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@Acyn | 163,908 followers
Obama: You can’t run ads telling me you’re a regular old hoops playing dish washing fleece wearing guy but quietly cultivate support from those who seek to tear down our democracy….
@dog_rates | 9,075,130 followers
This is Luna. In her defense, that is her bed. 14/10 she did nothing wrong
@thehill | 4,261,847 followers
Former President @BarackObama: "We don't have time to be wasted on these phony trumped-up culture wars, this fake outrage, the right-wing media's pedals to juice their ratings."
What do you wanna hear MOST tonight on #MostRequestedLive??? 🔥 🎶 Let @OnAirRomeo know now! 😍

#Anitta #Saweetie - #FakingLove
#ColdplayXBTS - #MyUniverse
#SEVENTEEN - #ReadyToLove
@NiallOfficial | 41,359,085 followers
Love you ❤️
बड़े-बड़े दोषी नेता, अभिनेता और पत्रकारों को तो बड़ी आसानी से बेल मिल जाती है लेकिन वहीं दूसरी ओर Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu जैसे निर्दोष संतों को, निर्दोषता के समस्त प्रमाण होने के बावजूद भी बेल नहीं दिया जाता ।
Is Law Equal To All ?

@ChrisEvans | 15,167,618 followers
When Jim and Pam are having an off day but at the end of the episode they’re both leaving each other messages talking about the same things. Good stuff.
@GariToken | 36,982 followers
Introducing India's biggest crypto airdrop 🇮🇳

🚀500,000 participants to get 100 $GARI tokens each

🚀To participate, go to and follow the instructions
GARI Token is doing India’s Biggest Crypto Airdrop!! Participate in @Chingari_IN in-app GARI Tokens Reward Programme & 500,000 participants will get 100 $GARI Tokens each.
Visit and follow instructions.
#ChingariKiGari #GariTokens #AirDrop
@GlennYoungkin | 32,008 followers
Hey @BarackObama, I hear you're in town trying to bail out @TerryMcAuliffe's campaign. If you're up for a game, I'm ready!
In reply to @AriaSaki
@chijeuna | 2,973 followers
Replying to @eaJPark
@Acosta | 2,301,357 followers
Raskin to CNN: "You don’t knock over the US Capitol and wound 140 officers and storm the capitol and lay state of siege to the congress without any money being behind it.... Lots of money was raised and we do intend to get to the bottom of the financial dimension of this attack."
@Braves | 1,397,225 followers

@Acyn | 163,921 followers
Obama: We can’t afford to be tired. I remember in 2016, folks said “I’m not inspired, Obama was ok but we didn’t get everything I wanted so I’m just sit…” and you all know how that turned out.
@HLDTour | 104,017 followers
“By the way, when I raise this flag, you're officially out. I've heard that's how it works."

💬: Harry helping a fan come out tonight!
#LoveOnTourUncasville #Night2
@FortniteGame | 13,493,870 followers
They escaped one nightmare... only to find themselves in another.

Two legendary S.T.A.R.S. members find themselves on the Island...
@TomPelissero | 338,109 followers
The NFL fined #Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb $10,300 for unsportsmanlike conduct – waving goodbye at #Patriots DB Jalen Mills after Lamb's winning TD last week.
@FOXSoccer | 1,383,097 followers
What is this move called? @WWEonFOX

(via @SoundersFC)

@ifyouwereafo | 69,471 followers
Trust Fall at VSU Pt.6 😂😂
@MCChampionship_ | 1,434,652 followers

For the next five minutes, YOU control the decision dome! The game with THE LEAST VOTES will be played next 👑
@GBNEWS | 324,535 followers
‘We are not stupid and we must not let the Government treat us as though we are’

Neil Oliver says ‘I believe we, the people, are living now in a version of an abusive relationship with our government. Words I do not use lightly or to cause offence.’
📄 "حامل اللقب" يكسب الرائد بالثلاثة 😍💙

