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@sanbenito | 2,150,673 followers
cuando alguien te ense帽a algo nuevo, nunca te olvidas de esa persona
@realDonaldTrump | 87,306,682 followers
Heading for Tucson. See you in a little while. Winning Arizona!
@vittorbarros | 103,317 followers
@Zendaya | 18,299,136 followers
We really missed them. Two special Euphoria episodes coming soon. First one December 6th on @hbo鈥
@taylorswift13 | 87,326,256 followers
Stunning and important. So much love and respect for @boniver
.@BRMadjv x For Wisconsin

Written by @aaron_dessner, @anaismitchell & Justin Vernon @boniver

It's called 'Latterdays' - it couldn't be more moving & poignant in this time.

Dear Wisconsin,
Vote early. Vote in October.
@DonaldJTrumpJr | 5,857,745 followers
The emails are real and Joe Biden is compromised.

Imagine how much more there is? Imagine what we would find if the media attempted to even look!!! #JoeKnew
@davido | 7,965,293 followers
After seeing all that鈥檚 gone on today I just want to say that from the beginning we have preached that the protest must remain peaceful & Law Abiding and as far as I know we have kept to that! And we will continue to keep to that so the narrative can NOT be switched up on us!
@ddale8 | 1,111,871 followers
I've fact checked Trump for more than four years. He has rarely before, if ever, had a period as comprehensively dishonest as this period right now:鈥
@alvxaro | 1,879,408 followers
@RyanAFournier | 1,090,371 followers
BREAKING: 50 Cent has just endorsed President Trump for President of the United States!鈥
BREAKING: 50 Cent endorses Donald J. Trump for President - The RFAngle
@KamalaHarris | 6,714,477 followers
Florida, it鈥檚 great to be back!
BREAKING: Hunter Biden associate鈥檚 emails reveal details of deal with fmr Moscow mayors wife to launder funds into the US in avoidance of sanctions, Devon Archer claimed firm received $200M - @OANN
Replying to @JackPosobiec
@maddow | 10,307,184 followers
"Auditor: Iowa misallocated at least $21 million in COVID-19 funds"

Iowa Republican Gov Kim Reynolds took federal COVID money and spent it instead on salaries for her own staff and a new accounting system.

State auditor now says she needs to pay it back.鈥
@Sen_JoeManchin | 202,514 followers
Please, Mr. President 鈥 have you no decency and respect? Dr. Fauci has served the American people for 6 administrations 鈥 both Democrats and Republicans. He has always prioritized the health and safety of the American people.
@dbongino | 2,536,096 followers
What else do the Chinese communists and the Russians have on Hunter Biden?
12 days today. 13 tomorrow. That鈥檚 enough time to destroy evidence, cook up stories/defence, and basically get their shit together. #EndSARS
After seeing all that鈥檚 gone on today I just want to say that from the beginning we have preached that the protest must remain peaceful & Law Abiding and as far as I know we have kept to that! And we will continue to keep to that so the narrative can NOT be switched up on us!
@davido | 7,965,294 followers
Replying to @davido
The people they claim broke into prisons to free convicted criminals, burn police stations to to steal weapons, damage police, government, & private vehicles are Criminals and everybody must condem these acts. They are not part of our movement !
@AOC | 9,106,354 followers
Is the plan to withdraw Barrett鈥檚 nomination?

Because if not, I鈥檝e got the world鈥檚 tiniest violin at the ready 馃幓
NEW from @washingtonpost鈥檚 @seungminkim: A half-dozen senators led by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) to release plan barring 鈥榗ourt-packing鈥
@RBReich | 1,068,658 followers
Once again, Trump brags about donating his $400,000 presidential salary.

