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لايك+رِتويت+ضيفني+سوي فولو من الرتويت،وآضمن لك اكثر من ١٥٠ متابع في ٣٠ دقيقة.•ضيفوا بعض.اقوى دعم
لاتنسى تضيفني🤟🏻❤️🔥🐆12
#1 1,441 1,139
aidy bryant
Who is Ariana Grande’s song “Pete Davidson” about? We investigate:
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362 1,358
#2 4,776 26,592
Do not fear, it is I, the man with the naruto profile picture who has been commenting on all of your posts. I’m here to run into your embrace, arms straight back cause it makes me go faster I swear.
#3 2,184 17,811
40 innocent children killed on a bus in Yemen.
Our ally.
Our missile.
Our crime.
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#4 1,859 4,506
obv stay in line, wait ya turn
#5 1,399 6,397

#6 728 508
Pobre mi estado físico me da la re lástima boludo
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#8 1,184 1,491
It’s crazy all people want is attention i can’t trip that’s all they was every round for can’t no bitch say they fucked on me come on now then i be honest
#9 780 2,368
What? Another #FreeStuffFriday? Damn straight.

101 lucky users chosen at random who quote and RT this tweet with their TSB18 username and the hashtag #LeftRightLeftRight before 4:20 PM ET today will win 4 Rivals Mystery Boxes!

Good luck!
#11 591 340
NYT doubles down, now claims anyone expressing any interest in Bruce Ohr is hostage to "conspiracy theory." And media wonders why it is so disliked and untrusted. Huh.
#12 930 1,733
I think I had this look on my face all day yesterday walking around Tokyo.... Such an insane and beautiful city
#13 761 4,227
Walk it Like I TALK IT 😇 !! First trip with my 🛩 with MY WOMAN !! Cotonu 🇧🇯 We on the way!! AIR OBO TOUCHDOWN!!
#14 591 2,008
can’t believe we’re still asking the question “did ur tattoos hurt?” in 2018.
#15 690 2,093
Vlog is coming soon and the gender will be announced in it 🖤 sorry for the wait we’re soaking in every minute of this amazing journey.
#16 603 4,807
Que ganas de un kilo de helado
#17 749 573
Neon Nights
#18 741 4,062
Bebés! SORPRESA 😏✨

Estamos muy emocionadas de mostrarles esto! Nos eligieron para hacer el video oficial de #Better de @ChantelJeffries en @Spotify ☀️✨⚡️💫⭐️

Esto era lo que estabamos grabando hace poquito sorpresa🌪🌈 👭

Vayan a escucharla como locos!!
.@ChantelJeffries recruited @calleypocheoffi for her new vertical video #Better 👭💕
Streaming now in the Pop Rising playlist.
  · Media Studio · en
573 1,555
#19 782 2,990
Bitch it’s Friday!!!! turn TF up!!!!
#20 480 1,117
RIGHT, who bloody did this?!
#21 629 2,221
Feio é desistir sem nem tentar.
  · Mobile Web (M2) · pt
#22 482 559
Did you know:

@realDonaldTrump has appointed and implemented 26 strong conservative appellate judges since his inauguration, the most of ANY President in US history in first 2 years in office

He is reshaping the judiciary for future generations, and its driving liberals mad.
#23 744 1,894
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar compared the National Anthem to slavery by saying it reminds him of the songs slaves were forced to sing.

How sad.

This guy proudly recited our anthem for the last 50 years, but now he wants to spit on the country that made him filthy rich by playing a game.
#24 688 1,752
Did this nigga just beat himself in rock, paper, scissors???
I finally beat him 😎
101 318
#25 727 1,894
#28 443 2,425
Eu tentando dar certo com alguém
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#29 567 734
People are shady as fuck I keep to myself but I feel the energy tho #TheFluteSong
#30 439 1,264
A year from now, everything you're stressing about won't mean anything
#32 461 961
U could have left but u stayed...u smart
#33 440 618
untouched by the veronicas is the greatest song in recorded history end of discussion
#34 478 2,107
How come Packers Fans love me!? 😂😂😂 Look at those smiles!
#35 394 3,629
tem umas pessoas q conheço a pouco tempo q já tenho mais intimidade do q gente q já conheço a um tempão
#36 580 448
Rep. Ellison just won the Democrat primary for Attorney General in Minnesota. I think he will do the right thing and resign.
Sen. Franken is scheduled to speak tomorrow. I think he will do the right thing and resign.
586 3,661
#37 481 956


RIP 😔👊🏻
#38 291 603
Back To School MERCH SALE! UP To 50% OFF!
Get ur NEW Long Sleeve 🔥FIRE🔥 Tees before they’re gone!