مبروك 💪🏼

@Astro_Gempak | 115,096 followers
Perginya seorang lagenda seni, pengarah dan seorang pencipta karya seni agung. Al-Fatihah buat allahyarham Mamat Khalid.
@europapress | 1,419,300 followers
#EnDirecto | Alberto Rodríguez anuncia que abandona Podemos y advierte que "esta batalla la ganaron por ahora": "Si yo no me apellidara Rodríguez y no fuera de familia obrera, ¿me habrían quitado el escaño? ¿Qué hubiera pasado si tuviera un apellido compuesto?"
@TinaKitten | 678,487 followers
streaming on the dream smp tonight! :D
@dimpayet17 | 727,247 followers
A Jamais Les Premiers
Allez L’OM
@folha | 8,021,437 followers
Desigualdade de renda no Brasil caiu de 2002 a 2015, aponta estudo inédito…
can y’all pls qrt with the most absurd kingdom theory stays made. I need to have a good laugh at how fucked up we were.
@Alerta140 | 63,209 followers

El Candidato a Diputado Eduardo Chabay Ruiz denunció que el Gobernador de Santiago del Estero Gerardo Zamora secuestró y torturo a su esposa.
@falconUSA11 | 11,111 followers
Just 30 minutes ago, we bought Shib worth $5.6 million. We plan to hold it for a long time. Maybe we will buy more Shib. Do you have any better recommendations?
Forward this tweet and follow @falconusa11. Randomly select 10 people and give them $300 each.#SHIB
@KirbyCheatFurby | 3,312 followers
@djsnake | 1,791,636 followers
Thank You Las Vegas ! #sg

SB19 Our Zone: Anniversary Concert ticket prices and details are listed below.

Tickets will be available at KTX.PH and on October 25, 19:00PHT.

#SB19Anniv3rsary #SB19OZAnnivConcert
@QCWorldwide | 30,260 followers
Quote this with a lyrically better Female Rap verse better than “Monster” by Nicki Minaj.
@geglobo | 5,446,305 followers
Michael e David Braz se bicaram. Fla-Flu pega fogo no Maracanã
@Flamengo | 8,338,218 followers
Nosso Time é a Gente em Campo! O Mengão está escalado para enfrentar o Fluminense, no Maraca, pelo Brasileiro. Pra cima! #FLAxFLU #VamosFlamengo
@enhypenweverse | 393,864 followers
[ #희승’s Post ] 211024

#HEESEUNG: Dr. Lee Heeseung, Ph.D.

@Drebae_ | 142,436 followers
Halloween cute or whatever but I’m just ready for this to start
@Acyn | 163,908 followers
Raskin: You don’t knock over the Capitol… without any money being behind it. This was an expensive operation. Lots of money was spent. Lots of money was raised…
@CovertShores | 54,078 followers
BREAKING. Narco submarine interdicted by navy sailing ship!

The beautiful tall ship Guayas is a training ship of the Ecuadorian Navy. BZ @armada_ecuador
@newley | 17,890 followers
New: Internal Facebook documents show its services are used to spread religious hatred in India. Company researchers identified calls to violence that coincided with 2020 riots in Delhi that left 53 dead. @WSJ's Facebook Files latest. With @JeffHorwitz…
@ATEEZofficial | 2,862,295 followers
[🎬] ATEEZ(에이티즈) 3주년 축하 기념 생일 파티

#3_years_with_ATEEZ #ATEEZ #에이티즈
@RonFilipkowski | 223,421 followers
At a rally in Plainfield, CT today, Marge Greene says that polls show 40% of Democrats favor impeaching Joe Biden.
@updatechartuc | 187,045 followers
Jair Bolsonaro perde completamente o senso do absurdo e diz em sua tradicional live que as pessoas completamente vacinadas estão desenvolvendo HIV/AIDS.

A beautiful day to announce Australians for a Murdoch Royal Commission 🔍 the new org set to supercharge the record-breaking ePetition campaign to end Murdoch’s media monopoly and fight for a free and fearless news media!
@news24tvchannel | 645,841 followers
पेट्रोल-डीजल के मुद्दे पर बाबा रामदेव ने किया सरकार का बचाव

"राष्ट्रहित-अर्थव्यवस्था के कार्यों को जारी रखने के लिए सरकार टैक्स नहीं हटा पा रही" : बाबा रामदेव

#PetrolDieselPriceHike #Ramdev
@lopezobrador_ | 8,208,776 followers
De Tlapa a Marquelia atravesamos La Montaña de Guerrero. La gente nos detuvo en varias ocasiones y no fue para protestar por nada sino para expresar su solidaridad al gobierno que sienten de ellos. Felicidades a todos los médicos en su día.
@vasco_esports | 20,277 followers

Acesso pra A, título e MVP! É TUDO NOSSO!