Somehow he forgot to mention that his golf trips have cost taxpayers $141,000,000.
@DiamondandSilk | 1,457,532 followers
According to Hot New Hip Hop, 50 Cent Endorses President Donald J. Trump! Choo Choo...
Look at the video of that idiot threatening protesters in Abuja. Then, look at the TV stations that went there to put a microphone in his mouth. Some of them failed to report the views and wishes of folks protesting peacefully, but rushed to interview a basic lout. #EndSARS
@DonaldJTrumpJr | 5,857,709 followers
The same media that set their hair on fire every time a bogus Russia story came out is now ignoring evidence that the Biden crime family has been in bed with the Chinese Communist Party for years.
There are also still no denials from either Hunter or the Biden campaign about the authenticity of the emails
@NiggazWILIN | 730,690 followers
i want a GLOCK you hear that santa?? you big bitch
In reply to @davido
The people they claim broke into prisons to free convicted criminals, burn police stations to to steal weapons, damage police, government, & private vehicles are Criminals and everybody must condem these acts. They are not part of our movement !
@davido | 7,965,344 followers
Replying to @davido
#EndSars is a peaceful and law abiding protest that is going somewhere great! And no mischief can scatter it!
@Auntyadaa | 287,017 followers
They opened the prisons in Edo State to pin it on PEACEFUL protesters and discredit this movement. Pass it on. #EndSARS
@renoomokri | 833,415 followers
The last 5 years has been a hellish nightmare for Nigerians. As if hell opened and released a demon called @MBuhari to torment Nigeria. In just 2 years, he turned the world鈥檚 3rd fastest growing economy to the world capital for extreme poverty. We bind you hellish demon #EndSARS
@SympLySimi | 2,844,979 followers
Soro Soke because we go Apply Pressure!!!!! #EndSARS
Watch as Ambassador H Coomassie apologizes for his former comment on #EndSARS protests
@AlMosahf | 4,118,667 followers
賱賻丕 鬲賻丿賿乇賽賷 賱賻毓賻賱賻賾 丕賱賱賻賾賴賻 賷購丨賿丿賽孬購 亘賻毓賿丿賻 匕賻侔賱賽賰賻 兀賻賲賿乇賸丕
@50cent | 12,272,108 followers
馃憖WHAT THE F*CK! (VOTE ForTRUMP) IM OUT, 馃弮鈥嶁檪锔忦煉‵*CK NEW YORK The KNICKS never win anyway. 馃し馃徑鈥嶁檪锔廔 don鈥檛 care Trump doesn鈥檛 like black people 62% are you out of ya fucking mind. 馃槫
@GeraldoRivera | 380,325 followers
Notice how Zero Democrats are denying that the #HunterBiden computer is not his; or that the the information it contains is false. #MSNBC you are full of shit.
@SeanLangille | 6,686 followers
NEW: @MikeEmanuelFox obtains photo showing an alleged Hunter Biden signature on paperwork for the computer repair shop
@PopBase | 116,370 followers
BTS is the first act in history to simultaneously hold the #1 spot on the Global 200 & Global 200 Excl. US Billboard charts.
Joe Biden's last press conference was on September 30.

He took 6 questions.

Joe Biden has answered fewer questions than any other candidate for president in modern U.S. history.




@UnclePamilerin | 326,371 followers
Whosoever started sharing that ketu video is mad. This video is old....they are accident victims. Not #EndSARS protesters. Stay focused.
@catturd2 | 383,420 followers
No matter how bad your day is going - at least you didn鈥檛 zoom dick.
@maisa | 9,012,577 followers
Um dia espero ser adulta e gostar de caf茅 e cerveja
@JulianCastro | 531,468 followers
Polling in Texas shows Biden and Trump neck-and-neck. That鈥檚 38 electoral votes, a Senate seat, and a handful of congressional seats up for grabs.

Winning Texas would not only guarantee victory in 2020, it would remake the electoral map for generations. It鈥檚 a top priority.
@Mike_Pence | 5,423,988 followers
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have said time and time again that they want to BAN fracking.

Check it out for yourself:
@FeCastanhari | 7,225,051 followers
Inofensivo, n茅?
@TheRickWilson | 1,248,175 followers
Grandpa Ranty is having a bad week.
In reply to @atrupar
"You're a criminal for not reporting it. You are a criminal for not reporting it." -- Trump calls @jeffmason1 "a criminal" for not reporting on Hunter Biden's emails
@DephaseuR | 467,230 followers
@ddale8 | 1,111,875 followers
Trump's dishonesty is getting worse.

Friday to Sunday was one of his most dishonest 3-day periods of the last five years. He made at least 66 *separate* false or misleading claims -- not counting times he repeated those 66.

Here are the 66 fact checks:鈥
Fact-checking Trump's massively dishonest weekend: The President made at least 66 false or misleading claims in three days
@mmpadellan | 712,311 followers
GREAT NEWS, TWEEPS: The hashtag for our new video, #TrumpIsCompromised, just hit #1 in America!!!

Let's pour it on -- we need to bury the BS stories with the TRUTH about the compromised Commander-in-Cheat.
@aproko_doctor | 644,152 followers
Remember to rest
@dylanobrien | 5,085,008 followers
Unreal 馃槱 Thank you to everybody checking out our funky lil movie!!!! So cool to see it get this reaction. Means a lot to us 馃ズ鉂わ笍馃挄馃悰馃悓馃#LoveAndMonsters
I鈥檓 blown away by the reviews and excitement around the film. It鈥檚 so rewarding and awesome to see!!!
It takes a village to raise a monster with love 馃コ馃槏 @ParamountMovies @21LapsEnt
@dylanobrien @JHenwick @ArianaG
@NWS_NTWC | 116,313 followers
Mon Oct 19 21:02:37 UTC 2020 event picture
@Amy_Siskind | 488,569 followers
This. is. illegal.
In reply to @atrupar
"I call the head of Exxon. I'll use a company. 'How, how are you doing, how's energy coming? When are doing the exploration? Oh, you need a couple of permits, huh?' But I call the head of Exxon, I say, 'you know, I'd love you to send me $25m for the campaign'" - Trump #QuidProQuo
.@BTS_twt鈥檚 鈥楧ynamite鈥 on this week鈥檚 Global 200 and Global Excl. U.S. charts:

@TundeTASH | 210,440 followers
The generation that never kept quiet! #EndSARS
@luscas | 6,758,556 followers
se algu茅m encontrar minha disposi莽茫o perdida por a铆 favor devolver
@luscas | 6,758,563 followers
eu t么 presa nesse v铆deo aqui
@IndirectasRock | 4,754,473 followers
Mi solter铆a es tan linda, tan sana y tan tranquila que solo quiero dejarla por alguien que realmente lo valga.
@yemialadee | 590,361 followers
Keep the same energy .... #EndSARS
@ChiefKeef | 1,286,479 followers
Hbd durkio yo bitch ass
@newtgingrich | 2,327,882 followers
Former Democratic Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper directed hundreds of thousands of dollars in state grants to technology companies to conduct business in China, including a company having links to economic espionage.鈥
@MarkDice | 697,050 followers
San Diego's school district just announced they're going to give higher grades to black and Mexican students in the name of combating "racism" because their grades on average are lower than White students.鈥
囟賭 賭賮賳賷+賱丕賷賭 賰+乇鬲賭 賵賷鬲+爻賵賷 賮賵賱賭 賭賵 賲賳
丕賱乇鬲賭 賵賷鬲.兀囟賲賳 賱賰 丕賰孬乇 賲賳 佟佶贍 賲鬲賭 賭丕亘毓 賮賷伲贍 丿賯賷賯丞貙囟賷賭 賭賮賵丕 亘毓囟 賵囟賷賭 賭賮賳賷馃憦馃敟185
賰賵丿 禺氐賲 爻鬲丕賷賱賷 JJ22 賰賵丿 丕賳丕爻 JJ22
賰賵丿 禺氐賲 賲丕賰爻 賮丕卮賳 賮丕卮賵賳 MB888
賰賵丿 禺氐賲 賰賱 AC2 賰賵丿 禺氐賲 賲賲夭賵乇賱丿 AZ9
賰賵丿 禺氐賲 賮賵賯丕 賰賱賵爻賷鬲 HAT
賰賵丿 禺氐賲 賲丕賲丕夭 丕賳丿 亘丕亘丕夭 AB2
@AmyMcGrathKY | 573,404 followers
We can鈥檛 get our democracy working again unless we get rid of Sen. Mitch McConnell.
@ceciarmy | 184,227 followers
Like=cerveza / RT=Dalsy
@paulocoelho | 15,502,603 followers
Don't let anyone make you feel
that you don't deserve the good things
that happen in your life.

(Coelho, Brida)
@seanhannity | 5,325,787 followers
IT BEGINS: Washington Post Writer Says 鈥業t鈥檚 Time for Platforms鈥 Like Twitter to 鈥楳ute Trump鈥
IT BEGINS: Washington Post Writer Says Its Time for Platforms Like Twitter to Mute Trump | Sean Hannity
@SenSanders | 10,401,255 followers
The Bolivian people made their voices heard in yesterday鈥檚 election after a difficult, year-long fight to restore democracy. As minister of economy, Mr. Arce helped slash poverty and inequality. I congratulate him on his victory and wish him well.鈥
@TomBrady | 1,324,401 followers
@90sSophie | 287,017 followers
Abuja peaceful protesters are not safe but we are way bigger than "them" if we unite. #EndSARS
@BillKristol | 802,591 followers
Why should the debate commission or Ms. Welker put up with this crap? The commission should cancel the debate.
In reply to @atrupar
"Kristen Welker. She's a radical Democrat. She deleted her entire account. But I've known her, she's been screaming questions at me for a long time. She's no good." -- Trump disses the moderator of the upcoming presidential debate
@takuya_hyon | 1,194,638 followers

