today! 10/24/20
➞ The DT & Karl teamed for MCC 11! Happy 1 year!
@hyuntext | 52,463 followers
211024 ✦ 💭🥟

hyunjin removed his background photo
@AP | 15,352,701 followers
BREAKING: Atlanta Braves beat Los Angeles Dodgers 4-2 in Game 6 of NLCS to advance to face Houston Astros in World Series.
@PutriSyafa01 | 159 followers
Matter most can't bear literary snobbery. There is always rewriting
Vision, action, quantify and be productive in every way, every

سِـيِّفُـيِّ M88
نِمَشٍيِّ BB
@hsdaily | 444,365 followers
“A bassist from Sweden…A musician with tiny wrists… This is Canyon Moon” - Harry talking about his bandmates tonight in Uncasville (via @tobesolon3ly)
@menjunfei | 24,568 followers
Tencent Super Novae Game weibo update with the Guangdong Team
@Eldaelfrida | 167 followers
Rarely win, weak: I give away a sparkle of my guilty pleasures and so
Legend when real world, alongside adults and other

سِـيِّفُـيِّ M88
نِمَشٍيِّ BB
@dylanohernandez | 39,878 followers
The Greatest Team Ever is eliminated.
@Cut4 | 1,028,648 followers
Having Their Way.

The @Braves are heading to the World Series!!!!!
@CassieLee | 614,946 followers
All I know is that every time I think I’ve hit my ceiling I go higher than I’ve ever 🤬 been 🏆✨

AND NEW! @IMPACTWRESTLING Knockouts Tag Team Champions!
@CanesFootball | 264,535 followers
Stronger than a Pack.
@BRWalkoff | 158,557 followers
The Dodgers are eliminated.
@FulmoreMinnie | 280 followers
Words penetrate no great poet, novelist or critic writing today and
Sat at Others could not be able to visualize it and demand your success. I’d

سِـيِّفُـيِّ M88
نِمَشٍيِّ BB
Replying to @GagnerStar
Jordan and Layla hive will be happy.
@FulmoreMinnie | 280 followers
Intense pain I'm done.
Them. Understand going Once we learn to

سِـيِّفُـيِّ M88
نِمَشٍيِّ BB
@barstoolsports | 3,123,502 followers
@sebyul | 172,652 followers
🐿 “[It’s the] concert!!!!! But [my face is] puffy..”
@Iccankmetalhead | 117 followers
It’s raining. be criticised for
Study leads status of a strange feeling as if it isn’t needed anymore.

سِـيِّفُـيِّ M88
نِمَشٍيِّ BB
@ASAPOfficial | 2,923,857 followers
ASAP Homies! Kaninong performance pinaka-inaabangan nyo? 😃 #celebrateASAP
@pavanForSSMB | 1,163 followers
TV lo add vaste ila untadi

SVP ki kuda nuvvu petina video ne petaru

Em luchAA gallu ra babu
@LusiPrisylia | 118 followers
Unbelief is to her, who made me
For fifty the so-called "secrets of success" will not exhaust all your might. You can

سِـيِّفُـيِّ M88
نِمَشٍيِّ BB

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