#VascoeSports #GoVasco #LBFF
@thehill | 4,261,850 followers
Commerce Sec. @SecRaimondo: "What we have here is a demand issue. The economy is doing better. Since the president's been in office we've created five million jobs. People have money in their pocket. [...] Supply has to catch up."
@BDavisAAS | 29,410 followers
Wow! They just announced on Kansas radio network that stadium gates are open, no more tickets required. “If you’re in town, come on down!”

Kansas 17, Oklahoma 7. 3Q
@costareports | 718,203 followers
thread on Willard from "Peril"

After Pence leaves Oval on Jan. 5, Trump is furious. Pence isn't breaking. He opens the door near the Resolute Desk. "A rush of cold air blasted the room." He can hear the mob in the streets outside the Willard. He's elated to hear them. (p. 230)
@OoCPokemon | 672,768 followers
@BillionaireboyD | 12,426 followers
My son Halloween ready
@business | 7,600,867 followers
Credit Suisse will pay at least $400 million over its role in a scandal that looted money from Mozambique and tipped the African country into economic crisis
Credit Suisse to Pay $475 Million to Settle Mozambique Case
@mayrasmendoza | 176,073 followers
Estamos recorriendo supermercados para controlar el cumplimiento de la medida del gobierno nacional para el cuidado del bolsillo de nuestra gente mediante #PreciosCuidados, son 1432 productos que debemos poder conseguirlos a un precio justo y estable.

#SixTONES のオールナイトニッポン サタデースペシャル

@samariajdavis_ | 137,137 followers
my bf want a rolls royce for his bday.. nigga you is the rapper, I am a lash tech. you bout to get a honda fr
@updatechartuc | 187,028 followers
NOJO! Rapper Lil Boosie faz tweet extremamente homofóbico e nojento após Lil Nas X brincar que eles teriam uma música juntos.
@Arlesson_edu | 33,156 followers
@bester_mc | 88,681 followers
Design by me แต่ตอนนี้ goodnight ก่อนนะคะ😴😴😴
@avieu | 50,367 followers
Cuando llegamos había 1000 programas sociales, pero todo el dinero se iba a pagar las nóminas… ahora hay menos pero son mejores 🦆
@paperssil | 12,174 followers
[#츄 / #Chuu] 오빛🥰 생일 축하해 줘서 고마워요🥺💕 너무 큰사랑을 받구 있네요

#이달의소녀 #LOONA
As regras estão mudando.

@KUAthletics | 232,839 followers
The gates are open on the east and west sides of David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium, no ticket required.

Show up. Be loud. Rock Chalk.
@Dodgers | 2,357,920 followers
Thank you, fans.
@ATEEZofficial | 2,862,394 followers

경) 에이티즈 데뷔 3주년 (축

#3_years_with_ATEEZ #ATEEZ #에이티즈
[V LIVE] ) 3 (
reply with some much needed wholesome memes? plz and thank you
@appatato | 264 followers
Replying to @ajol_llama
This isnt a meme but we never knew that key is part of f(x) 😂
@ViralMaterial | 58,908 followers
@washingtonpost | 18,379,979 followers
Travis Tritt, who is against vaccine mandates, to sing national anthem before Game 6 of NLCS
@shahh | 197,388 followers
A brand new project @FUDsociety is going LIVE tonight! It has crazy utility planned and your going to be able to use your character in @TheSandboxGame! Drop goes live at 9PM EST! You are not going to want to miss it!

@DrTomFrieden | 239,001 followers
Got a haircut today. NO ONE was wearing masks! What IS this? Why is this so difficult? (I used an N95. If people I share air with don't mask, I need to up my mask game.)
@TheDemoScout | 1,116 followers

It appears that NetherRealm (the folks behind Mortal Kombat) are going to make their own platform fighter featuring a Warner Brothers cast!