@JohnBoyega | 2,148,544 followers
I wanna do press like this forever
@mayaharris_ | 282,198 followers
For Mommy, the ancestors, my family and my country...馃槶馃槶馃槶 #BidenHarris2020 #VoteEarly
@catturd2 | 383,403 followers
Before anymore emails get exposed 馃槀
Vote as soon as you can.
@Zetazen1 | 116,954 followers
El tiempo que te haga falta.
@spectatorindex | 1,756,409 followers
BREAKING: Tsunami warning issued after 7.4 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Alaska
@TheBabylonBee | 751,443 followers
Biden: 'Parents Should Be Supportive Of An 8-Year-Old's Choice To Stick A Fork In An Electrical Outlet'
Biden: 'Parents Should Be Supportive Of An 8-Year-Old's Choice To Stick A Fork In An Electrical Outlet'
@LeVeonBell | 1,892,396 followers
I can鈥檛 wait 馃槏
@NWS_NTWC | 116,127 followers
TSUNAMI WARNING 1: See for alert areas. M7.4 055mi SE Sand Point, Alaska 1255AKDT Oct 19:

@BreitbartNews | 1,521,795 followers
As the Democrat Party's Defund the Police movement marches forward...
Watch: Witnesses Cheer as NC Police Officer Severely Beaten
@tripgabriel | 32,999 followers
Trump says if he wanted, he could raise $1 billion for his campaign by trading government favors for corporations for large contributions.
In reply to @atrupar
"I call the head of Exxon. I'll use a company. 'How, how are you doing, how's energy coming? When are doing the exploration? Oh, you need a couple of permits, huh?' But I call the head of Exxon, I say, 'you know, I'd love you to send me $25m for the campaign'" - Trump #QuidProQuo
BTS X BODYFRIEND Introducing our NEW Massage Chair, PHANTOM Medical!
#BTS #氚╉儎靻岆厔雼 @BTS_twt
@parkjiminpics | 1,239,667 followers
@ENSAlerts | 20,486 followers
ALASKA: Magnitude 7.4 earthquake about 55 miles southeast of Sand Point, AK. TSUNAMI WARNING for South Alaska and the Alaska Peninsula. If in a coastal area, keep calm and quickly move to higher ground away from the coast. (Source: NTWC)
@UN_NERV | 1,077,636 followers
銆愮背 銈€儵銈广偒宸炪仹銉炪偘銉嬨儊銉ャ兗銉7.5銇湴闇 娲ユ尝銇亰銇濄倢銈傘
7.5 | NHK
@dbongino | 2,536,076 followers
The Next Debate Moderator Is More Biased Than You Were Expecting 馃憞馃徎馃憞馃徎鈥
@KatrinaPierson | 678,477 followers
I guess 50 cent don鈥檛 want to end up 20 cent. 馃嚭馃嚫
50 Cent endorses Trump for President after seeing Biden's alleged tax plans.鈥
@PeteButtigieg | 2,406,466 followers
I'm ready for a president who will restore competence, decency, and integrity to the Oval Office. I'm ready for @JoeBiden.鈥
@MeidasTouch | 471,955 followers
Every time Trump speaks he gives us more reasons to vote for Joe Biden
@SympLySimi | 2,845,014 followers
YOU ARE A PUBLIC SERVANT. YOU ANSWER TO ME YOUR EMPLOYER. That鈥檚 how this government thing is supposed to work
賷丕賱賱賴 賲賳 賮囟賱賰 馃檹馃徎

鬲丨爻賾賳 賲賱丨賵馗 賵噩賲賷賱 毓賱賶 賲禺乇噩丕鬲 丕賱賳賲丕匕噩 丕賱毓丿丿賷丞 賱賱賮鬲乇丞 丕賱賯丕丿賲丞 禺賱丕賱 #賳賵賮賲亘乇 賵亘丿丕賷丞 #丿賷爻賲亘乇 亘賲卮賷卅丞 丕賱賱賴
@weatherchannel | 3,809,587 followers
BREAKING: M7.5 #earthquake south of the Aleutian Islands triggers #tsunami warning for parts of southern Alaska, including Kodiak, Homer.
@R0pipi_ | 6,701 followers
@SVNewsAlerts | 57,384 followers
BREAKING: MASSIVE magnitude 7.4 earthquake strikes Sand Point, Alaska 鈥 tsunami warning issued for Alaskan coast.
@Corinthians | 6,176,636 followers
Confirmado, Fiel! 馃槑

F谩bio Santos est谩 de volta ao Corinthians! O campe茫o da Am茅rica e do Mundo pelo Tim茫o assina contrato at茅 31 de dezembro de 2021. Seja bem-vindo! 馃枻馃檹馃徔

@RexChapman | 991,877 followers
Joe Biden is so clean the GOP is attacking his son, Hunter.

Mind you, Hunter is a son who has lost a mother, a sister, and a brother already in his young life.

It鈥檚 despicable what the republicans are doing right now. Embarrassing.

Vote. Please vote. #vote
@Alyssa_Milano | 3,749,138 followers
.@RollingStone endorses Joe Biden for President鈥

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