Choosing 20 RT’s tonight to send some all new merch to 🙌🏼
#39 317 670
cuidado pra você não vir no intuito de iludir e voltar apaixonado rs
#40 456 727
Just released the performance cut of WHAT I NEED. Cus WHY NOT?!? Love you @Kehlani
#41 456 1,591
Many many people are saying that traitor @DonaldJTrumpJr is going to be indicted soon.

RT and like if you can’t wait!
#42 478 677
Please retweet
John McDonnell’s son has been in touch to say he has never worked for Corbyn. Happy to put the record straight.
117 161
#43 315 363
أكثر الناس فرحاً بالهدية هو مشتريها، يسابق اللحظات ليرى أثرها، فلا تخذله مهما كانت.
#44 492 846
D-Wade is a real one
#45 352 1,772
Apareció en mi vida porque nos hacíamos falta. Él necesitaba una sonrisa que pusiera luz a su vida, y yo un corazón valiente que se quedara.
  · Indirectas · es
#46 416 1,146
Veda etmekten daha kötü bir şey varsa o da o anın veda ettiğin an olduğunu sonradan öğrenmektir.
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#47 287 3,294
Extreme Makeover: Drill Instructor Edition
EXCLUSIVE: Mullet Recruit is now officially Pvt. Mullet, having graduated from Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego on Friday

Here's what he looks like now
  · Buffer · en
78 235
#48 280 830
Se eu puder fazer por ti o que ninguém jamais fez por mim, eu faço.
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#49 310 394
Eis que já são 3 da manhã na festa da terrinha e começa a dar Xutos:
#50 470 618
كل واحد يصور اللي على جنبه يمين 😂
#51 415 288
مع بداية الموسم
جميع مباريات #الهلال #النصر #الاهلي #الاتحاد عليها سحوبات وهدايا ✌🏻
#52 417 253
Atatürk Havalimanı ısınmaya başladı!
Sen de gel...
#53 401 3,128
آج نجانے کیوں دل یہ چاہتا رہا کہ سپیکر خادم حسین رضوی کو ہونا چاہئے تھا۔۔
#54 304 1,369
mais um dia na minha vida que eu paro e penso: sei la mano
#55 271 357
can’t get you out of my head
#56 545 1,486
não imaginei que fosse me apaixonar tanto assim por você.
#57 436 734
- sos de llorar con facilidad?
- noo ni ahí
#58 371 1,017
Ahem, @SenBobCorker @SenatorCollins @JeffFlake? Seems like this is bad behavior and shouldn’t be rewarded with a lifetime position on the Supreme Court. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Significant development --

3 Senate Dems say they have new evidence SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh was not truthful under oath in 2006 confirmation.

This is the kind of thing that would be the end of the road in the Senate for many nominees to even minor jobs. But for SCOTUS?
20,172 35,170
#59 374 842
Find a better season opener i'll wait
#60 264 780
Long Live Jah
#61 284 1,500
#62 323 3,306
Reverência. Perseverança. Luta. Agradecimento. Gratidão. Obrigado a todos que me ajudaram até aqui. Que sigamos juntos por muito mais.
#63 326 892
I just heard the most cringe song of 2018🤢
#64 280 4,986
Por mais difícil que seja, nunca deixe de acreditar em dias melhores.
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#65 239 277
Alimler, müslümanları TL satın alarak ABDye karşı Türkiyenin yanında durmaya davet ediyor.Videoda, TL satın alan İslamabad Müftüsü Muhammed, Ümmet’i TL almaya çağırıyor. Bize İslam Birliği gibi bir nimet veren Rabbimiz, onu kuracak iradeyi de ihsan eylesin
#66 305 1,209
This kid been waiting for this moment his whole life 😂😂
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#67 288 884
🔁 Universo Marvel
❤ Universo Harry Potter
#68 389 301
guys just think this is only the soft launch... when you see what we have coming for launch #2 you’re gonna shit yourselves. It’s all custom pieces and they are literally so good and fresh it’s not even funny
#69 302 6,342
Angular momentum (University of Texas at Austin)
#70 325 1,065
Fourth biggest religion.....
#71 344 1,302
Next Tuesday, I’ll be speaking at @PressClubDC about my bold new plan to fundamentally change the way Washington does business. I’ll unveil sweeping anti-corruption legislation to eliminate the influence of money in federal government & ensure it works for working families again.
.@SenWarren to deliver major policy speech at #Headliners Newsmaker Tuesday
  · Hootsuite · en
1 4
#72 311 1,088
when Chance called himself Kanye’s best prodigy
#73 306 1,226
"I sing to the realists. People who accept it like it is"
#74 413 2,305
Queria tá assim com o menino que eu gosto
#75 365 1,075
#76 378 2,274
- Ca va toi en ce moment ?
#77 266 796
#FlashbackFriday to one of the greatest battles ever.
From 💥 to 💥💥💥💥💥, rate this fight! #DBZ #GokuvsFrieza
#78 236 984
I can’t believe authorities have destroyed the site of the Jihadi training compound in New Mexico.