The characters that are apparently confirmed are
- Shaggy
- Gandalf
- Tom & Jerry
- Batman
- Fred Flinstone
- Mad Max
@yousayblah | 20,922 followers
グレタちゃんを豪州Sky Newsのホストが一喝した動画がバズっていたので字幕⌨️
@Jikishii | 25,796 followers
What’s this? I’m one of the newest members of Dream SMP :) can’t wait to make new friends and great memories 💜
@Inoxtag | 1,089,527 followers
« Tu préfères les fesses ou les seins ? »

Aucun des 2 frère, jpreferes le coeur.
@Acyn | 163,919 followers
Obama: Phil’s opponent says he didn’t know it was a rally to overturn the results of the last election. When you’re standing in front of a sign that says stop the steal and there’s a guy in the crowd waving a confederate flag, you know this isn’t a neighborhood barbecue
@gulfkanawut | 765,542 followers
วันนี้ขอบคุณทาง @fujitvplus ที่ให้ผมมาเจอพี่ๆชาวญี่ปุ่นนะครับ ขอบคุณแฟนคลับชาวญี่ปุ่นทุกคนที่คอยติดตามและซัพพอร์ตผม และแฟนคลับอีกหลายประเทศเลยที่ช่วยกันปั่นเทรน แม้ว่าจะต้องปั่นทิพย์กัน 😂😂 ไว้มีโอกาสมาเจอกันนะครับ คิดถึงทุกคนนะค้าบบ #Gulfファンミ
@RyuichiShigaki | 15,402 followers
10/24マピオン発表 #尖閣諸島天気予報
10/21海保発表 中国海警局所属船の尖閣諸島接近状況をお知らせします
@UpdateHLD | 503,420 followers
📸| Harry in Boston today!

via gothboiistyles
@JoePompliano | 308,542 followers
Vin Diesel walked Meadow Walker down the aisle at her wedding in place of her late father, Paul Walker ❤️

“You don’t turn your back on family”
@unkonfined | 469,162 followers
Manipulators always play the victim.
@tatty1977 | 20,265 followers
Boric Violento, intolerante, arrogante, como matón de la calle‼️#BoricNoSeLaPuede
@chavosodausp | 109,937 followers
a Record se supera a cada dia em
@JohnWDean | 295,305 followers
It is long past time for AG Garland to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the Trump Coup attempt and Jan. 6th. This (like Watergate and Iran Contra) must include simultaneous Congressional inquiries. Our democracy is at stake, for heaven’s sake!…
@DelCrxpto | 32,269 followers
Im hearing some crazy $SHIB rumors regarding burning & adoption… stay tuned!!!
@Actu17 | 66,239 followers
🇫🇷 Montrouge : L'homme qui a menacé les policiers avec deux couteaux écope de trois mois de prison avec sursis
►Relaxé pour les faits de menaces, le demandeur d'asile de 27 ans a uniquement été condamné pour port d'arme prohibé puis est ressorti libre…
Montrouge : L'homme qui a menac les policiers avec deux couteaux cope de trois mois de sursis
@GSBasketbol | 398,306 followers
Sinan Erdem Spor Salonu'nda 𝐍𝐄𝐅is galibiyet! 👏💪

#AEFSvGS #HereComeTheLions 🦁

@silvercm | 649 followers
Um bolsonarista discutindo com um bot que reproduz frases aleatórias de Vanderlei Luxemburgo.
@KhaleadBader | 84,713 followers
تغيب الصافرة .. يظهر الحظ!
يختفي الحظ .. تفزع الصافرة ..

وهكذا الجولات تمضي .. وتستمر الحياة.
@SportsCenter | 38,274,421 followers
What an effort from the Dodgers 👏

Another incredible season for LA.
@nastytipsy | 1,042 followers
@CNN | 55,034,608 followers
We have emitted so much CO2 into the atmosphere that people have built giant fans to suck it back out, in the hope of preventing climate catastrophe.
@zairewade21 | 9,118 followers
Hate it or love it … the underdog 🚶🏾‍♂️#WadeLegacyContinues

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