They destroyed evidence. Why is the @fbi always covering for terrorists?

Makes you wonder...
#79 346 675
-. --- .--

We reached 15K followers...

This is to thank you.

  · TweetDeck · en
#81 218 200
This antifa site that has almost 28K @Facebook followers and almost 40K @Twitter followers is distributing a downloadable poster that encourages violence against @realDonaldTrump supporters.…
Antifa site distributes posters comparing Trump supporters to Nazis
#82 297 299
Imma be givin out some rare follows to whoever retweets this
It’s my birthday weekend.. so here’s a special NEW video. TRUTH or STRIP CHALLENGE 😏🔥
290 412
#83 192 392
Follow everyone who retweet it🎲
  · IFTTT · en
#84 162 476
As high school students return to school in the next few weeks, we are making sure everyone who turns 18 by Nov 6 is registered to vote. Be sure to do the same in your local communities!
#86 329 1,054
The team @LombardiCancer has just made a valuable database of brain cancer biomedical data freely available to researchers globally. We need efforts like this to advance progress against cancer.
#87 285 1,367
Para qué querían "recuperar a Bogotá"? Para aumentar la desigualdad social? Para aumentar la pobreza? Para aumentar la congestión?

Sólo les interesaba vender las empresas públicas y hacer negocios con lo público.
#88 308 821
42K 💪 🎉❤🎊
Let's get 50K fast enough...🔥🔥
#89 137 387
Dear tweeps

While others are sleeping lets help each other grow our accounts faster by following everyone who retweets and likes this tweet...
🍑please follow back those who follow you🍑
#91 139 323
Just sending a quick message to Neymar Jr Experience's users... These kids are talented and bold !
#njrxp #boldandjoy
  · Media Studio · pt
#92 248 2,269
"دائماً هُناك فرح مُختبيء ينتظر إستغفاراً ليظهر ."
#93 348 451
"Respondío a tu historia..." AAAAAAA ME ENCANTAAAA
#94 217 363
when I say include dark skinned people that means blacks, natives, Asians, and dark skinned latinas too. Since people love saying “BlaCK Pe0pLe önLy RePRèsEnT 12% oF dâ p0PuLatiOÑ, iTS cãLL3d m@rKeTiNg 🙄”

#95 295 1,339
Tea consumption per person (kg per year)

Turkey: 3.1
UK: 1.9
Russia: 1.3
Egypt: 1
Japan: 0.96
Saudi: 0.89
Australia: 0.74
UAE: 0.72
Germany: 0.69
China: 0.56
Canada: 0.5
Indonesia: 0.45
India: 0.32
US: 0.22
France: 0.2
Israel: 0.2
S Korea: 0.16
Italy: 0.14
Brazil: 0.01

  · TweetDeck · en
#96 340 772
- oi desculpa a pergunta, mas era vc que tava bebada louca naquela festa?
- ta desculpado
  · TweetDeck · pt
#97 266 536
Quem tem de 13 a 17 anos da RT nesse tweet

#99 185 251
عبدالمجيد عبدالله.
وأنا رغم ‌البُعد حبيتك أضعاف ‌حب القريبين ‌منك ."
#100 271 421

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